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Wasabi wallet is a well-known digital wallet whose structure is based on privacy, and this feature means that no third party can access your assets. In this way, it will not be possible to steal digital currencies or block them because the private key and other important and confidential information will only be available to you. That’s why you don’t need to worry about losing your digital currency in Wasabi Wallet.

With the help of this digital wallet, you can buy and sell Bitcoin very easily and earn a lot of profit for yourself. The Wasabi wallet also supports Segwayt addresses and has amazing features that we have introduced in the rest of the article. 

Features of Wasabi Wallet 

Wasabi Wallet is known as a special software wallet and you can easily run it on your computer. With the help of this unique wallet, you can manage your bitcoins and avoid possible losses.

The internal structure of the Wasabi wallet is complex, technological and at the same time practical and simple. In this way, many users go to it and enter a set of private keys. People who use this digital wallet can easily do whatever they want with their assets and do not need permission from any other person or entity.

In Wasabi Wallet, due to the CoinJoin feature, you can specify the date of transactions without limit. In fact, using this unique feature, users can use an unlimited number of bitcoins to restore their privacy. Through this feature, liquidity is constantly increasing and users can connect it to their full node.

Wasabi wallet provides its special features and services to users for free, and privacy is recognized as its top priority. Note that the Wasabi wallet is essentially the first wallet to implement BIP158 block filtering or block filters, which is a new way for light clients to privately know how much bitcoin they have.

Under no circumstances will this digital wallet send users’ public keys or extended addresses to third-party servers. Note that the back-end server provides a fixed set of filters and if a block contains a transaction related to the user, the wallet checks this locally. 

As a hot wallet, Wasabi requires an internet connection to be activated. This wallet ensures the security of its users so that they can easily have a much more complete control over their capital.

Since this wallet was used internationally, its developers have improved the security level several times, and in this way, they were able to achieve an extraordinary result. Wasabi Wallet creates a new address for each transaction and uses CoinJoins during the transaction to keep users more secure.

The use of CoinJoins is done with a method called anonymization, which greatly reduces the risk of theft or loss of capital. CoinJoin actually allows users to easily combine their coins and then start trading completely anonymously. In this way, users do not know who made each transaction and the security of its information is well maintained.

WasabAs mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Wasabi Wallet was designed for Bitcoin, and people who intend to  buy Tether  should use other valid wallets. Therefore, if you have invested in Bitcoin, it is better to use this popular wallet. 

Wasabi wallet does not have complicated steps to set up and everyone can enjoy its countless benefits for free by following a few simple steps. 

How to set up and install Wasabi wallet 

How to install Wasabi wallet is not difficult at all, and anyone can enjoy the countless benefits of this wonderful wallet simply by following a few simple steps. In the first step, you should download the desired program from its official and reliable website.

Be careful when downloading the Wasabi program and do not go to unreliable or fake sites because you may lose a lot of property and incur losses. As we mentioned earlier, the Wasabi digital wallet has been introduced only in the desktop version and users can use it for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. 

After you have installed the Wasabi Wallet program according to the type of your personal system, you must first select the Next option for installation. After that, you will see a new page where you need to click on the Install option to start the program. After doing these steps, the wallet is simply installed and you have to select the Finish option in the next step to start.

After that, a Shotcut of Wasabi digital wallet will appear on your computer screen, which will display windows when you open it. On this page, some privacy policies and special rules are mentioned, which you need to read carefully before using the wallet, and then choose the I Agree To The Terms Of Service option to express your agreement to accept the terms.

You don’t need a lot of time to go through these steps and you can take the necessary actions in the shortest possible time. Users who install the Wasabi wallet can create as many new wallets as they want and use them without paying additional fees or asking for permission.

To execute this action, just go to the Generate Wallet menu and the Wallet Manager tab and choose a strong password and name for your wallet. Note that this private key encryption can easily be used later on your PC. 

