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Digital currency fluctuation training along with fluctuation techniques

Digital currency fluctuation training along with fluctuation techniques

Digital currency market is one of the most volatile among financial markets. In the last few months, we saw Bitcoin fall to the $25,000 mark, and the value of this digital currency was almost halved in a period of time, causing investors to be hit. Digital currency volatility training will help you identify the fluctuations of the digital currency market and choose the best time to buy and sell digital currencies. Traders who choose short-term investments are more likely to follow the volatility of the digital currency market, because they buy and sell in the moment. In the rest of the article,  we will teach digital currency fluctuations  and explain the fluctuation methods so that you can easily buy and sell digital currencies.

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Learning to fluctuate digital currency

Fluctuation is one of the important points during short-term investment, which is part of the preliminary training of digital currency. Volatility in short-term trading is very valuable, because the investor can protect his assets from possible losses. Here are the methods of fluctuating digital currencies for you. By learning trading strategy along with digital currency technical analysis, you can easily predict the future and trends of some digital currencies.

Detection of fixed ranges of oscillation

When you look at a cryptocurrency chart, you’ve probably come across sections where the price of the cryptocurrency you’re interested in is repeated in places. For example, your chosen digital currency has reached the price of 100 dollars in the previous two months, and it has reached this figure again in the previous month, and it has reached the same price again in the previous few hours. In general, the price of the cryptocurrency you want is stuck in a price range and does not go higher or lower than that, this range is called a fixed range of volatility. Traders should buy cryptocurrency near the support level when they encounter this situation. When the digital currency reaches the resistance level, they should sell the desired digital currency, it is better to place 1 or 2 percent below the resistance lines when selling.

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Proper stop loss and determining the length of the candlestick shadow when near resistances and supports are tips that traders should follow. Checking this will indicate a successful or unsuccessful failure and will help you in swinging. Key point:  Sometimes resistance levels are not created as a line and cover a range. Risk-taking traders can place a part of their sell order in the shadow of the candles and place the other part a little lower than the resistance limit in order to make more profit. You can see the charts of digital currencies on the Binance exchange and buy and sell digital currencies from there. To get to know the Binance exchange and how to work with it, read the full training article on the Binance exchange.

Use a moving average

The moving average index is another part of learning volatility in digital currency, which is very useful. This index stops the fall in upward trends and resists price growth in downward trends. Moving average helps traders a lot in teaching digital currency trading as well as identifying time frames for buying and selling digital currencies. The way to use this trading strategy is that when the price approaches the moving average lines and intends to cross it, it is the best time to buy. The best time to sell is when the moving average takes a downward turn.


I think that everyone who works in the digital currency market is familiar with the phrase history repeats itself. This shows that the financial markets may repeat the trend of a few years ago. Therefore, if we intend to invest in digital currency, it is better to see its price history. Viewing history is of great help to traders in investing, swinging and analyzing the digital currency market. For example, Bitcoin had a big price drop 4 years ago and is going through the same process now. Therefore, repetition can be one of the most important parts of digital currency volatility training. Paying attention to this topic will help you a lot in trading, because few people go for it.

Use of technical analysis

There are many connoisseurs who have set their pattern to technical analysis in order to carry out volatility, and also in some cases they use fundamental analysis to know in what time frame to sell their stocks so as not to lose. Also, about 70% of the strategies that are used for fluctuation are dependent on the same technical analysis, which in fact, we will find the general trend of the currency price or the areas of support and resistance by using this strategy. Technical analysis tells traders when to enter the market and when to exit the market and make good profits using volatility.

Using fundamental analysis

In fundamental analysis, there is no need to pay close attention to the details, and the potential for growth for digital currency, as well as the absence of fraud and fraud, is sufficient.

Paying attention to this issue will turn you into a professional trader and digital currency fluctuations will become easier for you than before. Repetition of a trend indicates market volatility, whether the volatility is large or small.

Use of indicators

The topic of indicators is very important and learning them is one of the most important parts of learning digital currency fluctuations. In addition to helping you fluctuate, indicators are also very useful in technical analysis of digital currencies. Some indicators such as Bollinger Bands specify a price range. This indicator draws a support and resistance range and level for traders based on moving indicator formulas. Indicators have a high error and cannot be used alone and should be used along with other digital currency technical analysis tools and methods. The easiest way to use this indicator is when the price has reached the bottom of the range and its ceiling. When the bottom of the range is reached, it is the best time to buy and when the price reaches the ceiling, it is the best time to sell.

Oscillation with Stochastic indicator

In this part of the digital currency fluctuation training article, we are going to introduce you to one of the most widely used indicators. Stochastic is another indicator that investors can use to fluctuate the digital currency market. Using this indicator, traders can easily and quickly check and identify price changes. You cannot get a high profit from this indicator, so don’t expect a profit above 30-40%. The maximum profit you can earn using this indicator is between 10 and 20 percent.

MACD indicator

Makdi is another useful indicator for fluctuation that we have brought to you in this section of the digital currency fluctuation training article. Makadi indicator consists of 3 sections: Makadi line, signal line and histogram. To determine whether the trend is ascending or descending, you should pay attention to the histogram bar. In this case, when the histogram bars are on the upper side, it indicates the upward trend. When the histogram bars are down, the price chart trend is down. Using this indicator, you can easily determine whether the market is bullish or bearish.

