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Fundamental analysis Advantages and disadvantages of fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis Advantages and disadvantages of fundamental analysis

It has been a while since the stock market has returned to its previous boom and we are seeing green stock charts. The stock market may return to its peak days. One of the analyzes that can give you a good insight into the stock market is fundamental analysis. You might be wondering what fundamental analysis is and what it is used for. Those who have been working in the financial market for a long time, including stock exchange and forex, are relatively familiar with this concept. Fundamental analysis is one of the stock market analysis methods that can be used to check and calculate stock prices and values. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the concept of fundamental analysis, so please accompany us in the rest of the article.

History of fundamental analysis

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The concepts of fundamental analysis were first developed by an American economist in the 1960s. Benjamin Graham, who lost all his capital after the stock market crash in 1929, invented this method of market analysis. He learned from the events that happened to him and published all his experiences in the form of a book called Analysis of Arvaq Bahadur with the help of another friend, David Dodd. In addition to inventing Fundamental Analysis, Benjamin Graham also created the value investing method. Using this method, investors can get the real value of the stock by examining the income and dividend payments.

Through this method, investors can identify stocks that have a lower value than their real value. This market analysis method is so strong and efficient that one of Benjamin Graham’s students named Warren Buffett became the fourth billionaire in the world in 2020.

What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis is another method of market analysis that is used in the stock market. This analysis gives investors a clear and complete understanding of the stock market and stock prices. Also, identify the factors that can affect the stocks in the stock market in the future. As you know, economic conditions, macro and micro economic factors have a great impact on the stock market; You can easily succeed in the stock market by using this analysis method. Another analysis that is used in the digital currency market and other financial markets; It is technical analysis. If you want to get acquainted with this method of analysis, read the article on digital currency technical analysis.

What is the purpose of fundamental analysis?

The purpose of creating a fundamental analysis of the stock market is to find out whether the value of the stock that you intend to buy is lower or higher than its real value or not. Investors are trying to reach this understanding of the stock market by using macroeconomic and microeconomic formulas. These people evaluate and review the property they want by considering the economic conditions, interest rates, the state of companies and the industry. Among the factors that influence the estimation and growth of stocks in the stock market are:

  • Interest rate
  • sale
  • efficiency
  • Income
  • Property
  • Profit margin and future growth

You can see all these things in the financial statements of the companies. In addition to stock market shares, fundamental analysis is also applied to derivatives. You can fully master this financial market by watching the stock market intelligence training video.

Basic analysis steps

In order to do fundamental analysis well, you need to do its steps correctly. In general, 4 basic stages are defined in the concepts of fundamental analysis of the stock market; These 4 approaches are:

  • Examining the current economic conditions of the country
  • Check the status of the company
  • Review of industry trends
  • Valuation of company shares

If you do these 4 things correctly, you have been able to estimate the value of the shares you want. Stock market analysts or investors examine the stock market using 2 top-down and bottom-up approaches.

Top-down approach (whole to component view)

Investors who consider the country’s economic conditions first use a top-down approach. After examining the economic conditions of the country, these people find the growing industry in the country. After finding the country’s growing industry, they go to identify companies that have something to say in this industry. By specifying the most profitable stocks, they invest on it. In the last stage before investing, these people should check the company’s shares based on financial statements, competitive advantage, interest rate and other indicators.

bottom-up approach (part-to-whole view)

This method is the opposite of the previous method and companies that are in good condition are identified at first. After examining these companies, they examine various parameters and criteria such as P/E, dividend, liquidity, and the amount of the company’s shares. After finding the right company, we identify the industry that is currently in good shape. Now we examine the stock market in a wider dimension, that is, through the economic conditions of the country. If all these things are good and according to our wishes, we will value the target stock. After evaluating the desired stock, invest on it.

The difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis

As we mentioned earlier, digital currency technical analysis is another way to analyze financial markets. Many people prefer to use this analytical method and think it is better than fundamental analysis concepts. The differences between this round of analytical methods cause such views. Investors who use the fundamental analysis method have a long-term view of the capital market. Digital currency technical analysis gives traders and investors the ability to estimate and predict future stock prices by examining stock price charts in the past.

Analyze this type of analysis through different patterns such as technical triangle patterns of the market. People who analyze the stock market through fundamental analysis; They use different patterns such as Gartley’s price pattern, Wolf wave price pattern, etc. Usually, investors who choose this analytical method are considered to be long-term investors.

Financial ratios in fundamental analysis

Financial ratios are figures that traders can use to access financial statements. These financial statements give people useful information about companies’ stocks. These obtained figures are very important in fundamental analysis. By using these financial ratios, it is possible to obtain the liquidity, profitability and profitability of the companies and to make a decision to invest in their shares. The most important financial ratios in fundamental analysis are:

  • current ratio
  • Earnings per share ratio or EPS ratio
  • Price-earnings ratio or P/E ratio
  • The ratio of equity to total liabilities

Working capital ratio or current ratio

This ratio is obtained by dividing current or circulating assets by current liabilities. This ratio shows the ability of your company to pay its debts. By using this method, the trader can find out whether the company’s shares are worth buying or not. Therefore, this criterion is one of the most important methods of measuring the financial health of commercial stocks. The ratio that is obtained is annual and it examines and measures the ability to pay the debts of a company in a year.

Earnings per share ratio or EPS ratio

By buying part of a company’s stock, people become the owner of the company’s stock. If the company succeeds in earning a lot of income and profit, you, as one of the partners of the company, will receive profit based on the shares you have. EPS or earnings per share shows the amount of profit you receive based on your shares. In order to be able to get the profit ratio of each share, use the formula below. Divide the company’s net income by the number of common shares of the company in one year to calculate the EPS ratio.

Price-earnings ratio or P/E ratio

The ratio of p to E expresses the amount of money that each investor is able to pay for each share. To get the P/E ratio, it is enough to divide the company’s stock price by the profit ratio of each share. In this way, you can calculate the ratio of income to price. This method is one of the most common methods of valuing company shares in Binadi analysis method.

The ratio of equity to total liabilities

A company that has a lot of debt is not suitable for investment. This example of companies usually tries to pay off or reduce outstanding debts by selling their shares. Companies that have borrowed too much are also not suitable for investment. These companies are looking to save their company from the financial crisis by receiving grants from investors.

Advantages and disadvantages of fundamental analysis

The use of this analytical method of stock markets brings problems and benefits for its users, which we will examine further.

Advantages Disadvantages
It is suitable for long-term investors The time-consuming nature of this method and the possibility of failure of this analytical method in the long run
The result of the data and analysis obtained through the fundamental analysis of the stock market is highly accurate and very close to reality. There are certain coefficients in determining stock valuation, which are determined by investors. These values ​​can increase the value of companies’ shares
Identifying suitable companies for investment Negligence of the investor from short-term profits
This method helps companies that have high growth potential It does not provide investors with information about when to buy or sell shares


Another method of finding out the state of the stock market is fundamental analysis, which is used by many investors today. Choosing this analytical method gives the investor a general and long-term view. The results and analysis obtained through this method are very close to reality and the investor can rely on them. There are no special concepts and formulas in the fundamental analysis method that cause confusion and confusion for investors. All it takes is for investors to get the economic conditions, companies, top quality and stock valuation right. By following these steps, these people can earn good profits from the stock market. In this article, we tried to introduce you to one of the best methods of stock market analysis.

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