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Buying SOLANA digital currency in Kocoin with training

Buying SOLANA digital currency in Kocoin with training

In order to better understand how to buy SOLANA digital currency in Kocoin, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the concept of Solana digital currency and Kocoin exchange. There are currently more than 8,000 digital currencies active in the investment market, most of which claim to have introduced a new and cost-effective method to the world of digital currencies. Many of these projects failed at first and were removed altogether, but the Solana digital currency, identified by the symbol SOL, is one of the few projects that has been able to prove itself useful and practical with the support of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Solana is a blockchain-based digital currency that has high security and transaction speed. This digital currency works on the basis of proof of time or PoH for short.

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Based on this algorithm, Solana digital currency can easily transform the passage of time in a ledger into a piece of code and increase the speed of the blockchain with this feature. The main goal of this project is to increase the speed of transactions and currently it has reached the processing of more than 59 thousand transactions per second. Solana’s transaction fee is close to zero and its transaction confirmation speed is about 400 ms.

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History of Solana

The history of Solana is derived from a sunny beach in California, USA. Solana Beach is close to San Diego, where Solana’s creator and CEO, Anatoly Yakovenko, lives. He has spent most of his life working at Qualcomm in the field of telecommunications and smartphone technology development. Yakovenko was not interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but after mining a small amount of Bitcoin and learning its methods, he realized in 2017 that Bitcoin’s hashing function (SHA256) could be useful for building a decentralized clock on the blockchain platform. After theorizing about this issue, he started to launch Solana and in 2017 he published the Solana white paper.

Objectives and benefits of Digita Solana currency

Fixed scalability issue

Undoubtedly, the most important feature of the Solana project is improving blockchain scalability; In 2017, Yakovenko was able to solve the scalability problem by using the proof-of-time algorithm. He made the protocol more scalable, which increased usability.

Transaction processing speed

Currently, Solana is considered the fastest cryptocurrency due to its very high transaction processing speed. The Solana project significantly reduces the validation time for trading and execution of smart contracts, and this feature has increased the popularity of Solana among many users around the world.

Very low fees

This project is designed in such a way that its transaction fee is close to zero. One of Solana’s promises is that customers will not be surprised by price and tax increases. Therefore, taking into account the two mentioned features, Solana’s transaction fees are very low.

Buying SOLANA digital currency in Kocoin is one of the important and necessary issues. As it was said, Solana is one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies in the digital currency market, and Kocoin is the second best exchange in the world. In the following, we intend to introduce you to the Kocoin exchange and the training to buy SOLANA digital currency in Kocoin.

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What is Kocoin exchange?

Kocoin is a safe and reliable space for trading, buying and selling and investing in digital currencies. Like Solana, Kocoin exchange was designed in 2017, which is currently the second best exchange in the world after Binance. But as stated in the training article of Binance exchange, this exchange does not provide services to users of the embargoed areas, and this caused many users to switch to other exchanges such as Kocoin. Of course, the Kokoin development team also announced in an official news that it does not provide services to users under embargoed areas, but this plan has not been definitely supported yet.

Kocoin exchange has become one of the most powerful exchanges for user transactions by benefiting from an easy and understandable user interface as well as increasing its security level.

Advantages of Kocoin exchange

The native currency of Kocoin

Kucoin exchange has an exclusive cryptocurrency called Kucoin Share, which is known as KSC in abbreviated form. This digital currency has not had a significant downward trend and the users who invested in this cryptocurrency were able to achieve a significant profit. If you are interested in trading on the Kocoin exchange, you should know that if you invest in this cryptocurrency, the Kocoin exchange will give you significant discounts on transaction fees. The total market value of this cryptocurrency is approximately 8 billion dollars.

Active community

Currently, Kocoin exchange has more than 6 million active users from 200 different countries, which is a very high and significant number of users for an exchange.


The Kocoin exchange support team answers users’ questions and problems on all days of the week. As a Kokoin user, any time you encounter a technical or software problem, you can solve your problem as soon as possible by communicating with the Kokoin support unit.

Understandable user interface

As mentioned, Kocoin exchange has a simple and understandable user interface. Different sections of this exchange are designed in such a way that you, as a beginner and newcomer, can benefit from the facilities of Kocoin exchange.

high security

Undoubtedly, the high security of Kocoin is one of the most important advantages of this exchange. Kokoin developers are working around the clock to prevent all kinds of cyber attacks and app bugs.

Unsecured trades

One of the important and unique features of Kokoin is having a non-trust option. This feature is an optional option and if you activate and unsecure your transactions, Kocoin will no longer have any control over your personal wallet and you can trade as much as you want if needed.

Advanced charts

Showing advanced graphs and charts by Kocoin exchange has made it easy for users. By using Kocoin, you no longer need to look for valid charts and know the market conditions.

Learning how to buy SOLANA digital currency in Kocoin

To buy SOLANA digital currency in Kocoin, you must first create an account in this exchange. Stay with us to learn how to create an account. If you don’t have an account, first go to the official Kokoin website and click on the sign up option in the upper right corner of the page. On the new page, choose an active email and a password, you can enter your mobile number to create an account, but this method is not recommended at all due to the laws of Kokoin in relation to sanctioned countries.

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