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How to buy Cardano | Cardano review

How to buy Cardano | Cardano review

Cardano is a blockchain-related platform that is used in the area of ​​smart contracts. The main cryptocurrency of this open source network is called ADA, which is one of the good and promising currencies of the digital currency market. Charles Huskinson was one of the inventors of Ethereum who founded Cardano for the first time. In the rest of the article, we are going to tell you  how to buy Cardano , one of the most promising digital currencies.

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Cardano technical review

Cardano uses academic input for its updates, and three major bodies have collaborated to build this platform. The development of Cardano is under the responsibility of IOHK and the Cardano Foundation is responsible for the entire platform. Cardano can easily process smart contracts in parallel because Cardano is written in Haskell. The consensus name of the Cardano network is derived from the tailed snake Ouroboros, which is a type of proof of stake representation. In the following, we will explain to you how to buy Cardano. You can predict the future of this digital currency to some extent by using the Trading View website of digital currency.

How to buy Cardano

How to buy Cardano is easy and just follow the steps below. But before that, you have to do the following 3 steps to get permission to buy Cardano currency.

  • You need to specify which currencies you can buy as crypto exchange currency.
  • Determine the method of sending and receiving cryptocurrency payments.
  • Determine the method of storing and protecting the cryptocurrency.

The first thing you need to determine to buy Cardano is what cryptocurrency you can buy Cardano with? In this section, the key and important thing to note is that there are two main methods for buying cryptocurrency.

  1. Direct method:  In this method, similar to your other purchases, you can buy Cardano directly using your bank account money. Usually, this is done through money deposited by the bank into a cryptocurrency trading account such as Coinbase or with your debit card.
  2. Indirect method : In this method, you can buy Cardano by buying the basic cryptocurrency, in a way that you can directly buy cryptocurrency (Ethereum or Bitcoin) and exchange them with Cardano, which of course you have to be careful, every cryptocurrency In order to find out which exchanges allow us to buy our chosen currency with our domestic currency, we must go to the address ( and then search for the desired base cryptocurrency.

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How to buy Cardano from Nobitex

You can also buy Cardano digital currency from Iranian exchanges. In the following, we are going to introduce you to how to buy Cardano from Nobitex, which is one of the famous exchanges in the digital currency market among Iranians. If you are not familiar with the parts of digital exchanges, read the exchange training article.

first stage

The way to buy Cardano from Nobitex is that you must first create an account in this exchange. People need an active email address for initial registration, and it is recommended to use a non-repeating and strong password to ensure the basic security of people’s user accounts for registration in Nobitex. After completing the initial registration to buy a digital currency like ADA, you need to authenticate. Considering the financial use of Nobinx, its authentication is different from registering in various social networks and everyday applications, and the identity information must be provided correctly and with high accuracy. In general, for ADA transactions and other cryptocurrencies such as UniSwap, Chain Link, Bitcoin, etc., authentication must be done, and for authentication, be sure to read about Nobitex authentication before any action.

second stage

ADA digital currency can be bought in Nobitex exchange with cash or in other words Rials in the main market or with Tether in the professional market. Therefore, by entering any of these markets, you can buy Cardano digital currency. In this section, we are going to buy Cardano digital currency from the main market with Rials, so that you can buy this digital currency with Tomans. In Nobitex, you can buy and sell ADA currency in two ways: fast order and limited order. If your transaction is done instantly and at the market price, it is called a quick order, and if you enter the desired amount and another user is ready to trade with you at this price and the transaction is done, we call it a limited purchase and sale.

Considering that the number of users of this exchange is very large, the liquidity index of Nobitex exchange is very high and also the majority of cryptocurrency transactions of this exchange are done in very short time intervals. After buying this digital currency, try to transfer it to your wallet, because exchanges are not a good place to store your assets. Therefore, by reading the article on how to transfer digital currency from the exchange to the wallet, you can transfer your assets to the wallet.

How to keep Cardano digital currency

In the previous section, we discussed how to buy Cardano in Nobitex, but an important and key point that we must pay attention to is that, for the protection and maintenance of the Cardano cryptocurrency, there are currently various things, but it is expected in the not too distant future. It is possible to store Cardano on more wallets. Daedalus is Cardano’s official wallet, which currently only works on personal computers, and different versions of this wallet are easily available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Among the other wallets on which you can store Cardano’s digital wallet are Atomic, Ledger, and Tazrour.


In this article, we discussed the technical review of Cardano and how to buy Cardano in Nobitex. Cardano digital currency is another digital currency that is believed to have a good future, so we taught you how to buy Cardano on Nobitex. But pay attention to the fact that you should never buy digital currencies without digital currency training, because it will lead to the loss of your capital. Cardano digital currency can be easily purchased at Nobitex exchange and you can purchase this digital currency with Rials or Tether. To store this digital currency, it is better to have the Daedalus wallet. We hope this article has guided you in buying Cardano digital currency.

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