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Familiarity with financial market risk management

Familiarity with financial market risk management

In this session we want to talk about how to stay in a risky market to make money. You must have heard that

It is said that 90% of those who enter Forex are losers. Why do you think so?

Or why 10% of the rich – note the rich, not the rich – do not go bankrupt in the worst economic conditions?

Do capital management losers not know or maybe their trading system does not have the right risk to Rivard?

The main reason for winners is that they have risk and capital management. A rich person never has more than 10% of his capital in full markets.

Risk does not invest. If you invest $ 1,000 in Warren Buffett and tell him to test the same market (without any

Prior knowledge of the market), with 10% or less enters so that it can be sustainable in the long run, because it knows the need for experience and success.

It has capital and trial and error, and over a period of time it must maintain its capital in order to decide whether it wants to

To continue its work in this market or not.

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Now we assume that you like the global market and want to see if you can learn about this market along with the stock market.

Take it and make money from it? You have the basic knowledge to get started. What should you do now?

To stay in a high-risk market like Forex, we need knowledge and experience, and knowledge and experience require time and capital. If you do not have the time to spend at least 2 hours a day in this market, there is no way to progress.

If you think that in this big and risky market, you will get rich in a short time, you will be doomed to failure and collectively.

90% will join.

As you can see, in a small market like our stock market, you can’t get rich overnight.

See, friends, it takes time to get acquainted with the market and gain experience, and the more time you spend, the sooner

You will get acquainted with the market. In the beginning, you should practice to know the market. Like any other market that you want to enter

And invest, this market also needs trial and error.

I often see them entering the market, investing $ 1,000, and expecting this money with little experience and attention to

They do not have teachings, it works wonders for them, and when they enter the market and lose their money, regardless of the principles of risk management,

They say the broker is a scammer and he hurt us, but if they make a profit, they made the profit, so if we want to be part of

Be 10% of those who at least want to test the market and then decide whether we like it or not, better management

Know the risk and capital and be committed to acting on them.


Each time you make a transaction, a certain percentage of your account is deducted as the initial required margin

Margin is calculated based on leverage, but to understand the margin, do not think about leverage for now and assume that arithmetic

. You have no lever or 1: 1 lever

Margin is the amount of money that participates in a transaction. Suppose you have an account where you have $ 10,000 and

You want to buy € 1,000 against the dollar. How many dollars do you have to pay for this transaction?

It is approximately 1,0800. This means that each euro is worth $ 1,0800. After purchase 1000 EUR / USD rate

You have to pay 1080 euros for the euro.

Buy (buy) means buy Euro, $ 1080 from your account in this transaction (long position) if you are a

Set to 1000 and press the buy key, the volume (volume). That is, when you buy the quantity

$ 1080 $ will be paid out of your account to purchase € 1,000. This amount is called $ 1080, margin or margin

. Now if you close this deal, this $ 1080 dollar will be released and the money will be returned to your account.

It is 1: 100. To buy 1000 Euros against your dollar, we must (Levrage) now assume that your account has leverage

Pay 0.01 amount. So to buy 1000 Euros against the dollar you only have to pay $ 10.08.

Buy with an account with a 1: 100 leverage, how much EUR / USD do you calculate now? If you want a lot

Is your account margin involved in the transaction?

lot ERU / USD = 100,000 Euro USD1

ERU / USD rate: 1.0800

$ 100,000 x 1,0800 = 108,000.00

So you should have $ 108,000 with a 1: 100 leverage; Your account will be: $ 1080

Capital  management and  psychology of  transactions  in  the  foreign exchange  market

The most important motivation and reason for most people to enter any market and profession is to earn money, while different conditions

Personal, social and income returns can influence the choice of path and type of work or investment.

If we want to be open with most of those who want to enter high volatile stock exchanges such as (currency exchanges, gold, silver, oil, etc.)

Speaking of which, we must admit that the conditions of entry and investment in these stock exchanges are very easy and according to

The existing risk and return on capital can be tens and hundreds of times, but let us not forget that the nature of volatility and the many actors in these exchanges

It has created special criteria that are hidden from the discernment of many people. More than that in this

Scholarships A person competing with other actors competing with himself and testing his knowledge, experience and mental state

Is on the stock exchange.

