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How to multiply money? 14 ways to multiply money

How to multiply money? 14 ways to multiply money

Multiplying money may be an impossible dream for many. But if you are a risk-taker and smart, you can multiply your investment after a few years.

To do this, you must be familiar with the rules of investing, trading, price increases, recessions, inflation, and so on. There are always leading people who are able to observe well what is happening around them. Then they know exactly where to invest and spend their money.

Some people also have a high risk-taking attitude. But there must be a driving force to motivate them to multiply money. Wealthy people have creative minds and ideas. They are able to find a new way to make money in any situation.

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The idea was first mooted by  Stuart Goldmith,  author of books such as  The Midas Method  and  The Seven Secrets of Billionaires  . In another book,  Double You, Gold Smith  mentions 28 steps to double your money. His book was well received all over the world. His ideas are still being pursued by those who are thinking of multiplying their money.

14 ways to multiply money

Here are some techniques to help you multiply your capital.

1- Having a creative mind

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. In fact, what sets these people apart from others is their level of intelligence and creativity.

Human beings with creative minds can do great things in any situation. For example, a person living in a small village thinks about the needs of the people of that village.

Then he thinks of producing a product or providing services that meet the needs of the villagers. So the first condition for multiplying money is to change your mindset, get creative and find a new way. Of course, you have to take the first step.

An English proverb says,  “For a journey of a thousand kilometers, you have to start from the first step . ” So you have to be willing and take the first step to multiply the money.

Even those who suddenly become rich start from the first step and then gain valuable experiences along the way.

2- Expand your communication

You need a lot of information to multiply money. Information is also obtained through communication with successful and bankrupt people. When it comes to  investing in a  business , you need to have important information about the pros and cons of doing so.

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You should also be aware of difficult working conditions and potential problems. So it needs to interact with bankrupt people in the profession. On the other hand, communication and interaction with others help to expand the business.

For example, if you have invested your current wealth in starting a service company, you definitely need a customer. Many friends and acquaintances will buy from you when your connection is extensive. They are even able to promote your products to others and become free marketers.

3- Consider the amount of risk

If you are a risk taker, you have the potential to multiply money. Of course, in order to gain wealth and multiply money, you must pay attention to the amount of your capital.

The less wealth and money you have, the easier it is to multiply it. For example, converting 2 thousand tomans to 4 thousand tomans is an easy task. But to convert 100 million tomans to 200 million tomans becomes more difficult. The more money you have, the harder it is to multiply.

So you have to be more risk-averse. But risk-taking does not mean taking every risk. In this case, you may lose the same initial capital. But if you want to be content with the current situation, there is no change in the amount of your capital.

4- Use your intelligence

If you want to use only the power of your arm, your wealth will increase step by step. But to  multiply money,  you have to use your intelligence.

For example, a person who buys a plot of land with all his assets. After receiving the loan, he builds the land and sells the apartments at a reasonable price. Suppose he bought the land for 200 million Tomans and received a loan of 200 million Tomans. In that case, he would have invested a total of $ 400 million in construction. Then, by building 4 apartment units, he can sell each of them at a price of 200 million Tomans. The money earned from the sale of 4 apartments is 800 million tomans, which will be earned in a few months.

5- Reducing costs

Although the main technique is to multiply the investment money, but you should not forget about saving money. You can invest in a business if you have the money and do not have to take out a loan.

To save money, expenses must be less than income. So it is better to save some of your income every month or put it in the bank so that you can start a business later with your total savings.

6- Consider recession and inflation

Multiplying money without considering the economic conditions of a society leads to failure. Imagine that the economic situation is in a state of inflation and the price of goods is rising every day.

In such a situation, you buy a property at a high price. After a while, the economy moves to a state of recession. Under the new conditions, prices are falling due to declining demand. If you want to sell your property in a recession, your investment will definitely be less than before. The best way to multiply money in the face of inflation is to sell a property.

Then, when the economy is in a recession, you can buy a property at a reasonable price. In the face of inflation, demand increases. Anxiety about rising prices makes many people think about buying a property or goods.

Sometimes the pressure of buying is such that it automatically raises prices. If you are a knowledgeable person and can predict the future state of the economy before inflation, you can buy a property before inflation. Then sell it at multiple prices in the face of inflation. This will multiply your investment.

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7- Buying bonds and stocks

Another way to multiply money is to buy bonds and buy stocks. Of course, you have to be skilled in this to avoid buying shares of companies that are going bankrupt.

Of course, by buying bonds and stocks, your money doubles in the long run. On average, buying bonds adds 5% interest to your investment each year. Over the course of 14 years and 4 months, your current investment will multiply.

If you save your money in a bank, the percentage of savings you receive per year will double after a few years. But you must also consider the conditions of inflation.

Inflation makes money worthless. So if we assume that you have 50 million tomans in the bank, after 10 years this amount of money will become 100 million tomans.

If you can buy a Pride car in the current situation, you may not be able to buy even a bicycle for 100 million tomans in the next 10 years. Given the economic conditions, you should consider the time to multiply the money.

When the economic conditions of a society change in a short period of time, the process of multiplying money must also take place in a short period of time. Otherwise, increasing money alone does not mean getting rich. Because the value of your money is gone!

