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How to become a millionaire?

How to become a millionaire?

Golden tips for those who became rich with their own abilities

Creating wealth is a skill. A skill that anyone can learn. In fact, becoming a  self-made millionaire means creating a commitment and sticking to it until we reach our goal. It does not matter where we are, it does not matter what our job is. When we know the steps of this skill and really implement them, we become more than just a millionaire, someone who knows the skills of wealth creation. It is only then that sparks of wealth appear in our lives and a great change takes place in the quality of our precious days. In this article, we look at ways to create wealth for those who want to become a  self-made millionaire  .

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Robert Kiyosaki

The more you think money is real, the harder you work to get it. If you realize that money is not real, you will get rich faster. So remember that money is not real.

How to become a millionaire?

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “vacuum cleaner”.

The first step to becoming a  self-made millionaire is to get rid of all the negative talk about wealth or the ability to get rich. Professions such as:

 Dirty money on the floor, you should not look for it.

 Too much money causes misery.

 Why do you want more? Be content with what you have, many do not.

 Money does not make you happy and…

Words like this create a halo on our minds and, like negative instincts, divert our minds. Having wealth is not a bad thing. Money, like all good things in this world, is one of the blessings of God. Man was not sent to this world to suffer, to suffer, or to suffer in poverty. By the way, the question has come to you that why does this inner desire to have wealth exist in us at all? My dear friends, our essence is designed to live in the best and highest condition possible on earth. Anything other than that creates a contradiction in our being. That is why all the people of the world are looking for growth. Wanting more does not mean being greedy. Rather, it means paying attention to this pure and sincere human need that we want to live in the best possible condition. In the meantime, maintaining a balance between the desires of body and soul can, in the true sense of the word, lead us to grow as human beings and to reach perfection. That is, we pay attention to both the material and the spiritual aspects of our being and grow in both areas.

To keep this process going and to protect your mind, call the guards inside you and place them in your corners and mind. Do not let any negative or frustrating words enter your mind or penetrate your heart. Remember, you are not the only human being who wants to become a  self-made millionaire  . Before you, many people were able to achieve their goal of becoming millionaires. So can you.

Step # 2- Discovering Your Purpose

Man is a collection of beliefs. Everything that is known in us as a belief, in fact, acts as a rule for us. This law may not have global power, but it has an undeniable effect on every part of our lives. If we believe with all our heart that we can do something, it has no choice but to do it. You have to become your biggest fan. Someone who praises you when you are happy, someone who comforts you when you have a problem, who comforts you to be able to stand up again, and someone who honestly criticizes your performance to build a bridge from your mistake to victory. Remember, only when we believe in “I can do it” will we find a way to do things.

Jane Webster – Author of the novel Baba Lang Deraz

I fully believe in my free will and power to achieve my desires, and this is the belief that moves mountains.

Step # 3- Discovering Your Purpose

Nothing in the world can measure the dimensions of human abilities. But one thing can limit it to the size of a needle, and that is small thoughts. To become a  self-made millionaire , we must greatly expand the dimensions of our thinking. Says David J. Schwartz in The Magic of Great Thought: “The amount of bank accounts, the degree of satisfaction and public satisfaction of each person, depends on the size of his mind. “Great thought works magic.” We do not have to work hard to think big. It is enough to look at the walls of our multinational company as we sit at our desks. When we are selling chips in our rental shop, we see endless rows of products in one of the branches of our chain stores. It is enough to let our mind open its wings and finally show us what it can do.

Lewis Carroll – Author of Alice in Wonderland

Many miracles happen when one dares to fantasize. The problem is that people never imagine the impossible.

Step 4: Be very clear about what you want

What do you really want? What do you see as you look at your next 10 years? If you had the power to travel to the next ten years, would you be happy to meet yourself? Your life must have a direction. Our minds are created in such a way that they can display their abilities with only one goal. To become a  self-made millionaire,  you need to know what your real goal is.

