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One of the most secure and popular wallets that you can use to store digital currency is the Equal wallet. This type of digital wallet was created with the purpose of collecting investment and tools, and has made mass use much easier. The Equal digital wallet has an integrated Dapp Store to enhance the usefulness of various cryptocurrencies, and in this way you can easily and without problems benefit from popular DEXs and Dapps on the Ethereum blockchain.

This wallet started as a simple project, but now it has become one of the driving forces in the use of the decentralized web, and all investors can benefit from it. So, to learn more about the characteristics of the Equal digital wallet, we recommend that you do not ignore the important things mentioned in the rest of the article.

The most important features and characteristics of the Equal wallet

The Equal wallet is known as the most popular and the most wonderful program for accepting digital currencies, which was initially considered a fierce competitor of Metamask based on the wide network of Ethereum. This wallet is basically browser-based and aims to solve the problem of blockchain interoperability and its agnostic nature.

In this way, it has been able to integrate with Web 3.0 and achieve many successes. Apart from the multi-chain support, the Equal wallet has greatly improved the user experience, allowing even inexperienced crypto users to see amazing results.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this wallet was created to seamlessly integrate with DEXs and various Dapps to interact with the emerging decentralized web and is usually divided into categories such as finance, games, social and markets.
Currently, there is a dedicated Dapp store within the plugin with links to already integrated Dapps, but more quality content is expected to be added in the future.  

If high-quality Dapps are added, people will go to them more than before and in this way the user interface will become more crowded. Of course, the main goal here is a convenient and pleasant user experience because usually no one likes a digital wallet. It is full of extra and unwanted programs.

Equal is actually a wonderful management tool that is not well known, and for this reason, not many users go to it. Of course, its production team is doing basic marketing, and for this reason, it is expected to gain a higher position in the coming years.

Among the popular Dapps available are Nexo, Binance DEX, IDEX BountyOx, Cent, MakerDAO, CryptoKitties and Request. After you have selected IDEX, all you need to do to connect to Equal wallet is to click on the login option of the IDEX software. 

This unique wallet supports a complete list of tokens and automatically updates your tokens, eliminating the need to manually add tokens to the wallet. It is better to know that Equal is equipped with dark and light mode and has a very attractive appearance.

In fact, the attractiveness of the layout and features of the Equal wallet has made many users go towards it and see more growth day by day. Among the other fantastic features of the desired wallet, we can mention having an automatic gas cost calculator for all transactions that are based on Ethereum.
Equal digital wallet generally has a great impact on gas costs, and users who use it can achieve higher success and prevent possible failures and losses.

Advantages of using the Equal wallet

Due to the support of ENS, Metamsk has been able to attract the attention of more people than the Equal wallet. Of course, this wallet has attracted the attention of many people and has great features. Note that ENS originally stands for Ethereum Name Service, which connects Ethereum and other blockchain network addresses with a specific human-readable address name.

Therefore, instead of using complex addresses that contain a string of letters and numbers, users can use an address that is very convenient and user-friendly. However, the Equal team also announced that in the future it is going to support name services that can be read by humans (Unstoppable Domains).

Unstoppable Domains currently supports more than 50 different cryptocurrencies and is set to increase in the future. Working with this popular wallet is not difficult at all and anyone can easily take advantage of its wonderful features.

The amazing Equal wallet has a built-in Dapp Store, so you no longer need to manually update the supported tokens. Other advantages of this wallet include the multi-chain support of Binance China and Ethereum with Bitcoin or others. 

Through the Equal wallet, you can take various actions to multiply your capital and prevent large losses. Of course, please note that before buying or selling, you should carefully check the price of the digital currency you want and then act at the best time.

Super security, excellent roadmap, having gas regulator automatically, attractive user interface, easy to use, possibility of installation on Android as well as ios, support of various digital currencies and display of all balances in local currency are among other advantages. Equal’s digital wallets are ones that can’t be ignored.

As you know, every digital wallet has some disadvantages in addition to advantages. Therefore, it is necessary to know that the Equal wallet also has a series of problems and limitations, but compared to its advantages, they are very few and insignificant.