8- Go to smart people

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba in China, is on the list of the 20 richest people in the world. When he talks about the reasons for his success and getting rich, he mentions hiring smart people as the most important reason.

He first has an online store idea in mind. But because he could not do it alone, he turned to those with high intelligence. Alibaba collection now has a high reputation in the world.

You may not be an intelligent person or even an expert in a job, but you have some savings and an idea. With the help of your savings, you can hire some professional and smart people to implement your idea.

In fact, you are an employer who uses the intelligence of others to multiply money. As an investor, you also sponsor some creative, smart and professional young people and then share in their profits.

9- Do not forget to prioritize

Don’t forget to prioritize to multiply money. That is, you should invest in some jobs and spend money on other things based on their profit margins.

If buying dollars and gold now increases your investment, be sure to prioritize it. If the housing market is in recession, you do not need to spend your money to buy a house  (albeit cheap)  . You can prioritize buying land and building.

Another example is the choice between replacing furniture and home furnishings and buying property. The rich are not rash people. If you want to multiply your wealth, you have to be patient like the rich. In a hurry, you only lose your capital.

Do not rush to have beautiful and luxurious items. Invest your money in a business. Then change the furniture for the benefit of your business. Although this requires patience, you will instead multiply your money and meet your other desires.

10. Implement Rule 72

Rule 72 is another way to multiply money and capital. For this rule, you have to divide the number 72 by the interest rate you get. The number obtained indicates the number of years in which your money doubles.

For example, if your interest rate is 8% per month, you can earn twice as much money after 9 years   (72 divided by 8 equals 9) . Or if your interest rate is 5%, your money will double after 14.4 years  (72 divided by 5 equals 14.4) . Of course, Rule 72 does not specify the details that are effective in increasing income and multiplying money  (such as investing, receiving loans, etc.)  or the items that are effective in reducing income  (such as taxes, duties, etc.) .

However, there is a handy guide to quick and mental calculations to double your money over a period of time.

11. Implement Rule 115

Rule 115 applies in the same way as Rule 72. Of course, this rule applies to calculating time for 3 times the money. To use this rule, just divide 115 by the interest rate of your money.

For example, if your interest rate is 8%, your money will triple after 14 years. Here 115 is divided by 8, which gives 14.3. Note that tripling money is in some ways easier than doubling money.

If we assume that you receive an 8% interest rate on your money, it will take 9 years for this money to double. But if you wait another 5 years, your money will triple.

12. Investing in thriving businesses

One way you can increase your capital and money is by investing in businesses that are growing. For example, online business or  startup  Internet that have flourished in recent years, one way forward. Of course, as we said, for this type of job, you should hire people who are first experts in their work and second, people who are smart and adaptable.

By investing in start-ups, you can multiply your money in one or two years. We can give you a simple example of this.

If a person has only 50 million tomans, with this money he can rent a shop. But to procure goods, he must borrow or borrow money from others. Suppose he consults a social media expert and, for a fee, participates in Internet monetization courses. Then make your decision to start an online business.

He buys goods for experimentation with two million tomans of his property. He then launches a business account and sells the products over the Internet.

If he works professionally in business, he can convert 2 million Tomans to 4 million Tomans after a month. With initial success, this time he brings all his assets and buys the product with it and sells it through the internet. After a few months, this money doubles.

You might think this hypothesis is an unworkable theory. Whereas now many store websites and social media accounts have made huge fortunes by applying this theory. Just believe it and want to spend time implementing it.

13. Learn to invest in the stock market and get started

Another method used by many successful and wealthy people these days to multiply money is to invest in the stock market.

Of course, in order to be successful in this investment market, you must first have enough information about the legality of the investment method and the target market. Investing in the stock market has a lot of fans because of its quick and easy liquidity capability.

If you want to multiply your money in a certain period of time, you can act in the stock market in two ways:

  • Method 1:  In the first method, the investor’s cash dividend is paid through the activities of companies. This is the profit from the sale of the company’s products and services, which is distributed among the shareholders. So if you buy shares of a company, you can share in its profits. But to multiply money, you have to go to companies that have high returns and are very likely to succeed.
  • The second method:  In the other method, you make a lot of money by increasing the stock price of a company. The shares of companies also increase as a result of the effective and useful activities of their managers. So before investing in the stock market, you should choose companies that have expert managers. For this you need to consult with stock market experts.

14. Increase your financial intelligence

Financial intelligence means the mental ability to conduct profitable economic activities. You may think that economic intelligence is assigned to you and is not achievable.

While part of this logic is inherent in everyone. But you learn the other part in the process of socialization. If you have not yet achieved much financial success, one of the reasons is the lack or low level of financial intelligence.

As you increase your financial intelligence, you will develop the skills to find easy ways to gain wealth and manage your finances. One of the simplest ways to increase financial intelligence is to change your beliefs in life.

In fact, it is our beliefs that determine our personality, habits, and lives. To become rich, you have to change your beliefs. Misconceptions about wealth prevent money from multiplying.

Increasing financial information, earning more money, budgeting money, saving money and leveraging money are some of the recommended ways to increase financial intelligence.

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