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How to attract money? The best ways to raise money!

How to attract money? The best ways to raise money!

“How to attract money?” , Is a very old question. Ever since he became acquainted with the concept of money, man has sought to obtain it. In the meantime, he was sometimes successful and sometimes unsuccessful. When he succeeds, he says, “It is  very easy to make money ,” and when he fails, to transfer the cause of his failure to another place, he says, “Money is the filth of the palm of the hand. A wise man should not spend his life earning it.” “Make money.” It has been a long time since man and money began. But the question is how to attract money? It is still as attractive as its first day. The experience of centuries of life on earth, victories and defeats has taught man that  attracting money is much easier than he thought. In this article,  we will learn a selection of the best and most practical ways to  raise money .

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Wayne Dyer

The world is based on the law of attraction. You were created to absorb whatever you want into your life.

Ways to raise money

Solution 1: Please get out of the misunderstanding of the shortage

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the history of human life is the lack of thinking. Even now, the absurd thinking of scarcity does not leave the moment of humanity. If we take a closer look at our own circumstances, we find that deficient thinking is rooted in many areas of our lives. For example, we say: “there is no work” or “there is no water” or even, “a good person can no longer be found”. Deficiency is more of an alternative than an absurd thought. Imagine if there was no alternative, what would we call not trying, not using and managing properly, and not even looking right? What or who did we put the blame on? In fact, there is work, there is water, and even good people live far beyond our imagination in this wonderful world. What is really lacking is the breadth of our view of the world around us. The thinking of scarcity is a great and historical misunderstanding. If we want the ability to  attract money To bring it into our lives, or even to give it more power, we need to get out of this misunderstanding as soon as possible. To do this, today is better than tomorrow and now is better than another five minutes.

Dr. Joe Vitali

Think like God. There are no restrictions.

Solution 2: Be thankful for what you have

If you are looking for a quick, safe and easy way to turn yourself into a magnet for  money  and opportunities, you can open a basic account of gratitude. When we begin to give thanks, there are some very big changes in our lives:

First, the  breadth of our gaze expands

When we are thankful for what we have, we are actually changing the way we look at the world around us. This is the first and biggest change that happens to us not only in  attracting money , but also in attracting the best things we love.

Second: The  feeling inside us changes

Feeling, the traffic light is right. This quiet blessing, with the effect it has on our soul and psyche, shows us the right path. When we are on the right path to any goal, such as  attracting money , we develop a tremendous sense of well-being. When our path is wrong, our inner feelings become disordered. If we raise the light of our senses as we walk, we can easily discern the path from the well.

Bruce Lee

Do not think, feel. It is like pointing a finger at the moon. If you focus on the finger, you lose all the glory of the sky.

Third,  we will be able to see the amazing opportunities around us

When we look beautiful, we see beauty. This is a simple and timeless principle. With heartfelt confidence and from the experience of sweet times, I promise you that the opportunities of your life change are very, very close to you. If you change the way you look, you will be able to see them.

Tip:  Do not confuse gratitude for what you have with being satisfied. Being grateful means seeing what I have. But being satisfied means that I am satisfied with what I have. Gratitude gives us the opportunity to follow the path of our desires, regardless of what we have. In this way we can welcome the opportunities that lie ahead.

Solution 3: Say goodbye with a grunt

Groaning is an ambiguous word. That is, it has both good and bad. The good thing is that by grumbling about someone or an adventure, we free ourselves from the burden of anger that lies within us. But unfortunately, the negative side of grumbling has more power than the positive side. If the good aspect of grumbling has a 10% benefit, the negative aspect will have the remaining 90%.

What does grumbling do to us?

In fact, when we start moaning, a few problems take over our necks. The first thing we do by grumbling is narrowing our horizons. If we continue in this way, we will go so far as to lose the ability to see the good things in life. You may have encountered such people in your life. Those who are always complaining about the earth and time, and in their eyes, life is full of bad and unjust things. . In that case, we may even have the illusion of conspiracy and think that everyone is plotting to overthrow us. Because we have found other people besides ourselves who look at the world like us; Small, tight and almost black. In such a situation, we can not expect our financial situation to improve.  We are committed to attracting money .

Solution 4: Different greetings to the office and books

Many of us, after finishing school and university, deport our office and books to nowhere and say, ” Learning is over! But in reality, there is no such thing as a “finish” for learning. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to learning the basics. You might say, “How is that possible?” “I studied and learned all these years in school and university!” Yes, you are absolutely right. But learning is really learning when it unties the knot of our work. It is true that it is interesting to learn the scientific name of a single-celled creature that lives in the cold waters of the ocean, but in reality, it does not help us when we want to start our own business. Start learning the things you need for your job. Business Law  , Accounting,  Stock Exchange And most importantly, start learning in the field you intend to work in. Remember, every time you learn a new concept, a big door  opens to you to  attract more money and prosperity.

