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How to make money from airdrop + airdrop?

How to make money from airdrop + airdrop?

If you are also interested in the world of cryptocurrency, you must have heard about making money from airdrop. In this article, we are going to explain the concept of airdrop and teach you how to make money from airdrop. You may have won a lottery in a bank or organization in your daily life, and receiving money without any effort or effort is definitely attractive to you. Just as in the real world you may get money by winning a lottery or receiving a gift, in the world of cryptoness you can also get free cryptocurrencies, which are called airdrops.

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AirDrop means a free gift or donation of cryptocurrency to users, the main purpose of which is to draw the attention of different users to newly emerging projects in the digital currency market. By participating in airdrop, you will receive new and emerging tokens, and if these new projects are successful, you will receive a good profit.

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What is airdrop?

Many newly established and new businesses use marketing methods to attract the attention of customers. For example: discount bins, escheats, or awarding prizes in case of winning the lottery, etc., are some of the marketing methods where the concept of airdrop is similar to those mentioned. In airdrop, newly emerging digital currencies of the blockchain field give users a part of their cryptocurrency or token for free if they perform certain activities such as following social pages or sending invitation links to others.

This idea was proposed in 2017 when many new projects were able to promote their initial offering (ICO) to the public by using this method. Airdrop is a two-way method that is useful for both users and developers of cryptocurrencies. As a participant, you get some profit and companies also get profit by promoting and introducing their cryptocurrency to people.

Different ways to make money from airdrop

Standard AirDrop

The first and easiest method of earning is Airdrop, which gives tokens to users without doing any specific activities.

Exclusive AirDrop

This airdrop is not held publicly and is only for those who have already been active in the project or website in question. In September 2020, the UniSwap exchange provided its loyal users with 2,500 tokens called Uni.

Bounty AirDrop

In this model of airdrop, users will receive tokens by performing certain activities, for example: following the company’s virtual pages, retweeting the company’s specified Twitter post, joining Telegram channels or introducing to friends and acquaintances.

HardFork AirDrop

Incompatible update in a network and dividing it into two projects is called hard fork. After the hard fork happens, the owners of the original coin will receive the same amount of currency as their share. After the hard fork happened, Bitcoin Cash gave its users the same amount of Bitcoin Cash as their assets.

AirDrop Holder (Holder AirDrop)

Those who hold a currency for a long time are called holders. In this airdrop model, it gives some coins to those who have held a cryptocurrency for a long time. It is recommended to read Warren Buffett’s Important Lessons article if you are interested in long-term investing.

How to make money from airdrops

To search and earn from airdrops, you must first register on Earn. Their collaboration with cryptocurrency providers and ICOs will launch Airdrop. You have to pay a small amount (one dollar) to participate in the airdrop. Many airdrops take place before or even during the token sale, and no tokens can be distributed until the sale period is over. So it will take about one to two months for you to receive your free token.

To check this issue, first enter the Etrascan site and enter your Ethereum wallet address in the search box. If a token has been deposited into your account, it will be displayed in the token tracking bar. But if you don’t see this bar, it means that the token has not been deposited into your account yet.

Important tools to make money from Airdrop

Activity in virtual space

To participate in the airdrop, you need to know the airdrop creation time of each cryptocurrency. Be aware of the exact time of the airdrops by being active in the virtual space and following the reliable news of new cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum wallet

Most of the cryptocurrencies participating in the airdrop operate on the Ethereum ERC-20 network. Therefore, to earn money from Airdrop, it is better to get an Ethereum wallet. Our recommendation is the Metamask software wallet and, if needed, the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. You can see the list of valid wallets in the world in this article.

Twitter and Instagram accounts

As we mentioned, in order to receive coins from the airdrop method, you must perform certain activities. Some Airdrops may ask you to follow their Twitter or Instagram page, so having a Twitter account is a must.

Telegram user account

Telegram is a tool for communication between participants and airdrops. By following the groups and channels of the desired company, you will be informed about the daily news of the world of cryptocurrencies, also like Twitter, you may be asked to enter the desired channel or group first.

Do not leave Telegram channels or groups, as this may result in your gift tokens being removed and not deposited.

Email address

Asking for an email address from airdrops is very common, so don’t worry; But if you don’t want to enter your email, you can create another email account and then proceed. Note that you don’t forget your new email password because you may need to confirm your email later.

last word

To start working and earn money from airdrop, you must have the mentioned prerequisites. After preparing all the items, you can be informed about future airdrops by registering on reputable sites and Twitter. Then by entering your wallet address and performing certain activities, you will receive tokens or coins after some time. Keep in mind not to be fooled by fraudsters and fake sites to find out about airdrops.

To see the list of available airdrops, you can use You can also see the list of currently available airdrops with complete information on But if you are active in the virtual space, Twitter is considered one of the best media for informing about airdrops.

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