For  success  in  scholarships  this  kind  Tuesday  factors  important  in the  success  of  Nqshdard .

A: Knowledge and experience

B: Capital management

A: Attitude and psychology

If the investor ignores any of the above factors or fails to implement the principles, it will directly cause its loss and part

Will lose significant capital. Experience has shown people who do not have enough knowledge and experience or risk management

And they do not take capital seriously, and people who do not have the right attitude to transactions and do not have enough control over themselves, their capital in a short time from

They shake hands.

Note that this section is a small part of the whole course, but nevertheless observe, master and apply all the suggestions of this

The part is directly related to the sustainability and profitability of the investment. So pay close attention to this part

I consider it necessary for success.

Identify  and  use  the  principles  of probability  in  trading

Mathematical prediction is a very important process in trading. You can use this knowledge to your advantage or let the market use it

Use to your advantage.

As mentioned earlier, we need three general factors to succeed in the market and earn a steady profit, the role and importance of the above three factors to some extent

Failure to perform any of them will result in loss of the entire account. For example if the trader has two factors

Have sufficient knowledge of “knowledge and experience” and “attitude and psychology” but do not consider the principles of capital management to determine the volume of transactions, so

He will lose his capital for a short time.

Another factor that reduces the chances of traders earning money and increasing the account is the amount of spreads and the difference in buying and selling rates.

If you participate in the game of taps or lines completely by chance, your chances of winning and luck are exactly equal and 50%, while in the market

Your financials do not have a 50% chance and you pay a fee (spread) to your broker for each transaction. in this case

Even if your chances of a successful analysis and forecasting system are 50%, you will still be in the long run because over time, capital

You are analyzed. So you need to find a system that increases your chances of success by more than 50%. Another issue is the amount of capital

Is based on which you trade.

For example, we return a tap or a line. I have $ 1 and you have $ 10. With each tap I win one cent and with each line I lose one cent.

If I lose all my money if you bring 100 consecutive lines and you lose if I bring 1000 consecutive lines. the door

If no one like us gets paid like a broker !!! Now what happens if each lion wins me 25 cents and each line loses me 25 cents?

Gives? After four consecutive lines I lose my capital and after 40 consecutive taps you lose your capital, luck

Is four consecutive probabilities higher or 40 consecutive probabilities?

It is well known that the probability of losing my capital is 10 times the probability of your capital. The odds of this game in the currency exchange market are quite

It is objective and if you use low capital or high leverage, the probability of losing and losing capital is very high. For this purpose

In addition to trying to increase your chances of success in trading, enter the market with a lot of capital or a little leverage to increase your chances of losing in front of the market.


Introduction  to  Draw  Down

Drawdown represents the maximum capital loss of the maximum amount and is generally expressed as a percentage. as

Example If a trader has a $ 20,000 account and reaches $ 15,000 with a loss of $ 5,000

That is, if a trader has experienced a percentage dropdown. Interesting thing about the 25% drawdown

To lose, to return to the original figure must earn a percentage higher than that amount! Let me give you an example: 20,000 trades

The dollar has capital. He loses 50% of his capital and his capital reaches $ 10,000. Now if he wants to figure

To return the initial $ 20,000, it must double its current capital. That is, to compensate for 50% of the loss, it must make a 100% profit

This is a very difficult task.

To make up for it must make a profit of 11.11%… drawdown Likewise if the trader 10%

In view of the above, the trader should note that “preservation of capital and non-loss is a priority”

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Identify  principles  using  the  ratio of  profit  to  loss  Ryskbh  Ryvard )

is. Before R / R) or (Risk / Reward) One of the most important principles of risk management and capital management is to observe the ratio of loss to profit.

To make any trade you need to know what the potential profit you expect from that trade is and to get that amount of profit

How much would you be prepared to pay for all those benefits to your life? Does it make sense to make a profit of $ 1,000, $ 5,000?

