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Principles of starting a personal business in 21 practical steps

Principles of starting a personal business in 21 practical steps

If you want to always work as an employee, in essence, your work will lead to the advancement of others. There is a proverb that says,  “If you do not have a goal yourself, you will be hired to help others achieve their goal . ” So it is better to think about starting a personal business instead of an employee and take full advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Starting a business is always harder than ever. At the beginning of the road there are many problems in your work that you have to solve one after another. Definitely, when your work is on schedule, you will be more comfortable and the profit and income that you will earn will take the fatigue out of the way. Of course, if you want to make money, you have to start with the basics and build a strong foundation from the start.

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So getting enough information for the businesses that are right for you will help you a lot. You have probably chosen your business and you just want to start it. But there are people who have not yet gone through this stage. If you have several business ideas and you want to choose the one that is most suitable, you have to be smart.

Choosing a new job and new ideas may not be as easy as you think. Your future income, the things you have to do, the risks you face, etc. are all influenced by the ideas you choose.

Tips to consider when choosing a job

Choosing a job is not an easy task and you have to consider sensitive and precise points to make a decision in this regard. Some of these tips include:

  • First of all, consider your interest. Choose a job that you enjoy so that you can more easily endure its problems.
  • Choose the right capital and business idea.
  • Get started in the field of information and expertise.
  • Examine the needs of the community and tailor your business accordingly.
  • Consider work efficiency time.
  • Compare the expectations and returns of the business in question.

Once you have all these tips in mind, you can be smarter in choosing your business and make more profit.

Starting a personal business and its principles

Everything has its own principles. If you start working aimlessly and clumsily, you may be overwhelmed by the problems of small and large jobs when you come to your senses, and not only will you not earn anything, but you will also suffer huge financial and time losses. To start a business, you must follow its principles and plan for it step by step. Also behave in the best possible way in terms of behavior and performance. Your success rate depends on how successful you are at starting your own business.

1. Put aside excuses

If you are careful, when you want to start a new job, the resistance of your mind will increase dramatically. This is perfectly normal. Our mind has created a safe circle for itself that it does not like to get out of. When you try to go beyond that, one excuse after another comes to your mind and discourages you from doing it.

Many business ideas are very effective and appropriate; But excuses and fears of failure prevent one from putting them into action. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. So put aside excuses and get to work faster.

2- Have comprehensive research in the field of your business

The first step you need to take to be a successful entrepreneur is to come up with new ideas. First, look at what you do best and what products or services you offer that are needed by the community. It’s a good idea to write down your business ideas and ways of presenting your business in a notebook from the beginning. Then you will find that more and more ideas come to your mind that will surprise you.

You can use what you have heard and seen in the field of business, even in your travels, to generate ideas. Now that you have a good idea, you need to start researching. Most of the time, not having enough research before starting a business creates problems that you will fail in the middle of the road. Research the needs of the market, your potential competitors, the strengths of your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and exploit their weaknesses to better meet the needs of society. This will greatly reduce your risk factor.

3- Draw a road map

Almost everyone has a goal to start their own business; But it is better to have a detailed plan to advance your goals. A good business idea has full details and a detailed roadmap. The proposal is basically what you need. You need to define your goals first so that they can figure out how to achieve them.

Also set a timeline for each step. The better the details of your work are designed, the easier it will be for you to start your own business and the more confident you will be. Of course, this map is changeable, and you may find that in the middle of the road you have to change part of it; But it has determined more than 60% of your route.

4- Provide business start-up capital

There are people who just come up with ideas and share them with others; But some people also fund their own ideas. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Whichever group you belong to, financing a personal business is very important and can be one of the limitations of your path that you should always think about. If you have to find an investor for your idea, you have to be strong enough to present the idea to the investor and reassure him that you have a high-paying plan.

5. Think big but start small

Big ideas always motivate you more; But they may seem so unattainable that they are worrying from the start. Large businesses also have long-term returns. It is good to know that each idea can be divided into smaller parts that develop over time.

So draw your initial idea big and start small on a small scale first. Even if you have the capital to start a personal business, it is better not to take the risk all at once and let the path you have taken prove itself to you. Look to your distant future and plan for it. Know how much labor you need at each stage, as well as anticipate problems along the way.