Tip:  Some of us think we have a goal. But in reality, what we have bears no resemblance to a real goal. Let me illustrate this with an example. For example, we may say to ourselves, ” My goal is to get rich!” My dear friends, getting rich is not a goal because it is full of question marks. Questions like: “How much money do you think is money?” Or “How and for how long do you want to get rich?” In this vague goal, they wave. The right goal is a goal that, upon hearing it, does not raise a question mark in our minds. For example, a goal such as: “I want to buy a house of 1000 meters in 5 years and through the sale of my products.” Is a real goal. It may not be very accurate, but the three main points are clearly stated:




Such a goal is quite achievable. You can only become a  self-made millionaire if  you have a real purpose in life. You may try many programs along the way, but in the end, you will reach the goal you have set for yourself.  “No mountaineer can reach the desired peak without specifying it,  says Bob Proctor in  The Alphabet of Success . Find the peak of your life. Look at it but do not stare at it. “Sometimes you have to look under your feet and make sure your foot is firm and right.” Therefore, choose the high peak of your life firmly, firmly and with a heart full of faith in your abilities.

Step # 5- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “responsible” person

This is a very important step. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept that all the good and bad things in life are the result of our own actions. But it is the truth, and not all truths are supposed to be sweet. But these sometimes bitter truths can be used as a batter to make sweet happenings in the future. When we accept that we are solely responsible for our own lives, we will feel strangely free.

This sense of freedom teaches us to consider all aspects before taking any step or decision. Only then can we take responsibility for any consequences that arise. When we accept that we are solely responsible for our own lives, the concentration of a very good quality in us increases, and that is commitment. As a person who wants to become a  millionaire To become, we need to know that commitment is one of the foundations of our success. When we are known as committed human beings, many opportunities stand in the way of our progress. Because others realize that we are trustworthy and can count on the promise we make to them. When we take responsibility for our lives, we are interestingly transformed from a victim to a person who controls his or her life. For better or worse, what we are now is the result of our own choices. Accepting this view will make a big difference in our lives.

Adam Kho

When we take responsibility for our actions and change ourselves, everything and everyone changes.

Step # 6- Discovering Your Purpose There is no such thing as a “perfect” job

Inside the heart of each of us is a compass. This compass always leads us to something special. Some people look at the compass of their heart and take a step in the direction it shows them. But most of us keep the compass of our heart in our pockets and move in a direction we do not know what it means and what it means to us at all. As a result, after a while, our souls become tired and we no longer feel the ability to take the next step on our feet. Everyone succeeds in the work they love and their heart is drawn to it. Our joy is in following the desires of our hearts. According to Confucius, do what you love, then you will not spend a single day of your life working. Everyone we know as a very rich and successful person, like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, etc., did what they loved. Nothing can motivate us to work 14 hours a day, overcome setbacks, and believe in our success as much as the love of what we do. One A self-made millionaire is someone who succeeds by doing what he loves.

Johnny Carson – Famous American writer, comedian and producer

Never do what you do not like. If you enjoy what you do, you will love yourself and experience inner peace.

Step # 7- Discovering Your Purpose Make learning a good habit for yourself

Knowing is power. We can use this power to see the opportunities that have always been with us. This power gives us superiority and provides the grounds for the expansion of our work. Someone who is always learning, moving at a high speed, is moving forward. You may  be wondering, “What do we need to learn as someone who wants to become a  self-made millionaire ?” In response, I must say that learning in the following two areas can help you a lot:

 Learning about finance

 “The first step in moving toward financial freedom is learning in the following four areas, ” says  Robert Kiyosaki  in  Beepol’s Wealthy Father .

First:  Accounting, even if you have a personal accountant.

Second:  investing or making money from money

Third:  Getting out of the market or fully acquainted with supply, demand and marketing science

Fourth:  Understanding the law »

Learning in the above areas and gaining financial intelligence in general   will help us to protect our financial assets and use them in the right place. Just keeping that in mind is a big step in turning you into a  self-made millionaire  .

 Learn about your specialty or the job you love

As you begin to learn more about your career, you are actually identifying your own ways of progressing. The more you learn, the more specialized you become, and in addition to making things easier, you learn more ways to make money from your profession.

