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Blue Wallet

Blue Wallet

You may have heard the name Blue Wallet, this software wallet is used to store Bitcoin and has the ability to support the Lightning Network. Full services of Blue, with many features, implement the latest features of Bitcoin so that even beginner users can operate with the help of its simple interface. Join me in the rest of this article to introduce this wallet. For more information, you can read the article on the best bitcoin wallets.

Getting to know Blue Wallet

First of all, we must say that this wallet was developed only for Bitcoin digital currency, so that it can offer users everything that is available in this network. The important thing about this bag is that it is open source or open source so that developers can create a more evolved version by viewing the codes. In this wallet, important information such as private keys is available only to the user. This wallet is designed in such a way that novices can use it as well as professionals using its appropriate user interface. In the following, we will learn more about the prominent features of this bag:

User Interface

Blue Wallet has a beautiful and simple user interface that offers two pages related to wallets and settings in the application with a blue style and minimalistic design. On the wallets page, we are faced with the balance, completed or unconfirmed transactions, and the peer-to-peer Bitcoin and trade market, and on the settings page, there are issues such as language selection and security. If you have enough expertise about the Bitcoin network and Lightning, you can use the advanced mode functionality in the wallet.

This bag has unique features. It is true that you can record your transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain like other wallets, but you can also use Bitcoin Lightning to benefit from instant transactions with low fees. In order to be able to use Bitcoin Lightning, you must have a normal Bitcoin Segwit wallet and transfer some Bitcoin to the application. In the next step, you need to create a lightning wallet in the blue wallet and transfer the bitcoins from the normal wallet to the lightning. It is interesting that in this wallet there is an online store called Market Place that supports payment by Lightning.

Lapps Marketplace (Lapps Marketplace) provides users with a list of Lightning services and programs to encourage users to use this network. Of course, some professional users prefer to connect to their own LNDHub to eliminate any risk. Blue bag has the ability to insert the lowest transaction fee. So users have the right to determine their transaction costs and have the chance to remove the miner or even consider the speed but pay more. Another feature of this wallet is the possibility of batch transactions, which means sending to several destination addresses in one transaction.


This wallet has good security options. For example, you will never worry about the private keys generated by public addresses in the wallet because they only exist on your device in encrypted form and you only have access to them when you sign a transaction.

Another feature of this wallet is the ability to use recovery words (mnemonic) so that you can recover your assets if you forget your PIN code or lose your mobile phone. In addition, you are able to unlock, switch, sign transactions and other operations through biometrics.

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This wallet also supports external password or password generation. Unfortunately, two-factor authentication is not supported in this bag. One of the interesting security points of this wallet is the permission to enter different passwords to enter the fake account. If you have wallet encryption enabled, you can have a fake and decoy account to use in an emergency.

Blue Wallet has also taken useful measures to protect the privacy of users. If a transaction is signed online, it can mask your IP address. On the other hand, you can connect to the Bitcoin node with a private and secure connection and enjoy the benefits of privacy.

One of Blue’s features is the possibility of making transactions on secure platforms such as VPN or SSL. Although this wallet does not support Tor, the structure of multiple UTXO separating wallets helps to protect privacy. In addition, more advanced features such as control are being worked on day by day!

last word

In this article, we got acquainted with BlueWallet. Instead of supporting a single currency, this wallet provides the most complete features on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has a convenient user interface that allows users to use security features and protect privacy. For the future of this wallet, better developments are going to happen. We hope this article has given you a good idea about this wallet.

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