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What will be the future of Crypto currencies? Predicting and examining probabilities

What will be the future of Crypto currencies? Predicting and examining probabilities

Undoubtedly, having enough knowledge and information today is essential for predicting and understanding the future of Cryptocurrencies. In the following, we will review some concepts in general and then predict the possible future of Cryptocurrencies.

 What is Cryptocurrency in general?

As you probably know, Cryptocurrency is another name for digital money, electronic money and electronic currency that does not actually exist physically and the only way to obtain and store it online is with the help of special sites, programs and wallets. You are no longer dealing with paper money or coins, and you are transferring credit or value as money from one name to another or from one wallet to another.

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1-1- How many types of Cryptocurrencies do we have?

Statistics released in January 2020 of the number of Cryptocurrencies available in the world show more than 2,000 for cryptocurrencies, many of which are very popular in private communities as well as among investors  (even in small cases)  . Here are 10 of the most popular Cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Atrium (ETH)
  3. Ripple (XRP)
  4. LightCoin (LTC)
  5. Tetra (USDT)
  6. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  7. LIBRA
  8. Monroe (XMR)
  9. Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  10. Bainance Coin (BNB)

1-2- What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and digital currencies?

Encrypted currency or cryptocurrency is a subset of digital currency that is created and managed using the famous advanced crypto encryption techniques. The first cryptocurrency to turn scientific and academic concepts into (virtual) reality   ; Bitcoin was released in 2009.

As Bitcoin attracted a lot of people in the following years, it attracted the attention of many investors and the media in April 2013, just when it reached its highest record and 10-fold increase against the dollar in the last two months. . Bitcoin also experienced a market value of more than $ 2 billion at its peak, but shortly afterwards, with a 50 percent drop in value, sparked controversy over the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

1-3- Competition of digital currencies with current currencies to dominate the future

Bill Gates believes that the future belongs to digital currencies. What do you think? Do these currencies thrive on black markets and terrorism, or do they facilitate positive steps in finance?

Paper money was first made and used in China, but the fact is that despite centuries of financial innovation, paper money and coins are still familiar concepts to people.

On the other hand, Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology have been around for more than a decade. For example, Facebook is planning more for your Blockchain digital currency called  Libra  is  (although it would not be technically decentralized exchange Rmzpayh not count) . Our question is, can these currencies be the future of currency?

When the former president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, was asked about Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is not considered a currency for several reasons,” he said. “One of the reasons is that the euro today is tomorrow and its value is still stable, while the value of bitcoin fluctuates sharply.”

Isn’t this a big problem for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? If their value is not stable, how can we use them as currency?

2- Is now a good time to invest? What about the future?

In the West, bitcoin is considered a digital asset because it was the first rare digital commodity ever created. If you plan to spend time and money saving and extracting bitcoins, do not do so simply because you might buy something with it, but invest in an asset that is part of an evolving new system. Bitcoin is in fact the flagship of this decentralized movement that operates on the blockchain platform.

If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, we suggest that you invest in a way similar to high-risk investments. In fact, you should take the risk of losing more or all of your capital.

Digital currencies have no intrinsic value, which exposes them to price fluctuations, which in turn increase the losses that an investor suffers. For example, Bitcoin fell from $ 260 to about $ 130 in a six-hour period on April 11, 2013.

Predicting what will happen to cryptocurrencies is not easy. But what most investors want to know is finding the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies. There are different opinions in this regard. On the other hand, with Bitcoin depreciating by half this year and Bitcoin returning to $ 10,000, it does not look like you will be in big risk if you invest now.

Decide If you can not accept such fluctuations and suffer the consequences, look for suitable investments elsewhere.

3- Factors affecting the future of digital currencies

3-1- Positive features of digital currencies

Inflation has no effect on it

Almost every cryptocurrency is introduced with a certain value at the time of release. As demand increases, so does its value, which keeps pace with the market and prevents inflation in the long run.

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It is self-governing

Ownership and maintenance of any currency is one of the main factors in its development. Encrypted currency transactions are stored by developers or miners on their personal hardware, who save transaction costs as profit and keep accurate and up-to-date transaction records.

