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How to buy Tron? Learning to buy TRX digital currency

How to buy Tron? Learning to buy TRX digital currency

Probably, when you first heard the name Tron, you said to yourself that this must be another digital currency that has been added to the long list of digital currencies. But with a little searching and research, you have come to the conclusion that investing in this cryptocurrency is a good decision, and that is why you are reading this article to get additional information and find the easiest way to buy it.

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In this article, we will answer your concerns. First, we provide a general definition of the TRON network and its digital currency, as well as the reasons you should go for it, and then we go to the main point, that is, how to buy TRON digital currency in reputable foreign exchanges; Finally, we will talk about buying this currency inside Iran. Do not miss the continuation of the article.

Definition of Tron

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized network created by Justin Sun with the aim of decentralizing the entire Internet. Like “Ethereum”, Tron has made it possible for computer engineers to develop “decentralized applications” (Dapp). Thanks to smart contracts, these developers can implement complex protocols that run on the Tron blockchain.

Today, the main feature of Tron that distinguishes it from other competitors is the speed of its transactions. Tron is capable of 2,000 transactions per second, which puts this platform on par with the world’s largest financial processors such as PayPal. More importantly, TRON transactions have no fees and you can transfer millions of TRON tokens anywhere in the world within seconds without paying any additional fees.

But what does it mean to decentralize the Internet? To better understand this issue, we must say that the decentralized internet is completely different from the current internet that we use. The most important difference is that there will be no more hosting companies and the entire Internet will be managed by its users (people like you).

Is this difference in our favor? Yes. For example, consider YouTube. If you produce a video and upload it to YouTube, you are actually giving Google ownership of your video. Of course, it is true that Google pays you a part of the income from your video under certain conditions, but it also takes a large percentage for itself. With the spread of the Tron network, there will be no more news about this issue. You will receive all the income from your content alone and there will be no news from the hosting companies (here Google, which owns YouTube).

In fact, Tron is the name of this network and the digital currency that can be used in this network is called “Tronix” with the symbol TRX. However, these two words are usually considered to have the same meaning, and for example, when it comes to Tron digital currency, it means Tronics.

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