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How to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault step by step

How to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault step by step

Trust Wallet is another digital wallet that has many fans among traders. Many people have this digital wallet and use it as a safe and secure place to store their digital assets. As you know, digital currencies are divided into 3 categories: meme coin, shet coin and alt coin, all three of which can be stored on this wallet. How to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault  is a topic that we intend to teach you in today’s article, so follow us in the rest of the article on how to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault.

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What is Shatcoin?

Digital currencies that usually have high values ​​and are used for fraudulent purposes are called Bitcoins. There is no specific purpose behind the production of Bitcoins, and they do not have a white paper or a roadmap. The value of such digital currencies usually rises and falls with the opinions of famous people in the community, for example, if a positive opinion about a digital currency is raised in the social space, the price of that Bitcoin will increase.

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How to buy Shatcoin from TrustVault

Now that you are familiar with the concept of what is Shetcoin, we are going to teach you how to buy Shetcoin in Trust Wallet. If you don’t have a digital wallet, you can find out how by reading the article on how to make a digital currency wallet. How to buy and sell Bitcoin in TrustVault is possible through the Binance Coin digital currency, which you can buy from Iranian or foreign exchanges. Aban Tether exchange is one of the Iranian exchanges where you can buy Binance digital currency and it should be noted that buying from Aban Tether is easy. How to buy Shetcoin from TrustVault is as follows and you just need to follow the steps below.

The first step is how to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault

As mentioned above, to buy Shatcoin in Trust Wallet, you need to buy Binance digital currency. If you have this digital currency in another wallet, you can transfer it to this wallet. The article on transferring digital currency from the exchange to the appropriate wallet is useful for those who have this digital currency in the exchange. If you do not have Binance digital currency, go to the Buy section of your Trust Wallet and buy this digital currency from there. Also, instead of buying BNB digital currency, you can buy Smart Chain cryptocurrency, which is another Binance product.

The second step is how to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault

To buy Shatcoin, go to the DApps section of TrustWallet. After entering this section, scroll down and click on the PancakeSwap option to enter an environment similar to the image below.

From there, select BNB or SmartChain digital currency and if this is the first time you are doing this, click on the Connect Wallet option. After clicking, find the TrustWallet wallet and again click on the Connect option that appears at the bottom of the screen. Now your wallet is connected to this exchange and you can buy Bitcoin using BNB or SmartChain digital currency.

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The third step is how to buy Bitcoin in Trust Wallet

In the second box, as in the image below, enter one of the bitcoins in the table above.

After selecting it, a message will appear to you based on the fact that anyone can create this digital currency with this name and there is a possibility of losing your capital. It’s also possible that it’s fake and you can’t sell it, ignore this post and click on I Understand and then Import. To be more sure, you can click on the View On BscScan option to know if it is real.

For more certainty, you can also enter the official CoinMarketCap website and search for your digital currency from there. As in the image below, go to the Contract option and copy the address of that digital currency and instead of writing the name of that digital currency, enter its address in the image above.

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The fourth step is how to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault

After adding your digital currency, enter the amount of digital currency you want to buy in the second box. By entering the amount, the equivalent amount for which you need to pay BNB or SmartChain cryptocurrency will be displayed.

Then click on the payment option to transfer the digital currency to your wallet. If after buying the digital currency you want, you don’t see it in your wallet, follow the image below and add it to your wallet on the main page.


Bitcoins have a high trading volume despite the fact that their price may suddenly drop to zero. Many people use them to buy and sell and believe that their price may increase in the future. How to buy Bitcoin with TrustVault is easy and can be done easily using Binance Coin or Smart Chain digital currency. Bitcoins are not reliable digital currencies, it may be better to pay your assets on digital currencies that are more stable. Digital currency training will be very useful and helpful for those who intend to buy bitcoins. Anyway, in this article, we tried to cover how to buy Bitcoin in TrustVault and teach you the steps.

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