The most common problems and limitations of the Equal wallet

Up to this part of the article, we introduced you to the Equal wallet, its features and benefits. Therefore, it is appropriate to point out some of its limitations and problems so that you don’t run into problems when choosing a suitable wallet and make a decision more easily.

The Equal wallet does not have any special disadvantages, but according to some users, this wallet was a bit weaker than its main competitors such as Metamask and did not support all popular currencies. Sometimes, users in Equal faced the problem of not performing hosted transactions and could not perform the necessary actions well.

Even though the Equal wallet has relatively simple problems, it is still welcomed by many users and offers good services. Its team is constantly trying to significantly improve the level of existing services and help users maintain their assets in a better environment.

Introducing Tether and buying it 

Tether is a well-known and popular digital currency that was introduced to the market in 2015 and has attracted the attention of countless investors in a short period of time. In terms of market value, Tether has been able to take the position of the third largest digital currency in the world and grow privately.

This digital currency is based on an open source cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer blockchain, and unlike other digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, it is a stable currency. This has made investors think more about buying Tether.
This popular currency has gained a reputation as one of the few cryptocurrencies whose value is dependent on fiat currency, so it often involves very little volatility. On the other hand, it is better to know that Tether is a stable coin whose price depends on the price of the US dollar.

Like other stablecoins, Tether is not subject to market insecurities and instabilities at different times, and you can safely trade it in decentralized blockchain networks.

You can easily buy Tether  through many reputable exchanges and get a high profit this way. Since the crypto market is an unstable market, most people have concerns about their capital. Of course, being dependent on the dollar, Tether can show great resistance to fluctuations and not face a sharp price drop. 

By buying Tether currency, you can save yourself from the heavy costs of exchanges and transactions and don’t pay any more heavy fees. But do not forget that there is always a possibility of failure in any field and you should not take too much risk and consider all your capital to buy Tether. 

Analysts who use cryptocurrency signals to predict the state of the cryptocurrency market or a single cryptocurrency can often see higher profits. Of course, provided that they use a valid and error-free digital currency signal.

Necessary steps for Binance authentication 

Since you can see more benefits in the Binance exchange with Binance authentication, in the rest of the article, we are going to introduce you to the step-by-step steps of this work. So if you don’t want your account to get into trouble, don’t ignore the things mentioned in this section.

  • In the first step, to perform authentication, you must enter the first page of the application and then click on the dummy icon at the top of the page. In this situation, if you have not logged into your account before, you can log into your account very easily. 
  • After logging in to the user account, you need to click again on the same dummy icon on the first page and then select the Verified option from the list that appears. If the Binance verification has already been done, the word Verified will be seen in the upper right part of the page.
  • After the benefits of having a verified account will be displayed, you should check it and then tap on the Verify now option so that a new page will be displayed for you.
  • In the new page that opens, you need to enter the required information accurately. In the Nationality field, you must enter the name of the country you live in. This country should not be among the sanctioned countries so that you don’t get into trouble later. In the next fields, you need to enter your date of birth, name and surname.
  • After you have entered the requested information accurately and completely in these fields, click on Continue to be directed to the next page. On the next page, you will be asked for the address of the place of residence, the name of the city, and the postal code, after entering them again, select the Continue option.
  • By being directed to the next step, you will see the message Basic Verified at the bottom of the page. If the information you entered is not correct, you can go back to the previous pages and edit them, otherwise go to the next section by selecting Upgrade.
  • In the next step, the name of the country you have chosen will be displayed in the first form. After that, 3 options that you can use as an identity card will be given. These options include certificate, ID card and passport. Be careful, depending on the country you have chosen as your country, the options are different.
  • After selecting the identification document, just click on the Continue option to go to the next section for  Binance authentication  .
  • According to your chosen certificate, you need to upload the image of the front and back of the certificate in the required places. When doing this, be careful not to confuse the places and upload the image in its proper place.
  • At the bottom of the item page, it is well explained what format each image should have. Be careful that the size of each image should not exceed 5 MB. Also, your chosen photo should not be incomplete or blurry.  
  • There are usually two options for uploading a picture: you can upload the desired picture from the phone’s album or take a picture using the phone’s camera.
  • After uploading the image, the Continue option will be activated for you, and by clicking on it, you will enter the next page.
  • By doing all these steps, you have done almost half of the authentication work. In the next step, you will be asked for a selfie photo, which you should upload according to your personal photo without any special pose. Note that your photo must be clear without filters, glasses and hats.
  • In the next step, you will enter a page that asks you to enter your face image into the upper box. At the same time, an animated image will be shown on the page that tells you what to do. For example, it says to move your head up, down, left or right.  
  • When you go through these steps, the authentication process will be in Pending state. That is, if you enter your user page and click on the dummy icon, the word Pending will be displayed on the upper right side of the screen. By clicking on this word, another page will appear.
  • On this page, a series of contents will be shown under the title of verifying your account, which means that your identity has not been verified yet. In such a situation, you should wait for the authentication response to be sent to you via email. So don’t forget to enter your email correctly.
  • If you have done all the steps correctly, you will receive a confirmation SMS after a short period of time. Otherwise, you need to repeat all the steps from the beginning.  
  • When the authentication is not done completely, the user account has some restrictions and you can only withdraw up to 2 bitcoins, but after the authentication is confirmed, these restrictions are removed and the withdrawal amount of bitcoins reaches 100. It is at this time that the Binance authentication operation is completed and you, along with other people, can profit from the cryptocurrency world.

