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Investing in gold (methods, advantages and disadvantages)

Investing in gold (methods, advantages and disadvantages)
  • How many ways is it possible to invest in gold?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold?
  • When is the best time to invest in gold?


Why choose to invest in gold?

Investing in gold has long been considered a popular and safe investment method. Nowadays, most people are looking for planning for their money so that they can add value to their capital. In such situations, we have often asked ourselves: Should we buy gold or not? Due to the increase in the price of gold in the world market, many people are looking to invest in the gold market.

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Each of the financial markets has principles that you must be familiar with the methods and rules of that market to enter those markets. It is true that gold investment is a profitable investment, but entering it without knowledge and experience can lead to your failure. When investing in gold, monitor the price of gold on a daily basis.

What is the carat of the gold you buy, or which gold to buy so that it has a lower wage and more profit for you, are all issues that you should keep in mind when buying gold. Also, buy gold when there is less demand and be careful not to buy platinum in the name of gold and also do not invest in gold that has stones and gems in it.


As we said, entering any financial market without knowing the conditions and how to operate in that market can lead to the loss of your capital. By holding various training courses such as trading psychology training, macroeconomics training, technical analysis training, fundamental analysis training and many other courses in Rahvard Academy, it has provided the opportunity for those interested to acquire sufficient knowledge in the field of investment and trading.


Benefits of investing in gold


Preserving value against inflation

Since the price of gold is affected by global factors, its price is determined globally. In countries like ours, where inflation is intertwined with our economy, this can lead to preserving the value of people’s assets after investing in gold.


The possibility of investing with little money

The possibility of investing with little money is one of the advantages of buying a gold fund. Because through a gold-backed investment fund, you don’t need to pay a whole coin, but you can buy the units of this fund with small amounts of money and earn profit.


Ease of buying gold

To buy physical gold and coins, just go to a gold shop and buy the gold you want at the current price. In this way, you can buy and sell gold only by knowing the daily price of gold.


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High liquidity of gold

Liquidity is one of the important pillars of investment. Buying physical gold is one of the methods that has high liquidity and is very suitable for investors who cannot ignore their capital in the long term.


High profitability of gold

Since the price of gold in the global markets has a positive trend and grows every year, buying physical gold in the long-term horizon can bring good profits to investors. Therefore, after a period of time, gold buyers can see a significant return on their investment.


High security of coin deposit certificate

One of the ways to buy gold is to buy a gold coin deposit certificate. By purchasing a gold coin deposit certificate, you become the owner of a certain number of coins, but the beauty of this method is that the risks of theft, loss, and damage that exist with physical coins and gold are completely eliminated in this method.


Low fees in the gold fund

Gold-backed investment fund is another way to buy gold. Among the advantages of this method is the low fee of the gold fund compared to the cost of making physical gold.


Guarantee of the central bank from the gold fund

The activity of all investment funds in Iran requires obtaining a license and having the guarantee of the central bank. Therefore, by buying gold mutual fund units, you will be safe from common scams in other methods.


Disadvantages of investing in gold


Difficult to maintain

Among the disadvantages of buying physical gold is the difficulty of maintaining it. Because, as you know, gold, like any other valuable object, faces the risk of theft, loss and damage.


Impact of global factors

The price of gold is determined globally, and since this price is affected by various political, economic and social factors, gold buyers should expect fluctuations in the price of gold due to the occurrence of various events around the world.


high risk

Investing in gold is considered a long-term investment method and is suitable for people who have a long-term investment horizon. Because although the gold market is profitable in the long term, it faces a lot of risk in the short term.


Types of investment methods in gold


1. Buying physical gold

One of the most common methods of investing in the gold market among most people is to buy gold directly and keep it at home. Of course, in this method, the discussion of fees is also important and should be taken into consideration. The types of physical gold buying methods are: decorative gold, second-hand gold, gold bars and gold coins.


