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Digital currency price prediction for 2025

Digital currency price prediction for 2025

In 2021, BTC price more than doubled, but then tripled. Some coins record all-time highs and show growth of more than 10x and beyond. The most ambitious investors can make thousands of US dollars on this swing, opening long positions and reversing them after the price crosses the high.

Practice shows that markets develop in cycles. So, if you missed the swing periods of the previous years, don’t give up just yet, because you will have many opportunities to make money in the future. On this page, you will find digital currency price predictions for various coins as well as analysts’ personal opinions about the coin’s outlook.

Digital currency price prediction for 2025

The long-term digital currency price predictions for the next 3 years are based on the analysis of the trends of the past years. According to the Elliott wave theory, markets develop cyclically, which is why the moment of the next wave can be predicted based on the length and amplitude of the previous waves. The development prospects of certain sectors of digital currency startups are also considered:

Moving national economies to their own CBDC, developing platforms to provide blockchain-based banking services, etc


Bitcoin is the most expensive and popular digital currency that is popular as an effective means of payment and a great investment option for your savings. A key feature of Bitcoin is the limited number of releases at the software level.

Bitcoin price is formed under the influence of supply and demand market factors. According to most experts’ assessments, the demand for Bitcoin will remain high for 3 to 8 years.

Bitcoin (BTC) can reach $78,355.2 by 2025, according to the long-term forecast of the Traders Association  .

Binance Coin

Binance Coin (BNB) is a digital currency of the Binance Smart Chain, a new generation blockchain developed by exchange experts. Even the Binance authentication challenge has not diminished its popularity.

In many ways, BSC is superior to Ethereum, which is why it is rapidly increasing in popularity. The price of BNB largely depends on the success of the exchange and the popularity of cryptocurrency trading, which is why it is relatively volatile.

In particular, 2021 was a very successful year for BNB, with its price rising from $40 at the beginning of the year to a high of $690. But after that, the price dropped. For this reason, many investors are interested in whether this success can be repeated or not.

Many analysts estimated the long-term outlook of Binance Coin According to the long-term price forecast of the Traders Association, Binance Coin (BNB) could reach $999.57 by 2025.

Kevin Shiba

Shiba Ino Coin (SHIB) is one of the most successful meme coins in market history, ranking along with Dogecoin in various popularity ratings among retail investors. 2021 was a very successful year for the coin, as the price of SHIB/USD It increased more than 150 times from the lowest level of the year to the highest level of the year. Many private investors managed to earn hundreds (even thousands) of percent interest on the coin, which begs the question of whether SHIB can repeat its strong growth in the years to come.

The long-term Shiba Inu coin price forecast of the portal may bring optimism to coin holders. According to the long-term price forecast of the Traders Union, Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) can reach $0.00004082 by 2025.


Dogecoin is a popular cryptocurrency, the first meme coin, which has become very popular over time thanks to its active community and the support of influential thought leaders, such as the innovative entrepreneur Elon Musk. After all, the billionaire even believes that DOGE is technically a more promising digital currency than Bitcoin.

In 2021, DOGE set new records and made the year very successful. From the beginning of the year to the highs, the price increased 15 times – from $0.0047 to $0.74.

Dogecoin (DOGE) can reach $0.2704 by 2025, according to Traders Association’s long-term forecast.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC) is one of the first successful altcoins. Developers considered the disadvantages of Bitcoin and made this digital currency faster and its mining less energy consuming.

2021 was a successful year for Litecoin – in one year, the price of the digital currency increased from $124 to $149, reaching $389 during the year. According to the Litecoin (LTC) forecast, it is still bullish. According to the long-term forecast of the Traders Association, Litecoin (LTC) can reach $322.34 by 2025.


EOS (EOS) is a cryptocurrency of the platform of the same name for the development of decentralized applications. This platform was developed as a direct competitor to Ethereum, which solves the problem of scalability. In order to achieve this, the developers combined existing blockchain solutions and created an architecture based on the DPoS algorithm with a declared transaction processing speed of up to 100,000 per second.

In 2021, the price of EOS increased 4 times for several months, but still failed to reach its highest level. Analysts also expect moderate growth of EOS coin price. According to their prediction, the price of EOS can reach $3.93 by the end of 2025.


Compound (COMP) is the native currency of a lending platform that, similar to bank deposits, attracts users’ money and issues loans through liquidity pools. The interest rate is algorithmically calculated approximately every 15 seconds based on supply/demand balance. This platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

In 2021, the price of COMP increased from $145 to over $850, setting a new record. Immediately after the launch of this platform, the price of the token increased thanks to the addition of the token to the list of major exchanges. At that time, the price quadrupled from $64 to $280.

Many analysts are still optimistic about the compound’s long-term prospects and offer positive long-term forecasts. According to the long-term price forecast, Compound (COMP) can reach $168.17 by 2025.