Step 8: Control your mind

What movies do you watch? What style and meaning are your favorite songs? What kind of books are you interested in? What sites, pages and channels do you follow? What groups are you a member of? All of these things, that is, movies, music, books, sites, groups, and so on, together form a concept called  “mental or spiritual nourishment  .”


These mental foods play a direct role in our lives. They can change our lifestyle, take us away from our old goals and give us new goals. They can make us an active and successful person or, conversely, a passive and failed person. Take another look at your mental foods. If you wanted to pass them through your success filter, how many of them would you have left? Even if you do not have a number left, there is no problem. You can easily find new things for yourself. Remember, mental foods affect our thinking and we turn our thoughts into action. As a result, in order to become who we want to be, a  self-made millionaire , we must let go of who we are, step out of the cocoon we have wrapped around ourselves, and taste life with a taste of success.

Thomas Jefferson

Nothing can stop a person with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal.

Step 9: Manipulate the composition of your cabinet

On the journey of life, each of us, along with those we know, is in the cabin of an elevator. Our goal is to reach the highest floor. Along the way, some of our companions disembark on the lower floors. Some we have to implement ourselves, because they do not allow us to go to higher levels. Eventually, the number of people who stay with us until the end will be less than our fingers. But this number is the most golden people in our lives. It may be difficult at first to disembark or disembark those we know, but this shift shows us who our true companions are. Remember, even if you have to go through a number of classes alone, you do not need to worry. Because at the destination, you will find many people like you.

Step 10: Say goodbye to the word failure

The rich, who have become millionaires by trying and using their keen eyes to seize opportunities, know that in reality, there is no such thing as failure. There is only one concept similar to failure, and that is surrender. When we build a giant for ourselves called defeat, we become like a hunter who pushes himself to and fro to escape the clutches of this hornless giant. Fighting defeat is an unjust war. Because when the foggy curtains of the mind are removed, there is only one person in the race ring and that is us. No one is facing us, but we are constantly throwing fists in the air and shouting; A futile endeavor, which results in nothing but boredom. The interesting thing is that when we have no life left to struggle with, we pull our tired body out of the ring with the thought that our opponent has won. But a  self-made millionaire, Has a different view of the story. Instead of being afraid of the monster who heard him, he opens his eyes wide so that he can at least see his opponent, and since there is no opponent in the ring except himself, he realizes that there was no fight at all from the beginning. In fact, people who taste the sweet taste of success come to the conclusion that instead of a giant failure, there is only one friendship called external feedback. Adam Kho, author, educator, and motivational speaker in Manage Your Mind; “Make your destiny!” , Explains the story this way. “When someone does not get what they want, they react in three ways,” he says.

Scholarship profit He makes excuses, blames others, and eventually gives up.

 He tries the same process over and over again with hard work. Eventually he gets tired and abandons his goal altogether.

 Extracts feedback from the action and uses a new strategy to apply the results obtained. “He will continue to do so until he achieves his goal.”

So instead of failing, instead of imagining the impossible and the limitations, use the feedback loop and move on!

Bruce Lee

Failure is a form of attitude. No one fails unless he accepts defeat as a fact.

Step # 11- Discovering Your Purpose Don’t sacrifice quality for anything

Wherever you are, your product or service is the face of your company or business. When you offer a quality product or service, you show the most beautiful and unforgettable face of your company to your customers. This beautiful face is your credit. Quality is the biggest advertisement you can get for your work. When you make quality your priority, you are on the verge of becoming a  self-made millionaire  . According to David. Jay Schwartz, author of  The Magic of Great Thought , you can not reap money unless you sow the seed that pays, and the seed of money is quality service. Seth Godin in the famous book  “Purple Cow” “The best-selling products in the history of buying and selling were not products that had a lot of advertising or were widely available to all age groups,” he says. Instead, products that were of high quality and produced for a specific group became bestsellers and lasting. “I recommend investing in the quality of your products and services instead of spending huge amounts of money on low-impact advertising, and make the most of word-of-mouth advertising to advance your business.” In order to attract money to yourself and become a  self-made millionaire  , offer services bigger than the money you received. Each time, with better quality than before, you take over the market, expand the niche on which you place your products, and become a brand that no company can match its products and services.

