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Exchange training Everything you need to know about the exchange!!

Exchange training Everything you need to know about the exchange!!

The world of digital currencies is a new and volatile world with many opportunities, which we see a lot of profit in this market. There are many exchanges, both Iranian and foreign, which provide you with the possibility of buying and selling and 24-hour support. In this article, we try to go step by step through all the steps of digital currency exchange training. Among these cases, training on registration in the exchange, how to work with the exchange site, futures and spot training in the digital currency exchange.

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Learning to buy digital currency

There are simple ways to buy all kinds of digital currencies, including tokens and coins. You can even buy bitcoins from some Telegram channels. But keep in mind that buying in unconventional ways is not a wise thing to do. The best way to buy digital currencies is through digital currency exchanges. Show the best performance in this market by learning digital currency exchanges.

Crypto world exchange training

Considering that activity in financial markets, especially digital currency, is entirely online in virtual space, your physical presence is not needed at all, you only need the Internet with a fixed IP and a computer. What you need to know is that the world of digital currencies is a new and almost emerging world and it started with the birth of Bitcoin in 2009. The world of cryptocurrencies is not physical in nature and everything happens virtually, so if you buy bitcoins, you will not receive bitcoin coins, just all your purchase information will be stored in your wallet. Create a safe environment for your trade by learning how to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Bitcoin to TetherBTCUSDT price chart

Types of financial market analysis

In order to be able to analyze and check the financial markets, you must be trained in the charts and types of indicators in your analytical process. Also, if you want to operate on the exchange site, you must have learned all the icons and parts of the exchange site. In the following, you will learn more about two examples of conventional analysis in the world of digital currencies. By learning how to transfer currency from Nobitex to Binance, you can easily buy Tether from Nobitex exchange and buy digital currency of your choice in Binance exchange. Or by learning how to buy and sell in Nobitex, operate in the domestic exchange with less risk in terms of leaking IP and authentication.

technical analysis

In order to be able to analyze a chart, you need to analyze the past price of that digital currency with a series of technical patterns and implement a variety of tools, including the relative strength index, moving average and price action, so that you can predict the future. Predict the price and earn money in the direction of the market. This possibility will be provided with the training of registration in the digital currency exchange. Also, you can  get to know all the parts of this exchange and trade with the training of the Binance exchange .

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis means obtaining information about the details of a digital currency and predicting its price in the direction of growth or fall. One of these tools is to study the white paper of the relevant digital currency and the news around it in order to predict its price and valuation. Users who intend to invest in the medium or long term should pay special attention to this part of fundamental analysis. With the training of digital currency exchange, this process will be completed. In the following, you will learn about digital currency exchange training, and you will also achieve all your dreams by purchasing a digital currency training course.

Steps to buy Tether digital currency from an Iranian exchange

1 Choose a safe exchange
2 Register at the exchange
3 Authentication
4 Deposit money to the exchange
5 Buy TetherUSDT digital currency
6 Transfer Tether to a foreign wallet or exchange to buy digital currency

Exchange registration training

There are many digital currency exchanges, which you can operate in, among these exchanges are Coinx and Kocoin, which have not applied much strictness for Iranians to register and trade until today. You can read the zero to hundred digital currency training article to get a better understanding of this market. To register on the exchange site, first download the exchange you want and then click on the Register option. By reading this article, you will understand that working in financial markets, including forex, especially digital currency, requires a lot of knowledge and training, having enough experience and a little patience will bring you success.

After clicking on Register, a new page will return. Click on the email and by entering your details and choosing a suitable password, you will be registered on the exchange site.

Note that you change your IP during registration because the exchange may impose some restrictions on you or block your account altogether.

Training of different departments of the exchange

Market section of the exchange

After your registration is completed, you will enter the first page of the exchange site. As you can see, there are different parts in all exchanges, which we will discuss below.

Buying and selling section of the exchange

In this picture is the market section of the exchange where you can see all the tokens listed in the exchange. By selecting any of these tokens, you will be directed to the digital currency trading section.

In the Exchange section of the exchange, which is actually the digital currency trading section, you can buy and sell your desired digital currency. In the following, we will explain all the sections.

  1. Choose your digital currency for trading.
  2. In this section, you can enter your desired price in the first box and specify the amount of Bitcoin or any digital currency you choose in the second box. And at the end click Buy or Sell.
  3. This part, which was explained earlier, is the buying and selling section of the exchange site.

Futures section of the exchange

The picture above is the Futures section of the exchange. In the future, with the exchange’s futures training, you will realize that according to your analysis, you take a short or long position, in fact, this action you do is called, so to speak, closing a contract with the exchange. Note that due to the high volatility of digital currencies, the futures section is not suitable for all traders. In the following, explanations will be given about this page.

  1. In this section, you can choose your trading leverage or multiplier. The higher the coefficient, the more likely you are to lose all your capital.
  2. This section is used to take a short or long position. In the first box, you enter the desired price and in the second box, you specify the amount of your digital currency.
  3. This part is the futures part of the exchange.

Exchange wallet section

The next part of the exchange site that can be explained is the Assets section. By learning digital currency exchange, and technical analysis, you can become a trader. As you can see, this image has different parts that we will explain each.

  1. This section is divided into 3 parts Deposit, withdraw and transfer. In the Deposit section, you can transfer your digital currency from the wallet to the exchange, and in the withdraw section, you can withdraw the digital currencies available on your exchange site, and also in the transfer section, also known as intra-program transfer, digital currency Transfer yourself from spot to futures or vice versa. Note that this type of transfer does not incur any fees for the user.


In this article, we tried to explain how to register and trade digital currencies in different parts of the exchange site. Buying and selling digital currencies may be a little strange and difficult for those who have just entered this volatile world, but by following the steps we explained earlier, you can easily start trading. Pay attention to the fact that buying and selling and training the exchange is not a time-consuming and exhausting task. With just a little practice and planning, you will achieve significant success in your work.

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