2. Purchase of gold deposit certificate

Gold is one of the tradable commodities in the commodity exchange, which is bought and sold in the form of a certificate of deposit. Holding a gold deposit certificate is like owning capital, but it does not have the disadvantages of holding gold.

It should be noted that activity in the commodity exchange, like activity in the stock exchange, requires receiving the stock exchange code. A gold deposit certificate shows how much gold you have. In this method, the gold is kept in the warehouse of Iran Stock Exchange. The advantages of buying gold deposit certificates are:

  • No need to go in person to buy and physically carry gold
  • Solving problems related to gold storage and its possible risks
  • Exemption from paying taxes and reducing commissions for buying and selling gold

3. Buy a gold box

One of the methods of investing in gold is the gold fund. One of the advantages of gold fund is that in this method, your capital is entrusted to the hands of experts. Entering the capital market without having knowledge, expertise and experience will not benefit you.

By examining the best gold investment funds, we find that the Kian Gold Fund is considered a suitable option for investing in gold. Investing in gold with this method has the following advantages:

  • The fee is lower than the construction fee
  • No maintenance risk
  • The possibility of trading in the stock market
  • No maintenance fee imposed


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4. Buy coin futures

One of the types of securities in Iran are futures contracts. Coin futures market also has many fans among traders. A coin futures contract is an agreement in which the seller undertakes to deliver a certain number of coins to the buyer at a certain time, and the buyer undertakes to pay the agreed amount on the day of the contract upon receiving the coins.


5. Buying coin options contracts

Gold coin option contracts are contracts that give the buyer the right to buy or sell gold coins on the maturity date of the contract, depending on the type of contract. The seller is obliged to sell the gold coin to the buyer or buy it from the buyer if the buyer requests it.


When is the best time to invest in gold?

Recognizing the best time to buy gold will help you make more profit and avoid losses. In general, when the supply of gold is higher than the demand, the price trend is downward and it can be said that this is the best time to buy gold.

Determining the best time to invest is not an easy task and requires analysis of data and market conditions. In order to know what kind of gold to buy and when it is more suitable for investment, it is better to consult with experts and advisors in this field and ask them for guidance.


 Frequently asked questions about investing in gold


Is gold or coins better for investment?

Whether it is better to invest in gold or coins depends on your investment goal. But it can be said that some people prefer buying coins to buying gold; Because when selling coins, the cost of making it is not reduced and you get more profit.


How to invest in gold through a bank?

A number of banks, in cooperation with the commodity exchange, have provided the possibility of issuing gold coin deposit certificates for their customers. Therefore, customers can enjoy the benefits of investing in gold without carrying physical gold.


Is it better to invest in gold or cars?

In addition to not being considered an economic activity, buying and selling a car also reduces the car’s value due to the car’s depreciation and the effect of inflation on its price. But since the price of gold is determined globally and its price chart is always upward in the long term, investing in gold is considered one of the best investment options.


Is melted gold better or second hand?

By buying melted gold, you will find that compared to second-hand gold, you will not be required to pay mintage, manufacturing fees and taxes. Therefore, buying melted gold can be considered a more suitable option for investing in gold.


 Is it better to invest in second-hand gold or decorative gold?

Second-hand gold, unlike decorative gold, does not have the cost of manufacturing, taxes and other such things. Therefore, buying used gold costs less than decorative gold. Of course, this type of purchase also has risks that you should pay attention to, for example, when buying second-hand gold, you should be careful not to sell fake gold to you.


In order to avoid possible frauds, it is necessary to buy from reputable centers in the first place, and secondly, buy gold with an invoice that has been signed by the seller and has the seal of the shop, the date of purchase, and the name of the seller. .


Investing in gold is one of the ways that people have been interested in for a long time. Today, in addition to buying physical gold (including decorative gold, melted gold, second-hand gold) and gold coins, you can also buy gold deposit certificates, gold funds, coin futures contracts, and coin option contracts. Gold investors can get the best profit from this market if they have a long-term investment vision.

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