Accept the risk dollar? The answer is definitely no. The principles of risk management state that in any transaction, the maximum amount of risk must be met

Half the expected profit. This means that if you have a supposed 30-point stop loss for a trade, you should consider at least 60 points or more as a target. If there is a trading opportunity for which we can not apply this ratio, it is strongly recommended

It is to abandon that deal altogether.

Identify the  principles of  calculating the  maximum  amount of  loss  based on  capital

Novice traders usually lose their account balance in two ways, either by not setting a stop loss (stop loss) or by

Busty trades in a row.

In the first case, for beginners, the loss limit, such as a strong protector, prevents the loss of the account, but they generally do not allow the loss limit.

They allow their losses to accumulate. There may be several trades for them that by not setting a loss limit, the trade will be profitable after a while, but surely

After a while, they fall into a trap where the market moves in the opposite direction, causing the entire capital to be lost in a trade.

The second case occurs if the trader does not manage his losses and allows consecutive and sometimes large inventory losses.

To prevent this situation, to prevent this situation, it is recommended that in any single trade, the stop loss amount (stop loss) is more than 3%.

The total balance is not invested and at no time the total amount of stop loss (stop loss) of transactions that are open at the same time is more than 6% of the balance

Not an account. For example, for a $ 1,000 account, the maximum risk of a trade if the market reaches a loss should be $ 30, and

Following this case, the lot (volume) of the transaction should be adjusted and the total risk of transactions in the same account should never exceed $ 60.

It is recommended that traders have a specific loss limit for each period of time. For example, in case of 6% loss per day or 10%

Percentage of weekly capital losses from transactions and the cause of their losses based on their trading method and capital management under review

And resume their activities after investigating and fixing the problems that caused the loss-making transactions.

Total  of  :  the  principles  do  Ykmamlh

What has been said so far about capital management and the psychology of trading (trading) is part of the actions and calculations that must be done.

Let’s comment. To implement the above information at the end of this section, give a practical example and the necessary steps for capital management

We remind. Do not forget that these steps must be performed face to face, and violating part of it is tantamount to losing

Fund. To manage capital, execute this part either completely according to the instructions or return to your method.

1. Market analysis: Analyze the market based on your system, identify its direction and be ready to trade. If your system

Do not signal to avoid entering the market.

2. Identifying the exit point: Determine your profit and loss limit before starting the trade. Determining your profit and loss should be based on analysis and

Be your trading system, not other factors. If your system and method does not determine your profit and loss limit from entering the market


3. Risk to Rivard: Once your trading system has determined the exit points for you, see if the risk to your Rivard

Is it logical or not. If the loss-to-profit ratio does not fit into the format described above, it is best to avoid trading.

4. Calculate three percent loss: Calculate how much three percent loss will be from your total account. If you want more than three percent

Risk your money on a deal Avoid entering the market.

5. The value of each loss point – Divide three percent of your account money (dollars) by the number of points you have set for your loss limit.

This will determine how much damage each point will inflict on you.

If you find these calculations worthless, avoid entering the market until you have calculated them.

6 – Calculate the margin for each point – Now that you understand if the market goes against your forecast, how much loss per point for

You have to multiply the value of each loss point by 100 (or the margin for a standard point of that currency pair

Calculate and then get the value of each input point by scoring the margin and leverage (margin involved in the position you should

To this extent.

If you want to use more margins than calculations, avoid entering the market so as not to be harmed.

7. Margin Cross Rates – For currencies whose second party is the dollar, the calculations of this section are not required, but if the currency of the second party

It is not a dollar.

To be obtained.

If you have followed the 7 rules of capital management above, there is no reason to procrastinate. Enjoy your transaction. Enter the market and

Do not worry about capital management. In the worst case, you will lose three percent, which can be compensated in the future.

Familiarity  with the  common mistakes  of  novice traders

-1  lack of  knowledge : one of the main reasons for abusive transactions, deficiencies or lack of knowledge and awareness of the conditions and realities

Is the market. Trading in the foreign exchange market, like any other profession, requires sufficient knowledge and experience.

2.  Emotional transactions  : This is the most damaging reason for losing an account. Transactions taken from the app and

It is not a trading method, it deals with the trader’s feeling, and because thinking and reasoning are not used for these trades, it is generally a loss.