Henry Ford – Famous American businessman

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether he is twenty or eighty. Anyone who continues to learn stays young.

Solution 5: Do not fight with your heart

Many of us remember our lives before we have to reverse that, gateways  attracting money  to have tied ourselves. The right way is to follow our heart. The wrong way, and what most of us do in our lives, is to fight our hearts. There is always something that our hearts delight in seeing, and sometimes a feeling of regret fills our being. Success,  attracting money  and peace of mind lies in what your heart is drawn to. Because you have the innate ability to do it in the best possible way. If you love painting, it means no one can paint like you, if you love sports, it means no one can do it like you. Remember, when you are successful in something that you enjoy doing. Attract money, Is one of the side effects of this story. Especially in the period in which we live. With the Internet and virtual networks, you can both enjoy doing what you love and make money easily in your life.


Thomas John Watson – American businessman

To be successful, you must have your heart in business and the business card in your heart.

Solution 6: Use the forgiveness shortcut

This is one of the most questionable parts of  money,  and I can safely say that it is about attracting everything. There is a hidden force in forgiveness that always works. If you start giving money, in a way you do not think, many times that money will come back to you. If you love, your being will be filled with love. If you teach, the path of the best masters will open in your life. Forgiveness always works, but there are a few things that can sometimes lead to no forgiveness at all.

Very important points about giving

The law of forgiveness only works if we:

 Give something from the bottom of our hearts to others.

 Do not expect to take back that thing from others.

 We have not forgiven out of coercion or transaction.

 In a word, only to forgive, to forgive.

Solution 7: Accept yourself

One of the most colorful ways to raise money is to accept yourself  . When we believe in our abilities, when we are our biggest fan, nothing can stop us from succeeding. In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, a prominent American-Japanese businessman, speaker, and figure, your reality is what you think is real.

Solution 8: Change the direction of your mind

The biggest lesson I learned from dealing with money was, “Money is a mental contract.” We live our thinking. When we think to ourselves, “It’s hard to make money,” we close all the  ways to raise money  . On the other hand, if we think that ” earning money is  very easy”, our eyes will be opened to the beauty of amazing opportunities to  attract money . Remember, thoughts are everything.

Solution 9: Look at the people around you again

Whether we like it or not, many of our behaviors and even our way of thinking are influenced by the people with whom we spend most of our time. If we want to  focus on attracting money and listening to our friends’ grumbling about money at the same time  , we will not get anywhere. The best thing to do is to have a thorough review of those around us.

درست است که نمی‌توانیم بسیاری از رابطه‌ها را قطع کنیم اما می‌توانیم با آنها در مورد پول، صحبتی نکنیم و در عوض، به دنبال ایجاد ارتباط با کسانی باشیم که تفکرشان در مورد جذب پول، با ما یکسان است. لازم نیست این افراد را به صورت فیزیکی در کنار خودمان داشته باشیم. حتی لازم نیست که او فردی زنده باشد. اگر خط فکری انسانی در گذشته، با چیزی که ما می‌خواهیم و فکر می‌کنیم یکی است، با خواندن نوشته‌های او و گوش دادن به سخنانش، آن را در جمع افراد نزدیک خود، راه داده‌ایم. به همین آسانی و بی سر و صدا، می‌توانیم در ترکیب افراد خود، دست به تغییرات بزرگی بزنیم.

راه حل دهم: آستین‌ها را بالا بزنید

We need all the above ways to find the power to do this. To  attract money , we have to work. Without action, no positive thinking will come to fruition. According to American playwright Gerson Kensin, novices are hopefuls, professionals are acting. Get into the profession and get started.

Adam Xu – Motivational writer and speaker

Action is the driving force that produces the desired results.

A glance at what we have said so far:

 Raising money is easy.

 The first step in raising money is to stop grumbling.

 The second step is to get the lack of thinking out of our lives.

 To attract money, we must practice gratitude.

 Learning new things is the key to finding new ways to make money.

 Always follow your heart. Your greatest success lies in responding to the desires of your heart.

 Forgive money with all your heart. This way you can always have it with you.

 Close yourself, accept.

 Change the way you think about making money.

 Rebuild the people around you.

 Get to work. Victory is always practical.

If we want, it can be…

Money-making strategies   do not only attract money into our lives. These solutions create new and forward thinking in us. Money is in the hands of those who first accept it in their minds. Life is not a war, it is an event that we create with our thinking. If we want to attract money into our lives, we must make a fundamental change in the way we think about money. The strategies we have explored together in this article are the most golden ways to  attract money  into our lives. Of course, if we act on them.

What do you think?

What do you think about money? How do you see the relationship between money and yourself? Deep down, what law do you have for money? Do you find it unattainable or do you believe it is easy to obtain? Think about these questions for a while and write me the answer. Perhaps your words will open the door to change yourself and others.

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