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Bitsgap training The fastest way to earn money

Bitsgap training The fastest way to earn money

The use of robots in the digital currency market is gradually becoming one of the suitable tools for trading. Because robots trade using the analysis they do on digital currencies. The error percentage of robots is much lower than investors, because they monitor the market moment by moment. Therefore, many successful investors use robots to buy and sell. Therefore, in order to get quick income in the digital currency market, put the use of robots on your agenda. Therefore, in this article, we are trying to introduce you to one of the existing robots. bitsgap is one of these robots available in the digital currency market, which we will continue to  teach about bitsgap  .

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Bitsgap trading robot

Bitsgap trading robot is another existing robot like 3Commas. Using this robot, people can do their trades automatically and without intervention. It is enough to give this robot your profit and loss limit in trades and it will do the rest. As you know, trading manually is a difficult and difficult task and it is very difficult without taking a digital currency training course. Know that to use this robot, you must have information about digital currencies. Because without having information, it is a bit difficult to profit from this market and most of its parts are dumb and vague for you.

Bitsgap trading robot separates you from other investors and makes you outperform them. Because there is no need to do an in-depth review of the digital currency that you intend to buy and sell. By using this robot, investors no longer need to fluctuate and check the digital currency trading view site. Therefore, in the rest of the article, we are going to teach Bitsgap and introduce you to this extraordinary robot.

Bitsgap robot training

To start working on the Bitsgap robot, you must create an account on the Bitsgap website. Creating a user account in the Bitsgap robot is similar to other digital currency exchange platforms. You can register in this robot using your email and start buying and selling digital currencies. Enter the Bitsgap website as in the image below and click on the word Sign up so that an image similar to the image below appears for you. Then click on the Google option and select your email to log in to the Bitsgap website through your email account. Therefore, registering in the Bitsgap robot is part of the preliminary steps of learning how to work with Bitsgap.

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The second part of bitsgap training

After logging in to the user account, you will see an image like the one below, which will be different depending on the selection of each of your menus in this exchange. At this point, we click on DCA BOT, which is used to move up and down the price of digital currencies.

Then click on the Add API key option and enter the Secret Key and API Key on the new page and select the exchange where you have an account in the first box.

How to get API Key in Bitsgap bot

Log in to the exchange where you have an account and click on Futures from your assets section. Note that your exchange must have the futures trading section and it must be active for you. Then log in to your account and click on the API Management option and then click on the Create API option. After completing these two sections, both the codes you need will appear for you in this section, which you can enter in the Bitsgap robot. If you don’t have assets in a foreign exchange, you can charge them using Iranian exchanges. By reading the article on how to buy from Aban Tether, you can buy digital currency in this Iranian exchange, and by reading the article on how to transfer currency from Nobitex to Binance, you can transfer your digital currency from Iranian exchanges to foreign exchanges.

The third part of bitsgap training

After entering the required information, this robot will connect to your exchange. Your assets are now displayed in this robot and you can trade with them. Be careful, you cannot enter or withdraw any digital currency or money to the exchange until the time of your trade is over. Be sure to transfer your assets to the wallet, because despite the high security of this robot, it is possible to hack it. If you don’t have a digital wallet, get one quickly by reading the article on how to make a digital wallet.

The fourth part of bitsgap training

The selection of bots in this section of the Bitsgap tutorial will help you increase your assets using each one. There are 4 DCA, Grid, Combo and Scalper robots in Bitsgap, each of which has a specific use.

  • DCA: Through this robot, you can specify your loss limit and profit limit in Ma’ala, and your transaction will continue until you reach that percentage.
  • Grid: This section has 3 separate sections that, if you choose Flat, trade in the normal up and down market mode. If you choose Buy the dip mode, it will buy Bitcoin when it is at its lowest value.
  • Combo: It is a combination of the two previous modes that are used for your trade.
  • Scalper: This item is applicable only to those who have an account in Kocoin exchange.

Arbitrage training in bitsgap

The arbitrage training in Bitsgap is that you buy digital currency in another exchange and sell it in another exchange. For example, you buy Bitcoin digital currency from Kocoin exchange for $20,000. After buying this digital currency, you sell it on the Binance exchange, which has a higher price. Such orders have the same currency pairs, but are made in two different exchanges.


Robots will take the place of professional traders for some time. Because you only buy and sell digital currencies by activating the sections in that robot and spend less time on the digital currency market. Because the volatility of digital currencies is very tedious, time-consuming and sometimes wrong, now think of a robot to do it for you. The percentage of error is reduced, you can spend more time on other tasks, and you no longer need to monitor the market 24 hours a day. Therefore, in this article, we tried to introduce one of the best robots, Bitsgap, and teach Bitsgap.

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