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How to have a rich mind? 3 factors affecting its formation

How to have a rich mind? 3 factors affecting its formation

In the vocabulary of each person, the meaning of rich may be different, for example, if a person who has lost his family is asked what wealth is, he says “family”. Or when someone who is a reader is asked about the rich mind, they will probably answer:

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“He who reads many useful books is rich.” Or we may ask a child who is rich? And he will answer: “Someone who has a lot of toys.”

All the answers are correct in their place, but what is meant here is the literal meaning of wealth, money or capital.

The rich mind actually talks about the personal mindset that drives him to attract wealth. Pure ideas, passion, motivation and perseverance are all that is needed to achieve a goal, whether that goal may be wealth or success in achieving the best score.

Have you heard the story of Edwin Barnes, who wanted to be Edison’s colleague? One of the best examples that can be given for the statements is the story of this person.

Edwin Barnes was a man who was very interested in working with Edison but did not even have the money for a train ticket to get out of town and get to him. That was enough for him to give up what he wanted, but it never happened, so for a while he reached out to Edison in any way he could, and was so eager that Edison was willing to pay Barnes a small fee. Allow him to work in Edison Laboratory.

At the same time, Edison had developed a machine called a dictation machine that none of the salesmen across the country were interested in selling, but Barnes, who had been waiting a long time to sign Edison, took over the responsibility of selling the machines. After a while, it was a great success.

Barnes’ success led Edison to sell cars across the country.

Barnes’ success brought him several million dollars in sales. The things that led him to achieve his goal of working with Edison and to use his rich mind to exploit more wealth.

3 golden factors on the formation of a rich mind

In this article, we are going to examine the influential factors that help us to change our mentality and move in a direction that fully feels its role in our lifestyle. It is interesting to know that many successful entrepreneurs and rich people in the world, apart from hard work and continuous effort, what distinguishes them from other people is the way they see and think about issues. Cultivating a rich mind is actually a very specialized but easy skill. Here I try to put ourselves on the long list of rich people by knowing these three basic principles better.


1. Thinking

The power of human imagination is such that it is able to imagine man in exactly the circumstances in which he is either not now or has never been. Maybe only the power of imagination is high and low, but surely all human beings have it everywhere in the world.

The point to be made here is about the realism of human beings. Usually, human beings who do not imagine call themselves realists. Imagination and realism are two separate categories, for example, consider the situation in which you think about the future, buy a house of your choice, as the saying goes, calculate and see how much money is more or less, and consider exactly the amount of money. You take it in your hand, no more. It can be said that your realism is also a kind of imagination, because you guess it will happen very likely, and when you think that you have achieved your goal, you see a reality that will definitely happen with your efforts.

But is just thinking alone enough? If we think that in the future we will become one of the global multi-millionaires, will it lead us to our goal?

In the first place, yes, but thinking without faith will never work.

This means having a rich mind, if you imagine yourself as a millionaire and then make fun of yourself like many other people or tell us what these things are, you will never achieve anything. You have to believe in achieving whatever you want and believe that you are more capable than you think. When faith and imagination, or human thoughts, come together, activate the subconscious mind, and as Napoleon Hill, author of Success Books, Think and Get Rich, believes, the subconscious mind is activated by faith and the conscious mind. It becomes infinite frost.

One of the interesting things that I read and Napoleon Hill emphasizes in the book Mystery is the subject of indoctrination. Indoctrination means believing that you have what you want in your hands and that it is the only way through which faith can be created in human beings. Repetition of everything in the human mind acts as if it is a reality happening and nothing in this world can deal with it, and it certainly is. With repetition, each subject reaches the subconscious mind and after a while takes on a physical state.

The same is true of negative issues.

You must have seen that many people say they are unlucky, luck is not with them, their destiny is written like this. The repetition of these statements alone is enough to drag a healthy person to the bed of illness and exhaust him. Apart from whether there is really destiny or not, we should think more about our choices. Did we, who call ourselves unlucky, really try in the right direction and fail? Did we try all the ways or did we just sit and beat the bad people?

