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22 practical ideas for creating an online business

22 practical ideas for creating an online business

Trade is a very old word. Ever since our Aryan ancestors traded by sea by sea and on horseback and camels by silk, traders have meant a lot of money, a lot of fears and, of course, a lot of wealth. In addition, they had the knowledge to get richer. In the days that you and I live in, thanks to cyberspace, a new generation of businessmen has entered the field of trade and created very interesting and huge markets. Every  e-commerce business  needs information and perseverance. The field of our generation may be invisible, but the way it works and the way it steps is just like the old Silk Road merchants. The real trader not only has the ability to turn from a thousand to a hundred thousand, but also seizes a great opportunity from within any crisis.

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How to start an online business? (E-Commerce)

In this article, we will look at tips for creating an  online business  and look at practical examples of business potential   .

Steve Jobs

Things do not have to change the world to be important.

Successful business means…

One of the questions that is constantly buzzing in the ears of young business people is: ” What makes an online business?” Let’s hear the answer from Melissa Kapanelli , an online commerce expert and senior editor at DM News , a website that specializes in online commerce and  entrepreneurship  .

“In short, it is a successful business that has a good mind behind it, its content is clearly researched, and it has a clear and logical structure. “The same process ultimately reveals the usefulness of a business.”

Do not run away from the law!

Trade means working with people and goods. As far as goods are concerned, everything is in order; But when it comes to people doing business, you have to follow the rules, whether you like it or not. Let me be bluntly saying that the law is not always on your side, and if you do not understand it, others will turn the law into a big stick and beat it on your business. Before others come to you with the law, you go to the law. If you have the financial means, hire a business lawyer and place him or her in your corporate watchtower. If you can not, you have no choice but to learn the part of the law that relates to your business. The book will be a good start for you. One of the books that came in handy was The Five-Volume Business Law Course by Dr. Rabia Skinny. In this five-volume course, you will learn everything from organizing a business to how to write your bills, promissory notes, checks, contracts, and bankruptcy laws correctly. Reading the book “Labor Law” can also help you in this regard. There are many good sources. Consider these books just a warm welcome to learn the law.

Online commerce, online methods

The reality of online marketing is simpler and even more so than what we hear about every day. It’s simple, but it takes a lot of perseverance. To be successful in online business, you need to know and implement online marketing tactics. Here are some important points.

SEO, silent marketing for an  internet business

If we compare online business to a tripod, one of its foundations will belong to SEO. Without SEO, you will not be seen at all wanting to do something in cyberspace. If your site is recognized as important and deliverable by leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., you will have a long way to go before your business succeeds in a short period of time. Being up-to-date in SEO can be your trump card. In this regard, the best source is Google itself. Follow Google’s blog and read its latest articles carefully.

Search Engine Marketing

Many online businesses try out search engine marketing programs to get their site ranked high in search results – often on the front page – for a fee. Each of the major search engines is willing to list money, also known as “pay-per-click plans.” It was titled ” Links sponsorship ” or ” Sponsored Links ” visible on websites. In the meantime, competing for keywords is the most important reason for ranking promotion. Although you have a lot of choices and a lot of confusing things, but for an  online business You need to plan your campaigns carefully, budget well and be prepared. Only then can such tricks help you promote your site visitors.

Content is more than just a king

Although working on SEO and using search engine advertising systems can have a huge impact on   your online business , you still need to spend time on producing valuable and, most importantly, targeted content. This content production starts with writing articles related to your business and goes on to produce podcasts and clips. In what field do you work? It makes no difference. It is important to write a readable article or produce an attractive clip that engages the audience, spends a lot of time on your site and as a result has a high natural ranking in search engines.


Another tactic you can use to attract visitors to your online business is to display ads online. By purchasing the advertising space of other websites – of course purposefully – you direct your specific audience directly to your website. Advertising online on popular websites is relatively expensive; But if they are used correctly and attractively, they will have a good effect on building your internet business.