After performing these actions, it is necessary to click on Next to generate the 12 terms of recovery of your wallet. To avoid problems later, be sure to write down your recovery password and phrase in a safe place because you will need them later to recover your wallet and tokens. After you click on I Write Done My Recovery Words option, Generate Wallet your wallet will be ready to use. 

CoinJoin in Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet CoinJoin is trustless and non-trivial. For this reason, no one can steal users’ assets. Under no circumstances can assets be stolen in this digital wallet, and there is no possibility of spying even from the central coordinator.

If you ever wanted to hide your activity in this wallet, you should convert your Bitcoin to CoinJoin. This will break the connection between the outputs and inputs of a transaction. 

Note that the privacy gained through CoinJoin depends on the number of users who register at this time. Wasabi wallet is trying to create about 100 anonymous collections by collecting 100 users. Another special feature of Wasabi wallet is tagging. With the help of this feature, you can easily find out which person each coin is from. 

This feature is very important and can help protect your privacy. When receiving bitcoins on an address, users can see two important aspects in the GUI. In the first case, the recipient address is deleted because these addresses should be used only once.

Considering that one of the most important privacy issues in Bitcoin is reusing the same address, never use them multiple times in different situations because this way people will know who each coin belongs to. .

In the second case there is a list of all the coins that can be spent, instead of displaying the wallet balance. These coins are essentially transaction outputs or unspent transactions. 

To get more profit from various transactions, you can easily use the digital currency signal and reduce the risk of loss. Of course, in such a situation, you should not use any type of signal without sufficient knowledge and go for options that are completely guaranteed and safe.

Send bitcoins to Wasabi wallet

After you open the Wasabi Wallet app, you can go to the Send section and send your anonymous bitcoins to other addresses very easily. Normally opening the app, users can go to the Send section to send their anonymous bitcoins to other addresses.

To see the privacy, the number of bitcoins and also the degree of anonymity, you should refer to the Status section. In order to select the amount of bitcoins you want to send, you need to click on its confirmation boxes in the list. 

There is another box in this section where you have to enter the address of the transaction party. Be careful while entering the address and be sure to double check it carefully enough because once the transaction is confirmed, there is no way to reverse the transaction or change the destination.

Finally, after entering the password, you need to click on Send Transaction option so that the selected amount of bitcoins will be sent to the desired user address as soon as possible. After you enter the amount of bitcoins and password, you need to set the degree of anonymity.

To do this, just select the Enqueue Selected Coins option and wait for your request to be approved. Normally, in the Status box, you can easily see the pending bitcoins, anonymous bitcoins, and verified bitcoins.

If the number of traders in the desired group reaches the normal limit, the combination of bitcoins with each other will start automatically. It is also better to know that if it takes a long time to confirm the CoinJoin request, while you are in a hurry to complete your transaction, select and tick next to each of them or the Select All Private and Select All Non-Private options. Which one should remain anonymous, which one should remain normal, and which one should remain anonymous.

Like other digital wallets, Wasabi Wallet has a series of amazing features and benefits, and users who install it for themselves can see useful results.

How to anonymize bitcoins in Wasabi wallet

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that can use a new address for each transaction. This makes it more difficult to trace users’ financial resources and has many advantages. Wasabi’s valid wallet allows users to create many addresses for transactions, and they are supported with the help of recovery phrases.

To create a new address, after opening the Wasabi Wallet application, you must go to the Receive section. In the next step, specify a specific name for your new address so that later you will know how much bitcoin will be sent to your desired address.

Once you have done these steps, click on the Generate Receive Address option so that the address created in the wallet will be displayed for you. This address will be deleted after depositing Bitcoin to your wallet so that users cannot select it again in other transactions.

By clicking on the arrow on the left side of the desired address, you can easily see the public key, QR code and private key path. As much as possible, avoid sending your public address and key to third-party servers, because doing so will allow full tracking and identification of their funds.

Only give these addresses to your counterparty and don’t let other people access them. After you have transferred the bitcoins to your wallet, you must quickly anonymize them. To do this, just go to the CoinJoin section and take the necessary steps.