Using Stop Loss

Chances are high that your analysis won’t be right, so you should always be prepared to face the worst. Using a stop loss helps you to control your trades or to proceed in a controlled manner. This feature is a bit time-consuming for professional traders. On the other hand, it is possible that just when the market is in their favor, the prices will close with a small loss due to the entry of whales. The use of the loss limit is also important like other fluctuation methods which are collected in the digital currency fluctuation training article. The indicators that we have introduced to you up to Ibn Bakhsh will help you a lot in setting up a trading strategy.

Bitcoin trend review

In this part of the digital currency fluctuation training article, we are going to discuss one of the easiest ways to fluctuate. As the first digital currency and the most expensive cryptocurrency in the digital currency market, Bitcoin has the greatest impact on the digital currency market. Always measure and check the fluctuations of this digital currency to be successful in your transactions. Don’t neglect to learn Bitcoin fluctuations and check this digital currency from time to time and do technical analysis of this digital currency. Not long ago, when Bitcoin fell to the $20,000 valley, the price of all digital currencies suddenly fell and traders suffered huge losses.

Do not use too many indicators

Up to this part of the digital currency volatility training article, you have understood what methods can be used to fluctuate. This item placed here for you will help you a lot in swinging. Cluttering your charts with various indicators will not only not make you profitable, but will also cause you more confusion. Professional traders usually use fixed indicators to analyze cryptocurrency charts. Indicators are mostly used to be more sure of taking or not taking a trade, but they cannot be relied on alone.

For example, one of the famous indicators is RSI, if this indicator shows the Bitcoin index above 70, it cannot be a logical reason to sell Bitcoin. In general, try to use one or two indicators in your charts and always use them in your trades.

Use of pullbacks

Poolbacks are one of the best and safest ways to enter into transactions, which we will explain in this section of the digital currency volatility training article. Pullbacks show traders the last price contact with the downtrend line and show investors the right time to enter the trade. With the closing of the candles on the pullbacks and the high volume of transactions, the breaking of the resistance lines and the downward trend line is confirmed. Sometimes the price returns to its trend line and gives traders a new opportunity to invest. Mohammad Famurian’s digital currency training course has golden tips that will help you achieve profit in the shortest possible time.

Using the RSI indicator

The RSI signal machine or RSI indicator is used for various techniques, but the timing of using this indicator is very important. The times when you can use this indicator are given in the following section of the digital currency volatility training article.

  •  The direction of the price trend of the desired digital currency is the same as the direction of the signal
  • When digital currency is oversold, this happens when the RSI line drops below 30%.
  • The best time to buy is when the trend line crosses the RSI line from the bottom and at the 30% level.
  • When the RSI line reaches above 70%, it is time to sell.
  • If the trend line crosses the RSI line above and at the 70% level.

Using the news

News is another option that can be used to fluctuate. Of course, this topic is not recommended for beginners, because it requires high experience and expertise. The news and laws enacted in the world and in powerful countries such as America, Russia and China cause the market prices to change. For example, the main reason for the current state of the digital currency market and the $20,000 price of Bitcoin is the legal situation, especially in America.

Advantages of volatility in digital currency

  • By fluctuating digital currency, you will have the ability to invest on it.
  • This method gives you enough time to invest safely.
  • Trades that have already gone ahead with the swing program will earn high profits.
  • By using this method, you don’t need to visit the Toha market all the time.

Is digital currency fluctuation training enough?

Until this part of the article, you understood how the digital currency market can be fluctuated. But the question that may come to you after reading this article is whether teaching cryptocurrency volatility is enough by itself. Is it possible to take over the digital currency market in this way? In answer to these questions, it should be said: No, because the fluctuation of digital currency is only part of this market. In addition to volatility, you should have general information about digital currencies, because it is a vast and complex market. However, there is no guarantee that reading articles related to digital currencies will lead to high profits.

Until you start trading and get closely involved with the market, you will not be able to profit easily from the digital currency market. Of course, some masters of digital currencies such as Mohammad Famurian give tips in their courses that by doing them, you will be one step closer to becoming rich. You can purchase Mohammad Famurian’s digital currency training course through the link above and add dollar income to your Rial income.


Cryptocurrency volatility education is as important as technical analysis. If you are a trader who is interested in or engaged in short-term investment in the digital currency market, do not miss learning about digital currency fluctuations. Fluctuation of digital currencies is not only for short-term investors and long-term investors can also benefit from it in their transactions. In this article, we tried to introduce you to various fluctuation methods and teach digital currency fluctuations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bitcoin fluctuation training?

Bitcoin volatility training is no different from other digital currencies. To fluctuate this digital currency, which has a significant effect on the entire digital currency market, perform the fluctuation methods mentioned in this article.

What is the best indicator for digital currency volatility?

Each person chooses an indicator according to their interests and how they work in the digital currency market. Professional traders usually use Ichimoku and MACD indicators along with RSI.

What is the best cryptocurrency for volatility?

Bitcoin digital currency can be chosen as the best digital currency to fluctuate since it has a great influence on the digital currency market. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that you should not ignore and even if you do not buy and sell this digital currency, do not ignore its trend.

Do we have digital currency fluctuation software?

Yes, if you search for digital currency fluctuation software in Cafe Bazaar and Google Play, you will definitely find a software. But it is better to fluctuate digital currencies based on your reviews and analysis.

What is a digital currency swing robot?

A cryptocurrency swing bot is sometimes found on the internet as a software or a website that can be used to swing.

When is the best time to fluctuate digital currency?

The best time to fluctuate digital currency cannot be expressed in this way. But by viewing Mohammad Famurian’s page and checking this page daily, you can get to know the best digital currencies to buy and the strategies you should implement.

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