Step 12: Be up to date

Markets, the people who walk in them, the ways in which products are bought, and even the style of offering products and services are changing day by day. For example, just a few years ago, there was no news of library applications such as niche, feedback, and bookcase. People who read books would go to bookstores to find out about the latest news and buy their favorite book. Those who did not read the book were also overwhelmed with game apps or Telegram and Instagram. With the advent of these library apps and the distinctions they brought with them, such as no need to go in person to buy books, no need to move heavy books, the ability to read books easily anywhere, anytime, books are cheaper (sometimes even halfway) Price) Compared to the printed version, the interesting variety of books, the possibility of commenting and reading the opinions of other readers of a book, the possibility of sharing interesting parts of each book, etc., not only made things very easy for readers but also those who could They had little interest in reading books, or found it difficult to join the readers’ squad in the usual way of buying and reading books. To become one A self-made millionaire , you should be fully aware of the changes in your industry. Remember that even very large companies with more than a thousand employees will easily exit the market if they resist these changes. Learn how to deal with change instead of dealing with it. Only then can you tailor your services or products to your customers’ latest needs.

Step 13: Have a model for your business

Designing a business model is one of the most important parts of your job as a millionaire and business owner. You need to determine exactly which parts of your business have revenue streams and which ones need to be spent. For example, if your business is an electronics store, then your business model is based on buying and selling goods directly to customers. The revenue from your sales also depends on the number of customers who enter your store and complete the purchase process. Your expenses will also focus on buying new goods, paying shop rents, paying income tax, and other current expenses such as water, electricity, and gas. But if you have a programming company, your business model can be in the form of providing free applications and extensions. Concentrate your revenue stream through in-app ads or additional services payable for add-ons. Before taking any action, determine your business model. This will save you time and money. In this regard, the book “Creating a Business Model”  by Alexander Sterwalder and Yves Pigniver, published by Arayana Qalam, can be of great help to you.

Team O’Reilly – CEO of O’Reilly

There is no single business model. In fact, there are so many opportunities and so many options that we need to explore.

A quick overview of what we’ve said so far:

  • Anyone can become a self-made millionaire. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
  • Do not listen to negative words. Make powerful inputs for your ears and mind.
  • Believe in yourself and believe in your abilities. If others can succeed, so can you.
  • Do not shake hands with your thoughts. Let the big thoughts take over your being.
  • Clarify your goals. Goals that are ambiguous and ambiguous do not work.
  • Accept that you are solely responsible for your own life. In this way, you will experience freedom of action.
  • Do what you really love. In this case, you can enjoy your work along the way.
  • Be thirsty to learn. Success is about those who are always learning.
  • Watch the movies, music, games, and books you read. These mental foods have a lot of power to change the direction of your thoughts.
  • Your success is the result of the success of 10 people close to you. Choose the right people around you.
  • There is no such thing as a concept of failure. Do not immerse yourself in the fear of this imaginary thing. Focus on your goals and correct feedback.
  • Quality is an unforgettable competitive advantage. Always make it one of your top priorities. Remember, the only thing a customer deals with after paying for a product or service is the quality of your products and services.
  • The world is changing day by day. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.
  • Have a model for your business. Never enter a trading game without a map.

Two steps left in the water…

In many cases, our distance from what we want, for example, to become a  self-made millionaire , is just to act. The ideal conditions for action is nothing more than a mirage and it will never water you. You need to roll up your sleeves and build a big well for your success. When digging, do not think, “I am wasting my time” or “How do I know there is water here?” Instead, try to believe that you can and can. The sun may be scorching above your head, but remember that the earth is full of water. If you work hard, you will definitely get water.

Let’s think a little

Of the thirteen steps you have taken to become a millionaire, how many have you used in your life? Do you think your quest to become a millionaire was enough and right?

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