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How to mine Ethereum The best ways to get Ethereum Free Ethereum

How to mine Ethereum The best ways to get Ethereum Free Ethereum

Today, Ethereum is the most expensive digital currency in the cryptocurrency market after Bitcoin, which has a value of $1,525. Buying ethereum and how to extract ethereum is one of the topics that most traders search for in the cyberspace. Because Ethereum, as we mentioned, is the second most powerful digital currency, and also the network of most digital currencies is on the Ethereum network. All these things have joined hands to make this digital currency one of the biggest cryptocurrencies. Therefore, in this article, we are going to  teach you how to mine Ethereum , how to buy Ethereum, and how to get free Ethereum.

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum or ETH is a blockchain-based digital currency produced on the ERC-20 network. The value of this digital currency is close to 1525 dollars, and in the last 24 hours, its trading volume is equal to 19,033,924,262 dollars. The Ethereum network is the most secure digital currency network after the Bitcoin network, hence most of today’s digital currencies are created on the Ethereum network. In general, Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform that was created with the aim of eliminating intermediaries in the Internet space. Unlike Bitcoin, which was created only for peer-to-peer money transfer, this digital currency has other uses and capabilities. Now that you are familiar with the concept of Ethereum, we are going to discuss how to buy Ethereum, how to mine Ethereum and get free Ethereum.

The best ways to get Ethereum

Ethereum has the second largest blockchain network in the world, which alone accounts for 15% of the digital currency market. Investors get this digital currency using different methods. In the rest of the article, we are going to introduce you to these methods so that you can become one of the owners of Ethereum.

Buy and sell Ethereum

The easiest way to get Ethereum is to buy Ethereum, people can get this digital currency by visiting local or foreign exchanges. Binance, Coinx and Coinbase exchanges are among the best foreign exchanges through which you can receive Ethereum. Of course, foreign exchanges have included Iran in the list of sanctioned countries, and it is also not possible to buy Ethereum with Rials in foreign exchanges. The way to buy Ethereum in foreign exchanges is that you have to buy Tether digital currency and inject it into foreign exchanges. If you are not familiar with how to transfer digital currency from domestic to foreign exchange, read the article on how to transfer currency from Nobitex to Binance.

Ethereum trading

Exchanges are the best place to trade Ethereum because they have many tools and features to increase the profit of their users. For example, easily multiply your profit by using leverage or leverage in foreign exchanges. In addition to levers, investors use other trading strategy methods such as long-term, short-term positions and CFDs, which we will discuss further.

Long term trade

After the investor buys the digital currency, he keeps the cryptocurrency with him for a longer time. In this method, after reading about the digital currency, the investor buys it and will not sell it until he gets the profit he wants. Swing Trade and Position Trade are two of the most popular long-term trading methods used by long-term investors. Long-term investment requires technical analysis of digital currency, because if no analysis is done on digital currency, your capital may be lost at once.

Short term trade

Short-term investors have the same behavior as long-term investors, but they have different buying and selling time frames. This category of investors buy digital currency and sell it within 24 hours. The two strategies used by this group are Scalping and Daily, which have differences. In the scalping method, the trader buys digital currency and sells it in hours or minutes. But in the daily method, the investor buys digital currency at the beginning of the same day and sells it at the end of the same day or 24 hours later.

CFD trading

This type of trading is possible on altcoins such as Ethereum. CFD, which stands for Contract For A Difference, is a contract between a buyer and a seller based on the future and current price of digital currency. This type of trading brings high profit, but on the other hand, it also has a very high risk. In this method, levers above 200 are used and if your transaction is profitable, your profit and capital will be 200 times. But if it ends in a loss, in addition to losing your property, you may also have to pay an additional fee.

Ethereum Facets

If you are planning to get free Ethereum, Ethereum Fasts will be very helpful. You can easily get free Ethereum without any initial investment. But how to get free Ethereum? People can get Ethereum by participating in some websites in exchange for solving tables, viewing ads, watching videos. The amount of Ethereum you get for doing these things is small, but it is steady and beneficial. In the following section, we have listed 3 of the best fasts that you can use to get free Ethereum. The way to use these fasts is that you must have an Ethereum wallet, if you don’t have a wallet, read the article on how to make a digital wallet. In the next section, we will discuss how to mine Ethereum, which is another way to get free Ethereum.

  • Cointiply
  • Ethereum-Faucet.org
  • Allcoins.Pw

How to mine Ethereum

Ethereum digital currency, like Bitcoin, can be obtained through mining. Some people are not very interested in trading because it requires information about digital currencies and it is a bit difficult. Therefore, this group of investors start mining ethereum and other digital currencies by buying mining devices, but it goes without saying that their electricity consumption is high. Because in order to extract digital currency, it is necessary to solve complex mathematical equations, which takes a lot of electricity and time to solve each equation. There is another way to mine Ethereum, which is called a mining subscription. Binance exchange is one of the exchanges where you can earn Ethereum by participating in Ethereum mining. This practice is called Yeild Farming in Binance exchange, which you can use to get Ethereum.

Stacking Ethereum

Another method that is somewhat similar to how Ethereum is mined is called staking. In this method, you invest in Ethereum digital currency and get Ethereum as a reward by joining Ethereum liquidity pools. This method helps the lack of liquidity in exchanges and the exchange rewards people for this work. Note that you cannot do any of the above methods well without taking a digital currency training course. Therefore, having knowledge about these sectors and digital currencies will reduce your losses in this market and make more profits.


Ethereum digital currency is one of the best digital currencies with high potential. Buying this digital currency and investing in it in the future can be very profitable, because it may replace Bitcoin. There are many ways to earn Ethereum, such as mining Ethereum and buying Ethereum, both of which we discussed in this article. How to mine ethereum  and ethereum fasts are two ways you can get free ethereum.

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