They are rewarding. Different emotions can be involved in trading but one point is the same in all traders emotions, all

Emotional trades lead to losses. The dominant feeling is, in most cases, the greed to make more profit. While preventing

Loss is more important. Know your feelings and control them as much as possible when trading.

The deal is done usually because Grtmayl full-motion (over trading)  -3  trading  high  : trading high

Hunt the market without fail. This is almost impossible, and the world’s largest analysts and traders do not


-4  deal  with  the  high  : high volume trading, investment risk and capital increases vulnerability. when a

The trader trades with a high volume, with a small number of losing trades can lose his entire account.

5.  Trust  in the  predictions of  others  : Do not take and imitate the transactions of others, account conditions, views and reasons of people with

They are different for market presence. Everyone is responsible for their own account, even if they use other people’s predictions.

Unless he gives his entire account management to another trader. Follow your analysis as much as possible.

-6  lack  of  losses  stop-  loss  🙁 no stop-loss means that the trader there partly for his mistake

No, every human being has the possibility of making mistakes, and the extent of harm is the possibility of preventing catastrophic mistakes. Before starting the limit transaction

Know your losses. At the time of trading, most traders are affected by their trading and it is psychologically difficult for them

To accept their loss limit. Changing the loss limit at the time of the transaction generally leads to further losses. No time limit

Do not change the direction of your transaction. That is, do not increase the amount of your loss limit.

7.  Trading  at  inappropriate hours  : Not being familiar with the amount of market fluctuation at different hours of each currency pair can cause estimates

Wrong traders. European currencies against the dollar do not fluctuate much during the Tokyo market hours and should not be traded

These hours were expected to be very profitable, or in the early hours of the London and New York markets, our short and small fluctuations should not be excluded from fluctuations.

Unaware of the greatness of the market ahead.

8.   single  transaction, not a  currency pair  : We basically trade the equal value of two currencies. By mere analysis of technical factors or

Fundamental of a country One cannot conclude in which direction a currency pair will move. Perhaps the fundamental and technical currency

On the contrary, it has different conditions for the exchange of that currency pair, which should not be hidden from the trader.

9.  Lack of  trading system  : Lack of trading  program, method or system is one of the main reasons for losses. No program and

The method generally causes emotional trades while the trading method gives the trader a perspective to interpret all market prices.

Gives. It may not be a mechanized program, but it must exist. The program must have the ability to interpret the market, return on

Have a past and conform to the terms of the trader. Deficiency in any of these conditions causes the program to fail and its followers to miss

Going becomes a significant part of capital.

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10.  Off- trend trading  : Generally, most trading programs and methods are used to move the market. too

The direction of trading with the main trend is the possibility of more profit and less risk. As long as you have tried the program and method

Has not confirmed reverse trades Avoid trading against the main market trend.

1  out  of  Bei  program  out  of  transactions  in  the  fear  🙁 newbie trader to profit or loss is generally low, fear

Most losses are removed from the transaction and it adopts a program other than its trading system. In most cases

It loses its profit potential with little or no profit and then condemns its market movement, which can have consequences.

Have another negative for the account.

-12  transactions  with  goals  small : those for stop-loss and profit targets are small tiny consider

(Scalpers) In most cases, their loss is greater than their profit and they do not pay attention to the fact that the market in the short term, under

The effect of instant trading can create directions outside its original direction, and this small change of direction can cause losses

They are. Trading with small targets increases the risk of profit compared to spreads. If a trader for a trade 10

Pip Considers Profit and Loss Limits Including spreads, it loses only 7 pips as the market moves in the opposite direction, while

In order for the price to reach the profit level, the 13-pip market must move in your favor. Which price do you think is closer and most likely?

Will it be seen?

