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Forex trading hours

Forex trading hours

Currently, earning money from financial markets is known as an attractive and popular method, especially among young people. But to achieve real success in the forex market or any other financial market, in addition to the specific training of that market, familiarity with features such as start and end hours and other details is important. In particular, in the forex market, in order to get the most profit in the shortest possible time and without spending a lot of time on studying charts and computer analysis, it is necessary to be familiar with the forex working hours. In this article, forex working days and holidays and more specifically the best working hours in forex and trading hours in forex are discussed.

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Forex trading hours

Trading hours in the forex market depend on the time zone and the type of market in which you operate. The forex market is open throughout the day in different parts of the world and operates continuously. Below are the trading hours in the forex market based on the time zones of some cities and the type of market (Tehran and London):

London forex market

Market time: 8:00 AM GMT

Market closing time: 4:30 PM GMT

New York Forex Market

Market Time: 1:00 PM GMT

Market closing time: 9:00 PM GMT

Tokyo Forex Market

Market time: 10:00 PM GMT (GMT)

Market closing time: 6:00 AM GMT

Please note that these times are listed in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and can be converted to your local time. In the following article, we will discuss the best working hours in forex.

The best time to trade forex

The best trading hours in forex can depend on your strategies, trading style and the type of currency pairs you are trading. Although the forex market is constantly active throughout the day, there are times when you see more volume and activity that may be considered the best time to trade. Below are some common forex trading times:

  1. Overlapping Sessions:  You see more volume and activity when different forex sessions overlap and are open in the trading market. For example, the overlap of the US session and the European session between 13:00 and 17:00 GMT usually brings high volume and strong movement in the market.
  2. London Market Hours:  The European session of the London forex market, where the forex market starts, is known as one of the most active and high-volume sessions in the market. During London market hours (8:00-16:00 GMT) you see more activity and stronger movement, especially in currency pairs linked to the Euro (EUR).
  3. New York Market Hours:  The American session of the New York forex market also brings high activity and significant volume in the market. During New York market hours (13:00 to 21:00 GMT), currency pairs linked to the US dollar (USD) tend to be more leveraged.

It should be noted that the more active the market, the more opportunities there are for trading. But you need to pay attention to your forex strategy and watch the market carefully to identify the best trading hours in forex. Also, always pay attention to price fluctuations and economic news in the market, as they may cause unwanted changes in the market.

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What days is Forex closed?

The forex market is very active during the week, but on some days the forex market is also closed due to official holidays in some countries. Below, we examine the days when some financial markets are closed and which may also affect forex trading:

  1. International Holidays:  Days when banks and major financial markets around the world are closed but may be the most common holidays in the forex market include:
    • Friday : Some financial markets, especially in the Middle East and the Asian region, are closed on Friday.
    • Sunday:  In some countries, especially in the Asian region, financial markets are closed on Sunday.
  1. Official holidays in countries:  Every country may have its own holidays, which may have an impact on the forex market. for example:
    • Closed on national holidays:  On national holidays or national festivals in a particular country, the financial markets in that country are closed.
    • Closing on religious holidays:  In some countries, financial markets are closed on the occasion of religious holidays.

Note that the list of closures may change due to time changes and policies of each country. Therefore, it is better to always use reliable sources and financial market updates to get accurate and up-to-date information about forex market holidays.

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Market conditions at different forex working hours

There are differences in different working hours in the forex market that may affect market trends and conditions. Next, I review the important differences:

  1. Trading Volume: Trading volume  is higher during the hours when the forex market is active, especially when sessions overlap. This means there are more buyers and sellers in the market, which may cause more price volatility.
  2. Market activity:  During market activity hours, more price fluctuations and stronger price movements are observed. This can create significant trading opportunities, but it also carries the most risk.
  3. Liquidity conditions:  During forex market hours with high trading volume, liquidity conditions improve. This means easier access to prices, faster execution of orders and the lowest price difference (spread).

The best trading time for us Iranians

After the beginning of the country’s banks, the world’s political and economic news have the greatest impact on market movements. As a trader in the forex market, you must be aware of the news of the day and always listen to the bell of different news networks; Based on experience most of the time, the most important news happens before the American stock market opens. Another important thing is to consider your own convenience when trading, to consider when you are more relaxed to trade.

Not only the forex market, but success in all capital markets has a direct relationship with your spirit. If you are under nervous pressure, or trade at times when your mind is not ready, you will definitely not get a good result. Therefore, it can be said that the hours between 4 and 9 in the evening can be suitable hours for Iranian traders.

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Choosing forex working hours for trading – forex hours

One of the most important points about forex trading hours is to know exactly what influences the market the most. After the banks of the countries and their stock market, these are the news that have the most impact on the market. As a trader in the forex market, you have the duty to follow the news and listen to different news. Based on experience, the most important news always happens before the US stock market opens. There could be many reasons for this, but it is an empirical fact that should be respected.

Another important factor regarding Forex working hours is when we are more comfortable and psychologically more relaxed as traders. In fact, not only the forex market, but all the capital markets have a direct relationship with your psyche. If you want to trade under nervous pressure or if you start trading when your mind is not ready, you will lose 100%.

One of the problems that they see in the Iranian stock market is that the working hours of this market are set at a time when most of the offices and businesses are busy at that time and most of the activities take place at that time. Hence, a trader practically does not have enough concentration to execute his trade. Therefore, it seems that the same forex working hours as we mentioned above, i.e. the hours between 4 and 9 in the evening, can be very suitable hours for most Iranian traders.

Of course, you should choose this forex work hour based on your job characteristics and mood; But remember, more than any other factor, this factor has the greatest impact on your success and your failure.

final word

In this article, we discussed trading hours in forex, as you know, activity in the financial markets, including the forex market, is one of the popular ways for traders to earn money. In the forex market, traders usually work on currency pairs where each side of the pair is the currency of a country. This means buying and selling currency with the aim of making a profit and is directly related to playing on the exchange rate. In fact, the fluctuations of exchange rates in the forex market are very diverse and complex. Exchange rates are affected by many factors, including economic, political, social and global factors. These fluctuations in the forex market can create profitable opportunities for traders. On the other hand, traders in the forex market can operate at the right times for trading so that they can get the most profit by spending less time. Typically, the hours with the highest trading volume can be the best time to trade.

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