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Gold box or physical gold?

Gold box or physical gold?
  • For investment, is it better to buy a gold fund or coins and gold?
  • What are the benefits of buying a gold fund?
  • What are the disadvantages of the gold fund?
  • Comparison of gold fund with physical gold and coins


For investment, is it better to buy a gold fund or coins and gold?

In this article, we are going to compare two different asset classes, i.e. gold investment fund and physical gold. In simple language, it is more profitable to buy gold and coins or to buy gold in the stock exchange. First of all, let’s get to know the gold fund.

We have already discussed in detail about the types of mutual funds. The gold fund is one of the types of commodity investment funds. In general, the fund can be considered as a mirror of an asset class on the stock market board. A gold fund typically invests in gold-based securities. So when you buy such an asset on the stock market it is just like going to a gold shop and buying earrings, necklaces or coins! Of course, there are differences that we will discuss further.

What are the benefits of buying a gold fund?

  • Low-risk storage: Physical gold always has a concern with it, and that is how to store it safely. But there will be no such concern in the gold fund.
  • Less commission: The commission for buying gold is about one to two percent of its price. While the purchase fee for gold fund units is between 0.1 and 0.15 percent. It means almost one tenth of the fee of buying physical gold.
  • Buying with very small funds: the price of Bahar Azadi coin on the day of writing this article is 11,500,000 Tomans and the price of a quarter coin on the same day is 3,500,000 Tomans. But you can buy gold fund units for at least 500,000 Tomans.
  • High liquidity: Gold funds are usually very easily bought and sold on the stock exchange. In addition, the presence of market operators has facilitated this process and if you want to sell your gold fund units, it is unlikely that you will need more than five minutes.
  • Volatility: Gold, like other assets, is always fluctuating in price. Stock market professionals use this situation to make more profit. Of course, this work is not recommended for those who do not have much experience in the capital market.

What are the disadvantages of the gold fund?

The risks that threaten the gold fund are the same risks that threaten the price of gold and the dollar and are no different from physical gold.

Comparison of gold fund with physical gold and coins

In order to reduce investment risk, gold funds invest part of their resources in bonds, derivatives and fixed income deposits. With this, they are trying to reduce the risk of buying the fund compared to physical gold. But you should keep in mind that in the end, the yield of physical gold and coins is not much different from the gold fund.

In the picture below, we have compared the price chart of 18 karat gold with three famous gold funds of the capital market, namely “Gohar”, “Zar” and “Tala”, in the last one year. As you can see, the price trend is not so different. In some cases, the price of physical gold exceeds the price of funds by a small amount, and sometimes the price of funds exceeds physical gold. But even when the growth of the price of physical gold is higher than that of funds, the cost of its transaction fee makes the fund seem more economical.

Very important point: The price of gold funds is based on their transaction price in the market and not based on the NAV of the fund.

Buying gold is one of the most popular investment methods. But it has concerns and disadvantages, most of which are related to their physical maintenance. But buying a gold fund instead of buying it physically can eliminate this concern. Meanwhile, considering the comparison of the commission rate in these two methods, as well as liquidity and the possibility of buying with less capital in gold funds, buying them will be more profitable and easier than buying physical gold

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