-13  transaction  in the  peaks  and  the  valleys  are  : people who are trying to use all the losses it suffered many

Perfectionists are only looking for peaks and valleys, while peaks and valleys are relative in two-way markets, and each

When it is possible for the market to build new valleys and peaks. Solve the problem for yourself that you can not from all movements

Used the market. If you follow the principles and catch some of the useful market movement, you will make a good profit in the long run


-14  Simple  seemed  more than  the limit  : the simple methods, principles and application of generally good yields no secret, but

Too much simplification of transactions usually leads to losses. It should be noted the market with a variety of conditions and reasons to move in

comes. Simplification and disregard for market influences generally lead to losses. Be aware of them.

-15  transaction  near the  News  : Deal near the time of important economic news mostly to satisfy a sense of profit taking

Be. Rapid price movements at the time of the announcement can tempt any amateur trader, but is the result of these transactions

Is it conceivable for him? If you do not have complete experience and knowledge of the news and its subject, the transaction at times when the market is under

Avoid the effect of news.

-16  sure  to  Rvshashtbah  : it has been found that small traders and small profits and are influenced by the way

Even if it is harmful, they do not change or optimize it. Unnecessary optimism constantly gives them false hope

While it has lost its method or efficiency or even failed a complete and correct test to get the result. Your method

Recognize and if you have a problem, either optimize it or change it altogether.

-17  lack of  orders  stop  loss  stop  loss )  to  broker  : beginner traders with briefings and for various reasons may

Specify a stop order for their broker. Maybe when the price reaches the loss point, they will accept the loss and face

They should get out of the deal manually, but they must also think about sudden events in order to avoid big losses. Broker access (internet and phone interruptions) and sudden price changes can cause you to exceed the amount before the transaction

You have predicted that it will be harmed and if this happens, no one will be held accountable. Simultaneously with the beginning of each transaction

Specify your loss order for the broker. In this way, you have somehow insured your transaction for large losses.

18.  Not paying attention  to open trades : Not paying attention to open trades and orders can be one of the reasons for the loss of capital. All

We know that trading and constantly focusing on prices is tedious and tedious, but negligence can also have bad consequences.

Have an account for inventory. If you have open trades based on your method, monitor the market conditions and get involved

Do not make multiple trades as this will divert focus from some of your trades. Maybe those deals were more profitable

Or it was possible to stop them at a lower loss. If emotions do not form in you, do not neglect your transactions and

Do not leave them.

-19  interpreted  incorrectly  News  : incorrect interpretation may stem from a lack of news, but there are also many cases that

You have enough knowledge, but you do not have the experience of market reaction to that news. Your assumptions for the news can be absolutely correct

But the role of experience and insight in interpreting news is much more important and vital than knowledge. As long as the necessary experience on the news

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

20-  Dealing with  transactions  by  chance : Entering transactions with but and if is taken from the behavior of gamblers. Manage your transactions

, Try to improve them and monitor them. Rest assured, luck can not succeed in financial markets. Knowledge,

Experience and management of transactions are the most important factors in the success of transactions. Do not leave your capital to luck.

-21  affected during  the  fluctuation of  prices  : much has been influenced by the volatility traders, your technique and forget.

This thinking is more prevalent at times when the market is moving more strongly.

He has strong movements. Why don’t I use it? ”They do not follow their method and inadvertently cause damage to their account. Only after

It is a loss to accept that one realizes that the move was completely wrong.

22.  Lack of  transaction courage  : Some people are basically too conservative. Often when their method signals in

They do not enter the necessary places and are constantly looking for better prices. Maybe in the past loss-making trades back hard

They are afraid. These people try to monitor the market for a long time, but enter the deal where necessary

They do not, and only after the market moves in the direction they want, do they regret the past. Extreme desire to analyze the market without

Getting a deal is one of the main signs of these people.

23.  Lack of  concentration  and  sufficient time  : Time and concentration is one of the most important principles that is so obvious that many are unaware of it.

To be. If your trading and analysis system is based on monitoring it after the trade, then it is necessary before starting

Calculate the transaction time required. Can you monitor the market for the time required for that transaction? Many with

Knowing that they can not monitor the market for a long time, they try to impose their opinion on the market in a short time.

And finally do something. These people also do not use their usual method because they do not have enough concentration

Provide their loss items.