Marketing with email marketing

Email and  Internet commerce  are tied together like two ends of a rope. For many online business owners  , email is a great tool to drive traffic because it pays off. According to global statistics, a personalized email can be associated with a positive response of 6 to 30%. Now the question is, what should be displayed in the content of an email? Things like discount offers or site product updates are some of the most commonly used topics for business emails. The key to commercial emails is to have links so that users can enter your site directly with a single mouse click.

Henry Ford

Dreaming without performance is just an illusion.

Practical examples for starting an  internet business

Sometimes everything is fine except that we do not know in what context to start our activity. In such cases, seeing a list of ideas can be very helpful. Because we either choose the same idea to implement or as a result of seeing that idea, a pure thought comes to our mind. Here are  23 business ideas  .

 Ad Network

The ad network organizes the sale of web-based ads and finds high-traffic sites or target sites. It then places banner ads or hyperlinks on these sites. In some ways, these networks act just like traditional advertising agencies; Because they are also looking for the best place to advertise. You can set up an online network to place ads on public websites. This way you will reach a wide audience. In addition, you can design specific networks for a specific group, also called a vertical network, and create ads of a specific type of vendors, depending on their product or geographical location. A small but purposeful society achieves greater success than a large but very diverse society.

 Car parts sales site

Selling spare parts for rare or sports cars is an  online business  that can make you rich. There are  several options available to you in this type  of e-commerce :

Option 1:  Buy replacement parts for a small price and sell it on your own site for a profit.

Option 2:  Create an Internet portal to bring together people who are looking to buy and sell such parts. Of course, this method is less expensive. Because you do not have to buy or sell products or worry about warehousing.

 Children’s products

It is now very profitable to start a business that specializes in products related to children. There are hundreds of different types of products you can sell; From furniture to children’s dining utensils, clothes and anything like that. You can focus on all types of products or a specific type. If you choose the second group, go for special categories such as “environmentally friendly baby furniture” or “special products for twins”. It may be a good idea to make the customer feedback section more attractive. Because new parents like to share their information with each other.

 Car Research Service

You can set up a website that gives visitors access to information on new, used, old and by-car products; A comprehensive bank that houses all man-made cars from garlic to onions. In many cases, such data can be found from other sources available on the Internet, such as automotive sites. There are several ways to make money on this site; For example, receiving membership fees, selling site advertising space, providing consulting services and selling information are examples of this.

Thomas Jefferson

It seems to me that the harder I work, the more chances I have.

 Fabric sales


Every day, many people search for fabric in the virtual web environment. If you are interested in starting this type of  internet business  , there are several options available to you.

Option 1: Set up a portal to bring together fabric manufacturers, distributors and retailers on one online site. In a way, doing this is like setting up a real online fabric market. You can get a fee from the manufacturer or distributor for the service you provide.

Option 2: Focus on the direct marketing market to consumers and create a website to sell different types of fabric through it.

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Gift shop

You can offer original, unique and perfectly suitable gifts to the recipient in your online shop. These gifts can be options such as handicrafts and handicrafts from across the country to imported foreign goods. With a little taste, you can become a newcomer to this  online business  .


A good product, even if it is hidden, will soon find a buyer.

Entertainment Shop

Entertainment can include anything from collecting collections to creative, artistic, sports and educational works for children and adults. So what better way than to open an online entertainment store? Definitely, this is an  internet business  because people spend a lot of money, effort and time on their hobbies and spend a lot of time on the internet searching for products that interest them.

Selling special products for the left

Did you know that about half a percent of the world’s population is left-wing? While 95.5% of the products produced in the world are for the right? Do you think this does not give you an opportunity online? Starting an online business that focuses on selling left-wing products is entirely economically justified.

 Magazine subscription service

Although the Internet has almost blocked the way for many paper magazines, many still enjoy browsing the magazines. Especially specialized magazines that still have their own proponents. For this reason, launching a magazine subscription service is a successful business. To do this, you need to create a database of potential customers that make up your target group and bring them to you with suggestions. Selling site advertising space is also the second way to earn money from your website.

Selling organic products


Organic products are among the things that are rapidly gaining ground in society today and the demand for them is increasing. An important point in starting this e  -commerce business is to establish a strong relationship between yourself and the producers.