Cardano (Ticker Exchange ADA) is one of the most successful and popular cryptocurrency platforms among investors, positioned as a more advanced and faster analog of Ethereum (ETH).

By market cap, Cardano is consistently ranked in the top 10 by coinmarketcap. Today, Cardano is actively used as a platform for other decentralized applications, smart contracts, NFT tokens, ultra-fast online payments and also as a popular means of investment.

2021 was a very successful year for ADA. From the beginning of the year to the high of the year, the price increased 17 times from $0.181 to $3.101. According to the long-term forecast of the Merchants Association, the price of Cardano (ADA) could reach $1.193 by 2025.

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Uniswap (UNI) is a digital currency that is the sovereign token of a decentralized decentralized exchange (DEX). Unlike a traditional exchange, there is no custom ledger at UNI or a central regulatory authority, and there is no need to register and verify your account. The exchange runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to directly exchange ETH or other ERC20 tokens using a browser wallet.

2021 was a successful year for UNI – the price of the cryptocurrency increased almost tenfold in the first four months and set a new record high of just over $43 at the peak. Uniswap (UNI) could reach $22,387 by 2025, according to the long-term forecast of the Merchants Association.


Solana (SOL) is a cryptocurrency platform for decentralized finance (DeFi). SOL has many advantages over its main competitors like Ethereum. In particular, the transaction processing speed on the platform reaches 50,000 transactions per second and their cost is only $0.00025.

Solana prices rose sharply in 2021-2021 – from $2-3 to $260 at the peak of the bull run, which sparked huge interest from investors and traders. Solana (SOL) price could reach $74.68 by 2025, according to the Traders Association’s long-term forecast.


In theory, the price of USDT should never change. Each existing unit is fully backed by traditional currency held in reserve. The stablecoin has almost consistently managed to rank as the third largest cryptocurrency in the world behind Bitcoin and Ether.

In 2021, we saw the number of people investing in the coin and the total value of the  Tether purchase  market increase. Tether has more than tripled in size since then, from $21 billion on January 1, 2021 to over $71 billion by June 14, 2022.

DigitalCoinPrice’s USDT price forecast shows it should be $1.01 in 2025, while Gov Capital has an average Tether price forecast of $2.558 for August 19, 2025.

Ethereum ETC

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a digital currency used to execute transactions on a platform for developing decentralized applications. It was launched as a hard fork of Ethereum in 2016 due to the lack of agreement of some users to manually interfere in the blockchain.

According to our price forecast, Ethereum Classic (ETC) price is expected to be $37.14 in December 2023. This is an optimistic forecast According to the long-term forecast of the Traders Association, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) could reach $70.03 by 2025.

Which cryptocurrencies are best for long-term investment?

Coins from platforms that meet the following criteria:

have practical use for users. A startup should solve some problems of users and generate profit. This is a guarantee that the platform will reflect the interest of users and that the developers will not shut it down at some point.

Have no scalability plan, have low network fees, be hack resistant, experience no failure. These are mainly platforms based on PoS/DPoS algorithms built on TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum blockchains or their sidechains and parachains.

Come up with unique solutions that can be successful in the future, for example gaming metaverses, IoT, etc. Startups must pass beta testing and be listed on all top 10 exchanges in terms of daily trading volume.

What tools are used to prepare digital currency price forecasts?

Technical and fundamental analysis tools: trend indicators and oscillators, support and resistance levels, patterns as well as news analysis, population psychology, correlation tools, etc.

Is trading based on cryptocurrency price predictions worth it?

You earn from cryptocurrency price changes exclusively by using your knowledge, experience, intuition and skill to analyze the market. Digital currency signals, individual analytical opinions and price predictions are all informative in nature. Digital currency price predictions are ideas based on patterns from previous periods and can be repeated in the future.

At the same time, there is always the possibility of short-term fundamental factors that fundamentally change the market situation. Assess potential risk by guiding forecasts and try to regularly monitor open positions.

How do I invest in digital currencies?

Tips for trading and investing in digital currencies:

Where to invest?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the best platform for short-term speculative trading. Forex signal is best by its brokers for speculative trading in buy and sell positions in major cryptocurrency pairs. A cold wallet installed on your computer is the best option for long-term investment.

Which digital currency to invest in? Diversify risks. Digital currencies that are in the top 50 in terms of capitalization have the least risk, but their growth is slower. Relatively new startups with original ideas are the most risky, but can return over 1,000%, although more than 80% of them are scams.

How to analyze?

Technical analysis in digital currencies works mostly on a psychological level.

final word

Investors should be aware that long-term cryptocurrency price predictions are based on factors that are relevant today. No one can tell the future. They can only assume that the situation will continue to develop on the current trend.

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