24.  Justification of  trades  : Justification usually occurs when the trader knows that he is wrong, but with false assumptions,

Justifies the wrong deal or method to do it. The person justifying usually forgets the main factors and only himself with

Variable sub-factors deceive. In many cases, he vows to make a mistake once and for all

He repeats and constantly remembers the few deals that were won with the wrong justification. Justification and excuse for transactions

Profit and loss have only one consequence, and that is the loss of one’s account.

-25  generalized  wrong  price  are  : the assumption that in many cases the price of some goods and currencies closely on any

Trading is not covered, but it should not lead to false assumptions. Assuming we know the euro in dollars and the pound in

Dollars have similar movements, it can not be concluded that they always move in the same way. It’s wrong traders

A beginner analyzing one of them trading on another currency pair can be a false hypothesis. Generalization of charts and prices

It’s wrong for each other to do business that only novice traders do.

-26  under  the influence  for  the  taking  : the first and most important thing a trader can do is predict the future direction of the market. Perhaps

You know the right direction, but you make loss-making deals due to entering the wrong place. Influenced by market direction

Do not let your trading method and program issue an entry signal, not for the price. That means you may be in the direction

Enter the market, but because you did not start trading in the right place, you lose.

-27  involved in  the details of  much  of  : engaging highly-detailed analysis of various indicators and use it only

It disturbs the trader and generates wrong signals. Use one or two methods to confirm the signals

Do not use more than one or two indicators and try as much as possible to keep your eyes and ears on the systems and methods.

Close others. If your method is profitable, what is the reason for you to seek approval from other methods? Unless your method

It is not profitable and you do not trust it.

28.  Denying a  mistake  : Rejecting a mistake is just stubbornness with yourself and destroying your account. It does not matter if you are a trader

Does not accept the wrong trade and does not learn from it or uses a wrong trading system all the time. Market

It is not a place for traders to show off their power. It never coordinates its market with anyone. These are the traders who must own

Adapt to market conditions. Recognize your mistakes, admit them and learn from them. The first step to success is to identify


-29  someone  overnight  money  not  to be  : How do you define what is rich? If you multiply your account, you will get rich

Tell me? These are questions that novice traders generally do not have answers to. On the one hand, they have very big dreams and from

On the other hand, they do not know how to reach them. The probability of losing a ten thousand dollar account or reaching one million dollars

It is one hundred. Many people do not realize this and with every transaction they seek profits that are impossible.

The fact that the speed of success in this market (currency exchanges) can be faster than other markets is obvious, but this speed to

It is not enough to become a millionaire with one or more transactions. Success is a process that takes time. To succeed you must total

Your profits outweigh your losses. Take the time to trade and constantly correct your behavior.

-30  Trsdydn  loss  : Fear is a natural human emotion that protects him from damage. But the same feeling if more

It hinders progress and success. Do not be afraid of losing your trade unless you follow your system

Have not. Fear is a meaningless factor when it comes to trading with a plan and method that can only prevent you from making more profit.

To block. Deal with a reasonable market and try to make emotions before making a deal, when making a deal and after that.

Your grip is not effective.

-31  in  terms of  lack  of  Ryskbh  Ryvard  : you have no time to trade without leverage, to trade commodity risk

The loss is many times the possibility of profit. But when it comes to leverage, the risk is higher

You accept. Making a deal where the profit margin is less than the loss limit is just using the odds against yourself. Try to

Make exchanges where the loss margin is one to one and a half or more.

32  False Hypotheses  False  assumptions are one of the most important causes of losses. High volatile markets (such as currency exchanges) although from

They follow certain rules and assumptions, but nothing is fixed in them. If nothing has happened in the past

There is no guarantee that it will happen in the future or vice versa. The market is a combination of past and present events. For yourself

Do not weave hypotheses. Follow your trading method and system. Recognize market inconsistencies and hypotheses that have not been proven

Are shaky do not follow.

33. The  Impact of  Rumors  : Rumors are sometimes the driving force of the market, but there are many times when the market is full of rumors.

It does not follow. Avoid rumors, even if they are true from time to time. Try to hypothesize from market realities. Impressions

Adapt to market realities and then enter the market. That way, even if you get hurt, you don’t have to worry as much as you do

You did the right thing.

