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Getting to know Neuralink + checking the differences between Neuralink and Metaverse!

Getting to know Neuralink + checking the differences between Neuralink and Metaverse!

Before getting to know Nuralink, it is better to talk a little about Metaverse and its future. As you know, there is talk of Metaverse and ways to make money from it everywhere on the Internet today. Many experts active in digital currency markets believe that the future belongs to the Metaverse; But many people, including Elon Musk, have a different opinion. Elon Musk recently talked about a project that you may have only encountered in fictional movies and it is unbelievable.

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Recently, he founded a company called Neuralink in the field of neural technology, which aims to update and improve the most complex organ in the world, the brain. In the continuation of this article, we intend to provide you with an introduction to Nuralink and its difference with Metaverse; So stay with us.

What is Neuralink?

As mentioned, Neuralink is a new company founded by Elon Musk in the field of neurotechnology with the aim of improving the brain. In simpler words, Elon Musk plans to make small chips and install them on the human brain through brain surgery to treat people with mental disabilities or similar problems. In fact, with the help of these chips, people can use computers and other different devices only with the help of their minds. Elon Musk believes that this chip will act like a smart watch and will make many computer tasks easy for you.

But the main question here is whether this project can achieve its goal or not? So far, only similar cases of this project have been seen in fictional films, and no success in this project has been made available to the public. Even if we imagine that these chips will be designed and answerable, the main problem is installing them on the human brain. To install these chips, more than 3,000 electrodes must be connected to the human mind through 96 thin threads. The dimensions of each of these electrodes are approximately between 4 and 6 micrometers. These electrodes are connected to a chip called N1 whose dimensions are 23 x 8 mm.

Getting to know how Nuralink works

The human mind has more than 86 billion neurons (nerve fibers) that send information with the help of electrical signals through synapses. By using Neuralink, all the strings of the device are connected to the brain and more than 1000 brain neurons can be monitored at any moment. Although this amount seems very small, all the amplified signals received by them are recorded and analyzed as a digital command. Return commands will also be sent back to the brain in the form of electrical stimulation. Data is currently transferred to the chip via a USB-C port; But ultimately it aims to do this through a wireless system.

More than one chip may be implanted inside a person’s brain to read information from different parts of the brain. Instead of the chip being inserted into the brain by a human, a surgical robot will be used to insert 6 different threads into the human brain every minute. Each string also has 32 different electrodes; This means that more than 192 electrodes are installed on the brain of a person every minute. This operation is done through a 2 mm incision and the installation of the parts is done with an ultra-precise microscope so that no vein is damaged.

On the project’s website about what you can do with Neuralink, it says that you can control an iPhone or a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard just by thinking about what you want to do. Also, a dedicated software has been designed for Neuralink through which you can teach your brain to do things like moving the mouse. In this app, there are various games that will increase your speed and accuracy.

Elon Musk’s goal of establishing Noralink

As mentioned in the introduction to Neuralink section, Elon Musk’s main goal of launching the Neuralink project is to help people with disabilities, especially people with mobility disabilities. This technology can help this group of people to regain their independence and they just need to think about their desired work to get it done. Through Neuralink, people with mobility disabilities can work with computers, control artificial organs, write various articles, or even draw pictures, etc. just by thinking.

Also, in the future, Neuralink plans to help patients in the treatment of diseases such as seizures, brain damage, Parkinson’s, stroke, dementia, and even vision and hearing impairments. Noralink also has several business goals; For example, according to Elon Musk, this project can play music directly to your brain.

The interesting point in this part of getting to know Nuralink is that in the future there may be situations where you don’t even need to listen to different conversations. By eliminating the process of touching the keyboard, Nouralink can also increase the speed of writing various articles and drive without holding the steering wheel.

Examining the differences between Neuralink and Metaverse

In an interview, Elon Musk strongly attacked the concept of Metaverse and considered it more of a publicity tactic. He believes that Nouralink is the future of the Internet and Metaverse cannot compete with this project. When asked about the Metaverse, he replied:

I don’t think anyone wants to have a screen mounted on their face all day to use Metaverse. I don’t think the Metaverse project will be very successful in the future, but there are a lot of people talking about it right now.

When talking about the metaverse and virtual reality, he stated that he doesn’t think anyone can leave the physical world to live in a virtual world in the future. Referring to his personal experiences, he stated that using virtual reality glasses will cause problems such as fatigue and no one can use them in the long term.

Neuralink chip applications

The Neuralink chip has many capabilities and has the ability to be used in different areas in different ways. For example, they are used in the fields of diseases, problems related to the brain, and even for communication with artificial intelligence. In the following, we will discuss the most important users of this technology. Stay with us:

Treating the title of the disease and even solving brain problems

According to this company, this technology was first created for medical and therapeutic purposes. In his interview, Elon Musk claimed that by using these chips, they can restore people who have lost their optic nerves. Also, these chips have the ability to cure all brain problems and diseases, and they even believe that memory can be restored using this technology. Also, to restore the ability to speak, the movement of paralyzed limbs, and the ability to treat diseases such as autism and disorder. It also has schizophrenia or psychosis.


Another use of it is communication, in this way, by integrating this chip with the human brain, people who benefit from it can communicate with each other. However, it is not yet clear whether it is necessary to learn a specific language to use this technology, but according to Elon Musk, it may be necessary to learn it. Note that with the benefit of this technology, people can communicate with each other and understand what is going on in their minds. This ability has been so fascinating that mankind has always dreamed of it.

Another use of it is to play music. By using a brain implant, people can play music directly in their brain. Of course, to do this, it is enough to connect the hardware behind your ear and through it communicate with this technology that is inside your brain. Also, you don’t need to use physical devices even to communicate with others remotely. This feature allows you to communicate without having a mobile phone.

Artificial intelligence capabilities

You can also use this chip to enter the field of artificial intelligence. Of course, keep in mind that people who are severely disabled, by putting this technology in their minds, they can easily do simple things like working with a phone or a computer. In general, this very small piece can provide the context for the unlimited integration of human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

last word

As mentioned, the Neuralink project is not even close to its goal; Therefore, it is still too early to comment on the price of its chips. Undoubtedly, if this ever happens and Elon Musk succeeds in making such chips, the price will be very high, which will make only rich people buy it, and thus the class gap will be created. In this article, we tried to get to know Nuralink and its difference with the Metaverse project. If you are also interested in the future of such projects and their impact on foreign exchange markets, read the digital currency training page to stay informed about the daily news of the foreign exchange world.

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