It is safe and private

Privacy and security have always been a major concern for cryptocurrencies. The main blockchain platform is based on various mathematical puzzles that are difficult to decipher. This makes cryptocurrency more secure than regular electronic transactions. For better security and privacy, cryptocurrencies use aliases that are not associated with any user, account, or stored data that can be linked to an profile.

Currency exchanges can be done easily

Encrypted currencies can be purchased using many currencies such as the US dollar, the European euro, the British pound, the Indian rupee or the Japanese yen. With the help of different wallets and exchanges of cryptocurrencies, it is possible to convert one currency into another by buying and selling cryptocurrencies in different wallets with the least transaction cost.

It is decentralized

One of the major advantages of cryptocurrencies is that they are largely decentralized. Many cryptocurrencies are controlled before they are released to the market by developers who use them and by individuals with significant assets or by the organizations that produce them. Decentralization helps keep currency monopolies free and under control so that none of the organizations can determine the flow and value of the currency, which in turn keeps it stable and secure.

An affordable way

One of the major uses of cryptocurrencies is to send money to other countries. With the help of cryptocurrency, transaction costs paid by the user are reduced to a small amount or zero. This cost reduction is done by eliminating third parties such as Visa  (VISA)  or  PayPal  to confirm the transaction.

A fast way to transfer funds

Encrypted currencies have always existed as an optimal solution for trading as well as transactions. It does not matter when you do domestic or international financial activities, because it is done very quickly with cryptocurrencies. This is because verification takes very little time to process because there are no barriers.

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3-2- Negative features of Cryptocurrencies

Can be used for illegal transactions

Because the privacy and security of transactions in cryptocurrencies are high, it is difficult for the government to track every user by their existing wallet address. Bitcoin has been used as a method of exchanging money in many illegal transactions in the past, including the purchase of drugs on Dark Web sites. Some cryptocurrencies use illegal currency to hide their source through unidentified intermediaries.

Data loss can lead to financial losses

The developers of cryptocurrencies wanted to create a traceable source code, strong defense against hacking and cyber attacks, and impenetrable protocols against authentication; This is why investing money in cryptocurrencies is considered safer than physical cash or bank coffers. But if every user loses their wallet private key, it is no longer possible to recover it; As a result, the Cryptocurrency wallet, along with the number of coins inside it, will remain locked, leading to financial loss.

Despite being decentralized, it is still managed by some organizations

Cryptocurrencies are known to be decentralized. But the flow and amount of some currencies in the market is still controlled by their makers and some organizations. These holders can manipulate the coin for large price fluctuations. Even coins that are used by many people, such as Bitcoin, whose value multiplied in 2017, can be manipulated.

Its extraction has negative effects on the environment

Mining cryptocurrencies requires a lot of computational energy and power input, and it consumes a lot of energy. The biggest consumer in this case is bitcoin. Bitcoin mining requires advanced computers and a lot of energy. This is not possible with regular computers. The main miners of bitcoin are in countries such as China, which use coal to generate electricity, and this has led to an increase in carbon emissions in China, which leads to a lot of environmental pollution.

There is a risk of being hacked

Although cryptocurrencies are very secure, exchanges with these currencies are not very secure. Most exchanges store users’ wallet data to ensure that their user ID works properly, which can be stolen by hackers and give them access to many accounts.

Once accessed, these hackers can easily withdraw money from those accounts and transfer it to a good account. Some exchanges, such as  Bitfinex  or  Mt Gox,  have been hacked in recent years and bitcoins have been stolen for thousands and even millions of US dollars. Most exchanges today have high security, but there is always the risk of being exposed to hacking and cyber attacks.

It is not possible to refund or cancel

If there is a dispute between the parties or someone mistakenly sends money to the wrong wallet address, the sender will not be able to recover the coin. Many people can deceive others this way; Since there is no refund, it is easy to make a transaction for the purchase and sale of which no product or service is offered.

What will the future hold for Cryptocurrencies?

Despite the rapid spread of technology and communications in the last half century, the transfer of currency for the purchase and sale of goods has been the most important and lasting change in the international monetary system. In 2008, the puzzle Satoshi Nakamoto, the  White Paper  (detailed reports and validated)  Bitcoin released and the idea of using encryption and decentralized Cryptocurrency as an alternative to physical money that is accepted by the government, raised.