Note that a necessary condition to participate in CoinJoin every time is to have at least 0.1 Bitcoin. For this reason, be sure to have this amount of bitcoins in your wallet. After choosing the desired amount of bitcoins, it is necessary to enter its password carefully. Note that the degree of anonymity of users depends on the number of people in the group in which they hide.

If 3 people participate in CoinJoin with an input of the same size and there are 3 outputs, each of the output coins will have 3 anonymous sets for themselves in the future. In this situation, there is no way to determine to whom each coin from the collection belongs.

Note that usually there are various gradations to adjust the unknown size. For example, a red shield with an unknown degree of 1, a green shield from 21 to 49, a yellow shield from 2 to 20, and a green shield with a check mark on it indicate an unknown degree above 50.

Setting the anonymity level to 50 or higher is often enough to prevent low-level analytics that are legitimate, but there is also the possibility that a protection against advanced legitimate analytics is not in place. 

If you want to join a reputable exchange like Binance and store the capital you earn through it in the Wasabi Wallet, be sure to complete the Binance authentication process carefully. If you do not have enough experience and skills to do this work, we recommend that you learn the necessary training in this field or entrust it to an expert.

Benefits of using the Wasabi wallet 

Although Wasabi Wallet is only designed to hold a single currency, it has many advantages, which is why many people go to it. This wonderful wallet is open source and all users can use it for free.

By using the Wasabi digital wallet, you can have complete control and management over your funds and prevent possible risks such as account hacking by professional hackers and theft of your digital assets.

Of course, it goes without saying that you are responsible for backing up your data. Normally, all developers and coders have the possibility to officially review the Wasabi digital wallet and can take the necessary actions in this area.

This wallet has an attractive and very safe environment and keeps a large part of your capital in a cold wallet. For this reason, the security of the wallet against cyber attacks is multiplied. On the other hand, in order to maintain a safe place, two-step verification has been activated for users to make it impossible to steal information and capital.

Wasabi Wallet uses Tor proxy and has great power. Usually, Iranian users may face some problems for payment, but this wallet often offers users payments that do not need to incur heavy costs and are also based on network conditions.

Although the internal structure of Wasabi Wallet looks complicated, using it does not require much expertise, and by using it once, you can familiarize yourself with all the available conditions.

Your assets are in a safe place in the Wasabi wallet and you can keep them in the wallet for as long as you want, without restrictions. Of course, it is recommended to sell your digital assets when the price of digital currency is increasing to get a good profit.

In this wallet, each user can create private keys to maintain security and thus have precise control over their bitcoins. Another advantage of using the Wasabi wallet is the ability to fully control CoinJoins. However, you can anonymize the date of any transaction you have made.

Today, most digital wallets are easily attacked by profiteers and hackers, but Wasabi Wallet, with its advanced technology and capabilities, can prevent this and prevent your funds from being lost easily.

The future of Wasabi digital wallet 

Currently, a number of open source developers are continuously working to further improve the Wasabi Wallet and are trying to fully improve the capabilities of this wallet. According to some experts in this field, Wasabi is supposed to directly provide the possibility of sending desired amounts to a third party address in CoinJoin.

Most likely, in the future, the team that created this digital wallet will provide IOS and Android versions to users so that all people can use the full capabilities and facilities in the field of digital currency storage without any problems. 

Note that the Wasabi wallet is currently used by many users and has excellent performance, but its project team is looking for a more complete redesign so that users can keep their assets in a more attractive and comprehensive space. So if you are looking for a unique digital wallet that has a bright future, it is better to use the Wasabi wallet.

last word

After getting familiar with Wasabi Wallet, it is better not to ignore the important points mentioned in this article when installing or setting it up so that you don’t run into problems and get the most out of its services. To get more complete information about investing in digital currencies and trading, we also recommend that you subscribe to a valid digital currency signal channel.

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