6- Keep your expenses calculated

The reason you want to have a new job is to make money. So you also need to manage your initial expenses and know how much of your expenses should be spent on getting started at each stage. This is even more sensitive when the investor has opened an account on your business; Because you have to be accountable to him as well. If you do not have careful financial planning, you may fall short in the middle and your business will stop paying a lot of money, time and energy.

When planning your finances, consider the amount of unforeseen expenses. It is better to determine a specific accounting system for yourself from the beginning in which you calculate your profit and loss in Rials. Use daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts to understand where you are heading. This will make it easier for you to control your brand turnover.

7. Define your business environment

You need tools and workspace to start a business. Of course, you can choose jobs that use modern technologies such as the Internet and do not need an office; But if you need a place to do your work, you have to organize it as well. Depending on the type of business, you need to choose the right place.

For example, if you want your products and services to be in the public eye, it is better to choose a place that has more traffic or use a high-performance showcase. Know how much space you need, where to place your business sign and how to design it. The appearance of your business is influential in its development, do not ignore this point.

Of course, you should also manage the expenses you need and spend as much as you have planned for renting or buying the property and preparing it, not more.

8- Register your brand

If you want to start a business and improve it day by day, you have to identify it in the first place. Some people may ignore this part when starting their own business. Like the baby you want to name, choose your brand wisely and professionally. The more meaningful your brand name is, the more you will enjoy it in the future as you grow and succeed.

In the next step, register your brand so that others are not allowed to abuse your brand. Unless you have a specific brand, you can not have a branding activity.

9- Get the necessary permits

To start a business of any kind, you need to get licenses from the relevant guilds and organizations. You may have to meet certain conditions to obtain a license and submit certain documents. Therefore, you should have enough information in this regard. Some people think that telecommuting or internet businesses do not require a license; It is better to know that the necessary licenses for this type of jobs are more sensitive and you should be able to improve your work in terms of security so as not to harm yourself and your customers.

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10. Benefit from the experience of experts in your field and form your team

If this is your first time entering a field, experience is definitely not possible from the beginning; But you can use the experiences of others. Those who are experienced in your new job are the best option for consulting and getting a job guide. People who are experts and highly experienced know the path you are about to take, and this will tell you what problems you may face or what challenges you are likely to experience. In this case, you prepare yourself better to face them.

11. Work professionally and focus on a specific area

Your field of work may have different sections. For example, if you want to offer clothing production services, you will see a wide range of designs and materials in various magazines. You can also produce products for many people; But try to focus on a specific area at least early in the work and focus on it. For example, start with baby clothes.

Get enough expertise in this area to keep your customers satisfied. Now, in the future, when you have specialized enough in this field, you can work on designing clothes for adults, ladies or gentlemen. In this case, you may have a smaller target community; But the same few customers will be highly satisfied with your work.

12- Starting a business and innovation

In today’s world, economic competition is fierce. So if you want to do something different and elevate yourself among your competitors, you have to be creative. Producing and offering similar products and services will keep you in the middle. Innovate your business. You can even take advantage of new methods and technologies. This will allow you to provide better services and customers will see your differences in the job market and be attracted to you. To have better services, use specialized and highly skilled people.

13. Prepare detailed planning for starting your business and business plan

Try to predict the results of your work. This is important if you plan carefully. Choose a start time depending on your working conditions; For example, in order to be more productive, to start your online store, it is better to choose the time when people need to buy more. The days before Eid are very productive in this regard and help you to make a profit faster.

If you consider all aspects of the job and start a personal business, you will be less stressed early on. A business plan is a plan that outlines all the dimensions and angles of your start-up business. The goal you pursue, the reasons you have for the success of your goals and the ideas you come up with to grow your business should all be fully and clearly stated in the business plan so that if you need a new team or investor, this plan can convince them. That working with you will be successful and profitable.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing a business plan. First, make your business plan short, useful, and practical. The investor you are trying to attract may not have information about your business; So avoid writing sentences that confuse him, and ultimately explain your simplicity, goals, and plans. Detailed market analysis should also be included in the business plan to determine how scientifically and statistically you look at your future profession.

