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Comparison of low-risk investment methods

Comparison of low-risk investment methods

In the last episode of the first chapter of Rahman’s videocast, we have compared safe investment methods. In this chapter, we tried to mention very basic concepts of investment. Besides that, we also introduced and taught three of the least risky investment methods.

In the second part, we provided explanations about fixed income funds. In the fourth part, we went to the bank deposit and in the sixth part, we talked about investing in bonds.

But to conclude this chapter, in the final part, we will compare these methods as well as investing in fixed assets.

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Investing in fixed income funds

Fixed income investment funds are one of the least risky methods of investing in the stock market, which generate a little more than bank interest for investors. These funds invest your capital in bank deposits, bonds, and other risk-free marketable securities. These funds are suitable for people who want to receive a reliable and favorable profit, but with minimal risk.


Investment in bonds

Bonds are a type of investment in which the investor lends money to a legal entity or an institution, and the receiving company undertakes to repay the money or credit in question at a specified time and by paying a fixed periodic interest. Bonds are documents based on which the issuer undertakes to pay annual interest to its holder at certain time intervals and repay the principal at maturity.


Investment in bank deposits

Deposit is one of the simplest and safest investment methods in our country. Article three of the second chapter of the law on interest-free banking operations states that banks can open deposits under the following headings:


A) Qarzul-Hasna deposits including: current deposit and savings deposit

b) Term investment deposits


Fixed asset

Fixed assets are properties, equipment, devices and any tangible assets. Fixed assets are assets that cannot be consumed within a year. In business, these assets are also called capital assets.


To better understand the explanation given in the video, we may need to explain the term “liquidity”.



Liquidity refers to how quickly an asset or stock can be sold at the actual market price. In other words, if an asset can be quickly and easily converted into cash, it is more liquid.


With these explanations, you can watch the last part of the guide video that compares these methods. The second chapter of the guide will be published soon, and in it we will talk about other topics of personal investment.

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