34  Market speed deception  : The sharp movement of the market in one direction does not guarantee the continuation of movement in that direction. This is often the case

Financial markets are observed and cause losses to many beginners. If you predict that the market in the next two days to

There is no guarantee that your profit will reach your profit target and the market will reach the desired price within a few hours

Continue in the same direction. Try to get out of the market at the profit and loss you anticipate and deceive the market speed

ندهد. Most long-term trends in the price chart have a slope between 45 and 55. Still a reminder

You must exit the market at the exit price you set before the start of the transaction.

35  Revenge  : Revenge is an emotion that comes to every human being after every failure. Do not interpret your losing trades as failures.

Do not try to recoup your lost money without analysis and feeling. Only novice traders increase their trading volume after failure (definitive or ongoing) to compensate for losses. If you lose, accept it. Try to find the reason.

Avoid trading for at least an hour after the loss and do not increase the volume in the new trade.

36.  Lack of  rest  : Give yourself a break from time to time. Continuous work makes a person tired and bored. I do not say the market

Do not monitor, but occasionally stay away from the market and after a break, check the situation again. Even for deals

Do not forget to rest yourself. If your system is in such a way that it needs to monitor the market, in case of fatigue from

Get away from your computer. Take a break during the hours when you think the market is not moving much and then return to the market.

Do not risk your health to earn money. Your mind is the most important tool of your presence in the market with rest and efficiency

Raise something.

-37  dream  building  : One of the common mistakes novice traders to the risk of not respecting the Ryvard (loss of profits) knew but points

There is a downside to this mistake: Traders whose profit margin is too dreamy to their detriment. They choose the loss limit

Small businesses are looking for huge profits. The risk to their reversal often exceeds one to four. Usually so many trades

They do not close their submerged profits so that either those trades close at zero or fall into a loss. So small losses

Accept until they realize they have no capital for big, long-term profits.

-38  trusted  to  Nfskazb  : ‘ll ever encounter people who think they have done several times working properly

They always say that the situation is according to their intentions. They think that the market is in their hands and they have been deceived by the profits of the past

They build their bridge of defeat. If the market does not move in their direction, they will be stubborn or angry with the market and their deal

But they do not find any reasonable idea to get out of the crisis. The solution for these people is to avoid false self-confidence. Any amount and

Forget all the profitable trades you have in the present and just try to be the best and in the face of your current trades.

Make the most sensible decision.

39.  Lack of  peace : Peace is one of the most important and obvious factors of the trade. When you have a problem or issue in your private life

Do not trade. Do not approach the market at all. The market is not a place to get out of your negative emotions. Maybe by tolerating the loss of emotions

Your Negative Intensifies As Always Recommended Feelings of Pride and Frustration from Your Balance Gains and Losses

Do not leave. You should also be able to control the emotions outside the market during trading.

-40  to use  the  tools  of  delay  : the delay means especially using technical and fundamental

It can have dire consequences for your account. Each influencing factor is often instantaneous and very soon its impact on the price

Shows in the market. Therefore, if we use a tool that announces a buy or sell warning after a period of time, no

are. (Lagging) is not a logical aspect. The most important of these tools are lagging indicator lags

-41  of  notes  taken  of  transactions  : If you really believe in the success and achieve goals you must

Keep notes of what you learned from the process. By doing this, the person prevents the repetition of mistakes and identifies the factors of his success more than before. Writing down all the important factors from a trader’s point of view along with writing down the emotions at the time of trading

Quantitatively to statistically observe the quality of your trade.

42.  No  guide  : A guide is someone who informs you of your mistakes and shows you the right way. Other

You do not do emotional trading because you have to explain it to your guide. I hope you understand the market guide for you ahead

He does not nose, he does not force you, he only warns you against mistakes. You do not need help, definitely a trader

Be. A brief introduction to currency exchanges is also sufficient, although it is best if your guide is an experienced trader. Help is a must from everyone

Be aware of your circumstances and your account and be committed to not sharing any information about your private life with others. Help the above impact

It is great at preventing mistakes and correcting them. Find honest guidance for yourself.

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