Financial issues and clear explanations about it is another issue that must be fully addressed in the business plan. The time intervals of each part of the work must be clear. For example, you need to know what stage of your business you are at this time next year and how much you have grown it. This section, as mentioned, also includes the required costs and benefits received.

14. Take hiring experts seriously

Traditionally said,  “should be entrusted to competent” . Everyone specializes in a particular field, and it takes a lot of time if you want to learn all the basics. So think about hiring experts in any field. Entering people who have enough experience and expertise in your work will help you to grow faster and reduce work errors much less. You may even need to pay more to hire experts; But the feedback you get from it will definitely be much better and it will pay you back.

15. Improve quality from the very beginning of starting a business

One of the mistakes people make in starting their own business is that they think they have to cut costs early and be satisfied with low-end services. This may prevent high costs at first; But losing a customer is definitely the first thing that comes to your business.

Either way you have to sell something, you may have a particular product, offer a service or even sell your science and art. If the quality of your products and services is low, you will lose your customers and reputation from the beginning. From then on, you have to start not only from zero but also from the negative; Because people have a negative view of you.

16. Find a solution to problems along the way

We have already said that you should consult with people who are experienced in your field of work and ask them to explain possible problems to you. This will help you to be more prepared and get the solution to many of the problems you face from an experienced person. On the other hand, keep in mind that things do not always go as you expect.

So you should always anticipate the unexpected. Even if you can not imagine their nature well; But consider the time and cost of what might happen. Finding solutions to the problems in your path will make you stronger day by day and you will become an expert and expert in your field.

17. Talk to others about your business

Talking about personal business allows you to gain new information and more experiences. You may even find new customers coming to you in the future. Some people think that they can only talk to experienced people and choose those who need their services or products. Different people may have information they have gained from others and may be able to guide you in areas outside of their own activities. To grow a business, you need to engage with others. Even if you do not benefit directly from them, you have at least introduced your job to others.

18. Do not forget the marketing plan

One of the most important parts to consider is the marketing plan. As long as you produce quality products and provide excellent services; But if others do not see it and do not know it, you can not progress. The marketing plan is the same plan that you consider for marketing and advertising. Before doing anything, you need to know the needs of the market and the community, and identify the groups that need your services or products.

This will ensure that your marketing plan is completely smart and that the costs you incur in this direction are highly productive. In the marketing plan, learn the methods you are going to use, their percentage, the return you expect from each, the costs you are considering for each و, and have careful planning after sufficient research in this field.

19. Evaluate yourself

Know how many times with yourself! If you have mastered the basics of starting a business, you have a plan that you must follow. These programs include cost, working time, percentage of work progress and so on. You should not be so preoccupied with advancing your goals that you give up self-assessment. Go back at regular intervals and see how committed you are to your plans and progress.

Your assessment of how things are done will allow you to take on new activities or even change your work routine if needed. You can choose periods, weekly, monthly and even yearly. How often you look back and forth depends on the size of your business.

20. Start selling

What makes you profitable is the sales. If you start the best business; But if it does not succeed in selling, it is as if you have done nothing. Try to start selling from the beginning. Some business owners put a salesperson at the forefront of their business to cover some of the costs of starting a business. This can motivate you and show how much people will appreciate your products or services. Of course, in real sales, the situation will be much better than in advance. So if you are not very successful in these situations, do not worry and do not despair.

21. Develop your business

Now it’s time to start your own business; Start faster. There is no need to worry if you have done the previous steps correctly. You will succeed. Always remember that the first hurdles of work may disappoint you, but do not give up on your goal and start your own business. All the big brands in the world have all started from the zero point you are in now, so you can reach them too.

Do not be complacent!  Although you should always be smart, when you feel you can manage your business well, take on a new challenge. Grow your business and work on new projects. Remember that when you want to do this, you have to add up to 20% to your previous business routine. It is possible that new projects will not be successful. In this case, it will be easier to pack yourself and your job and you will not suddenly suffer huge and fragile losses.

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