 Research site for parents

Basically, such sites are sources of information whose audience is parents; The group that really needs this information. There are many topics you can use to set up your site, from vegetarian parents to parent problems with their children. Set up a chat room for your site, create a forum, publish specialized content, and do whatever it takes to get this group to your website. To  earn money,  you can get a membership fee or sell your site advertising space.

 Party or special event planning service

Getting started requires very little initial money; So this business can be the best choice for those who do not have much initial capital. By doing this, you take responsibility for hosting important parties for your customers. You can design party plans and special events on your website, explain about them and give your customers a lot of choices. You can earn money by determining the salary and selling the necessary products for holding a party from this site.

Sun Tzu, Chinese army commander, strategist and philosopher (author of the famous book The Art of War)

There is also opportunity during chaos.

 Print Content Service

Ordering professional printing and distribution of content is another way of doing  business online  . In this service, by designing a website, you receive print and often advertising orders from customers. Then, by choosing the right area to distribute them, you will do the final work of Table 11477 Yaghat in an efficient way, and in the meantime, you will gain a lot of profit.

 Property Site

Finding a home, land, villa or shop is one of the most powerful and profitable businesses. The number of real estate consultants is increasing every day, but there is still no comprehensive and accurate online service in this area. If you are a business owner or experienced in real estate and even interested in buying and selling real estate, setting up an efficient database and website can be a gateway to   your online business .

 Food preparation and cooking site


Currently, there are many recipes on the Internet; So if you want to work in this field, you have to be more specialized; For example, only maneuver on organic, vegetarian or ethnic recipes.

 Recycled products

These types of products are sold by manufacturers or distributors of recycled products. Where do you start? It is best to sell a specific type of recycled product, such as recycled paper or stationery. The important thing is to have a good relationship between you and the producers of recycled products. Also, make sure that the products are exactly what the manufacturer claims.

Get a scholarship

Students need a lot of financial resources to continue their academic studies. As a result, there is a vacancy for a website with comprehensive and up-to-date information on scholarships and promotions. In most cases, you have to do it yourself and gather this information; But if you make the right time and effort in this direction,  you will have established an  online business .

 Spa Directory

These days, the spa has become one of the permanent services of luxury living. Where you can get all kinds of massage and skin care services together. Build a site and introduce such services in those places, offer coupons of these centers on your site, get discounts for your customers from these centers and even offer rewards such as free use of the services of spa centers to your customers for a few hours.

Selling toys and intellectual games

Launching a website with an attractive design and color that is popular with children and teens and as simple as parents can figure out is another way to build an  online business  . Although there are many toy stores open in the cities, it will be much easier and even more enjoyable to choose different models of toys from the sofa.

 travel agency

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, setting up a travel agency does not require a lot of space and capital, and you can set up such a site from your living room. Choose your target market; For example, you can focus on adventure travel. You can work on your site to get customers to book hotels through your site, get plane, train and bus tickets, and even buy furniture, books and products related to their type of travel.


Walt Disney

If you can dream of doing something, then you can do it.

 Sell ​​wedding gifts

Selling wedding gifts is an  online business  because, after all, everyone is invited to a wedding once and for all, and basically can not go empty-handed. You can succeed if you set up a website that offers interesting offers for people to buy wedding gifts.

 Wedding planning


A wedding is one of the most memorable and stressful celebrations on the other hand. By launching a website, you can solve the problem of many young couples and earn a good income yourself. Offer services such as wedding cards, hall reservations, venues for outdoor celebrations, guest invitations, catering services and, in addition, the sale of products needed for the celebration.

Summary of what we read together:

 Do not shy away from learning legal issues related to your work. Any legal sentence can save a business or destroy it overnight.

 Internet commerce  means the correct and conscious use of new marketing strategies. Marketing sells your product, so be friends with it.

 22 methods of e-commerce , ie 22 ways  to generate income and  financial independence . Take a look at them. Maybe your future career is among these.

A fierce search for money

The way we look has a huge impact on our quality of life. When we do not believe in limitations, we will be able to see the income-generating potential around us. Undoubtedly, many business methods have not yet been introduced. Methods that have hidden millions and maybe even billions of tomans of profit in their existence. Remember, if you really want to work, he will find your job.

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