Important tips to verify your Binance identity 

  • Under no circumstances, do not authenticate with Iranian information such as passport or national card. If the exchange has blocked your account and you want to complete the authentication process with the help of these items, more restrictions will be created.
  • Do not make your authentication details available to anyone because they may also authenticate with your details and you will face problems later.
  • Try to always log in to your account by changing the IP address. Be sure to use vpn during the authentication process. In this case, you don’t need to constantly use a vps virtual server if your IP is fixed. Of course, try not to change your IP address too much because the security system of the exchange may suspect this.
  • If you ever need to change your profile in the exchange, immediately contact its support and request that they cancel your identity. After that, you can authenticate with a new profile. 
  • If you completed the authentication with a country name and that country is now facing some restrictions, it is better to send a request to Binance support to remove it.  
  • As much as possible, do the Binance authentication with your mobile phone because its camera is easily accessible and you can send the requested video and selfie very quickly. To use a laptop, you must use a webcam at this stage, which is not very easy to work with and also does not have high quality.
  • Be careful that countries such as America and Iran are currently banned and if you use their IP, you will receive warnings. Of course, it goes without saying that since your account has been verified, no restrictions will be applied to it.

Choosing a suitable digital wallet is generally very important and all people who work in the world of cryptocurrency should use the necessary caution to avoid losses.

Choosing the best digital wallet 

To choose a suitable digital wallet, you must first measure your needs and know what kind of wallet you need for your cryptocurrencies. After that, by considering a series of important things, choose a suitable option. Be careful that digital wallets are divided into different categories, and each one is different in terms of security, preventing the user’s identity from being revealed, convenience, proper support, user interface, transaction fees, fees, and other services that they provide to users. are.
In general, it is better to know that digital wallets are classified into two categories, cold and hot, and each of them has its own characteristics. Warm wallets usually create an online space and cold wallets create an offline space for storing different currencies.

Users usually use warm wallets for daily use, but cold wallets are not very suitable for daily use. For this reason, their security is much higher and those who intend to make long-term investments can take advantage of them more easily. 

Each of the digital wallets is used for specific purposes and not all of them are used in the same way. So, if you plan to save less digital currency for yourself and have easier access to them, it is better to go for web wallets.

If you have a lot of digital currency and want to keep it somewhere safe for a long time, cold wallets are a good option for you. Note that the digital wallet you want should be suitable and reliable in terms of efficiency, security, speed, transaction, user space and the services it provides to users.

Usually, most people who choose a digital wallet without knowledge, face losses and lose their capital very easily. So, as much as possible, go for wallets that are well-known and that are used by many users. 

last word

Equal wallet is a beta product that has been able to overcome other digital wallets such as Metamask with its special features. This popular wallet has attractive sections and users who take advantage of it can use comprehensive services. Therefore, in addition to being a member of the digital currency signal channel and learning the necessary training in the field of crypto investment, it is better to use the Equal wallet to store your digital assets.

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