We must always be mindful of the words we use in speaking, because words have a power that may not be on our minds. So say what you really want and like.

2. Motivation

The motivation of human motivation is towards the goal. In fact, it is what makes a person willing to do anything to achieve the desired result. There are always things in human life that make a person plan all of his life to get closer to that goal.

Today’s life requires man to work hard to meet the first necessities of life, so the least incentive to get rich is created by man’s living conditions. But there are other needs that people are interested in having according to their individual desires and tastes, such as a bigger house, luxury travel and branded clothing, or anything else that makes them happy.

What makes you happy? What have you always been interested in having? How much wealth do you have? Answering these questions will help you remember things you may have once forgotten about because of failure.

Writing down things that make you happy and reading them every day reminds you every day of what you need to spend time on and what is really worth spending your precious time on.

In the story I wrote at the beginning of our post about Mr. Barnes, one of the most important things that made him a successful salesman and Edison partner was the fire that ignited in him and never allowed anything to discourage him.

After working with Edison, there was apparently no sign of a goal in Barnes, so if anyone saw him from a distance, he wondered what was the reason for working here for such a low salary.

Everyone in Mr. Barnes’ place might have been disappointed, but he was an intelligent man, and when he saw that no dealer was interested in selling Edison’s dictation machine, he thought to himself:

“I came here to partner with Edison, and if it lasts for the rest of my life, I have to reach my goal.” That’s what a rich mind is! He also became a salesman and earned a tremendous income.

As mentioned, write down whatever you are interested in having to strengthen your rich mind, then put it in front of you and read it every day, doubling the motivation in you. It makes you remember that the only thing worth living for is what makes you happy.

3. Decision

One of the things that can bring down the most motivated characters is the wrong decision. Perhaps the most important factor that causes people to fail after a long period of effort.

Know all the routes leading to the destination properly before studying, by studying reliable sources and consulting with experienced and knowledgeable people, and then set off. Before doing anything, write down in detail how much wealth you want, what you want to do, and how much and what you are willing to spend to achieve your goal.

Be sure to include two inspiring books, The Crossroads of Money Making and The Rich Dad and the Moneyless Beep by world-renowned entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, on your must-read list!

Be honest with yourself in making decisions and state everything clearly, so it will be easier for you to make decisions. There are people who act quickly in decision making and move quickly towards their goal. For example, a person with self-knowledge decides to pay for his favorite car in two years, only those who have insisted on their decisions and did not simply give up their goal can succeed.

You should not give up just when people around you are asking you to give up your decision. We all know Henry Ford, the founder and owner of Ford. He is so decisive and quick in making decisions that he has been dubbed stubborn. His determination in the decision to produce the Model T led to the production of this car; Otherwise, if he listened to the talk of those around him and gave up his decision, such a car would never have been produced.

Put laziness aside, this human trait is the enemy of your success. Never postpone today’s work to tomorrow. Make your decision today.

Robert Huff says:

“Laziness is the raw material and the secret of failure, but it is usually hidden by the failed person.” In general, toxic laziness is an anti-decision that also destroys a person’s motivation.

Now the question arises, how do we decide?

     To answer this question, think about how important you are to yourself. Are you the first person in your life?  (Certainly, even those who say they do not love themselves seek refuge for themselves and their loved ones when an earthquake strikes.  You will never see anyone who can save himself but does not.) How much do you value yourself? Are you willing to do anything to achieve your goal? (Of course, anything that does not harm yourself and others.)

Apart from having a rich mind, if it is important for you to achieve your goals, do not care about the negative and discouraging opinions of others.

Some people tell you, either out of fear or jealousy, or sometimes out of pity, to give up on your decisions, you don’t have to argue with anyone, just don’t care. Everyone has an opinion and is respected. You have to be someone who respects your opinions more than anyone. It is unlikely that you will be able to fulfill the desire to get rich or achieve the goal altogether by caring about the opinions of everyone around you.

Always remember what you are looking for instantly, instantly. So make the right decision, think the right way and take the right path to get everything you want with your rich mind.

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