The number of people who accept cryptocurrencies is steadily increasing, but the majority of people still find the concept new and unreliable; As a result, they proceed in the same old way.

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In order for cryptocurrencies to be used more, they must first gain widespread acceptance among consumers. However, their relative complexity compared to ordinary (physical) currencies probably   discourages most people, which is a little different for people with a good connection to technology.

Cryptocurrency must meet important criteria to become part of the core financial system; For example, it needs to be mathematically complex  (to prevent fraud and hacker attacks)  but at the same time easy for users to understand, decentralized but protect users’ property, giving the user the privilege of anonymity without the opportunity to evade taxes. And ultimately not be a suitable platform for money laundering and other activities that violate social norms. Having these criteria is of particular importance.

Some of the limitations that cryptocurrencies currently face; Such as the fact that a person’s electronic assets may not be completely destroyed by a computer malfunction, or that a person’s virtual account may be attacked by a hacker, may be alleviated over time by technical advances.

Predicting exactly what will happen to Cryptocurrencies in the future is a bit difficult and somewhat impossible.

Many of the things that are happening in the world today are unpredictable, but they have a huge impact on the economy, politics and conditions of the people in different parts of the world.

To answer the questions about the future of Crypto currencies, we go to the analysis and predictions of people who have enough knowledge and experience in this field.

Is a new and more courageous world on the way?

In theory, cryptocurrencies, with the support of the blockchain platform, can take control of money out of institutions and make it available to the public by eliminating the influence of governments and central banks.

Despite the inherent potential of cryptocurrencies, they have led to unexpected and unpleasant events in their first decade.

For example, some businessmen who ignore ethics, insecure investors, and others who took advantage of opportunities in a negative way have actually changed the public perception of this fledgling asset.

The cryptocurrency bubble of 2017 certainly did not help, as traders and initial coin offerings  (ICOs)  took the opportunity to make a quick profit, often to the detriment of naive investors.

Fortunately, since then there has been a greater focus on cryptocurrencies as a speculative asset, including efforts to address many of the problems facing consumers and global businesses, from faster and cheaper cross-border remittances to off-bank banking. Has been a bank.

However, most ordinary people still face significant barriers to using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives, and if Cryptocurrency is to reach the mainstream and be replaced as the dominant monetary system, these barriers must be overcome. Take action and find a suitable solution to the problems that arise in each part.

Why are countries now launching central bank Cryptocurrencies more than ever?

2020 will definitely be a strange year, a year that has overshadowed the  lives of many people around the world, including the economy , with the COVID-19 virus, and  marked a difficult day for many.

For the Iranian people, the harsh US sanctions, skyrocketing prices and declining purchasing power are some of the difficulties they will face this year.

However, 2020 is likely to mark the beginning of a new financial period in history: a period whose core nature is Crypto. In particular, it may be referred to as the year in which the central bank or CBDC Cryptocurrencies   enter the international fiscal policy dialogue seriously.

Other countries or other international bodies almost seem to report  on the study, pilot program, exploration, or reporting of how the CBDC works  in their jurisdiction.

In addition to China, which announced the launch of its national Cryptocurrency several years ago, several other countries have announced plans to launch Cryptocurrencies. The Bahamas has recently become one of the first countries in the world to formally   launch the CBDC ,  dubbed the Sand Dollar  .

This week, the governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon said that the country is preparing for the launch of Cryptocurrency in 2021.

What positive changes will the central bank’s Cryptocurrencies bring in the future?

Central bank currency development contributes to innovation that allows global transactions to move faster: banks, brokers, asset managers and Fortune  500 companies   must compete in the global market.

Market participants will no longer tolerate hourly delays in settling trades, let alone days of delays. In the digital world, where business decisions are made in a second or less, the availability of funds is expected to follow.

Bank currencies can address some of the current shortcomings of traditional money, including improved accessibility, speed, cost, transparency, and security. Bank currencies can also help digital economies prepare for their payment needs as cash usage gradually declines.

Do you have a decision to work with Cryptocurrencies if they become more popular?

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