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Introducing the game Illuvium Game training and how to buy ILV tokens

Introducing the game Illuvium Game training and how to buy ILV tokens

Undoubtedly, the introduction of the Illuvium game is one of the topics that you should review; Because after the growth of the game industry’s cooperation with Metaverse technology, we saw the creation of various games in the style of making money from playing, but there were two major problems in most of these Metaverse games, which caused the dissatisfaction of many gamers and ordinary people. Firstly, the games that were released were not fun, secondly, in many of these games, the graphics of the game were so low that it actually showed a pixelated environment to the users.

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Currently, many users are waiting for Illuvium game; Because in this game, in addition to earning money from its native token i.e. ILV, users can experience an attractive game with high graphics.

Introducing the Illuvium game

Illuvium game is one of the modern and emerging metaverse games designed in Play To Earn style. This attractive game allows users to go on adventures in an Open World environment with high graphics and earn money in this way. Like Axie Infinity, Illuvium has its native tokens called sILV and ILV, which operate on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 network. Active users in the Iluvium game can use ILV to extract cash, participate in project management, and earn various in-game rewards.

One of the topics that drew the attention of different users to the Illuvium game is the use of NFT tokens by the Illuvium ecosystem. As you read in the article about getting to know the concept of cryptopunk, non-fungible tokens (NFT) have become the hottest topics in the world of digital currencies. Undoubtedly, this issue will have a direct impact on the upward trend of the Illuvium game.

It is also better to know that in this game many characters are designed in NFT format and some of them can be traded in foreign NFT markets.

How to play Illuvium

Ilvium is an open world role-playing game that operates on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Fans of Illuvium should know that this game has not yet been released to the public, and according to research, it is scheduled to be released in 2022. In Illuvium, players have to adventure in a fantasy world and fight against creatures called Illuvial.

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Players can acquire and add to their collection after fighting Iluvials; Then use them to increase your chances while completing missions, completing requested challenges, or playing the story of Illuvium.

As in the article What is the game CryptoCars? As you read, Illuvium users can use the game’s native tokens (sILV and ILV) to update their characters, just like the cryptocars game.

Players can use these tokens to change their character’s appearance, add visual and functional items to it, and sell these items if needed.

Illuvium game tutorial

As mentioned, this game has not yet been released to the public and many users are waiting for the release of this game. Undoubtedly, the introduction of the Illuvium game is one of the topics that can change the Metaverse world in 2022. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the training of this game as soon as possible. Once the Illuvium game is released, players can go to the official Illuvium website and download the game as a desktop app. To start the game, you can use two modes, free and premium subscription, which we will explain further.

If we want to briefly teach how to play the game, we must say that in this game, users must look for different iluvials, take them after the fight and make their clan bigger. By using Iluvials from similar clans, they can get rewards while fighting each other, which is called synergy. Keep in mind that after reaching a certain stage, you can create newer and more powerful Iluvials by combining them with each other.

To get an Iluvial, you need to use in-game shards. Keep in mind that the stronger the Iluvial you want, the stronger the shard you need to get it. If Iluvial is wounded, it will regain health over time in a shard. Players can pay fees or use their own items to speed up the healing of their Iluvial. Some of these illuvials are very rare and their characteristic is shiny, golden or holographic.

Introducing Illuvium game and ILV token

One of the important topics of introducing the Illuvium game is getting to know its native tokens, i.e. ILV and sILV. The ILV token is actually a native token in this game that operates on the ERC-20 network of the Ethereum blockchain. At the time of writing this article, the price value of Iluvium is about 1.13 dollars, which is equivalent to 34 thousand tomans, which will change based on the success of this game and the profit of staking. ILV and sILV are both native tokens of the Iluvium game, with the difference that ILV token rewards are locked for one year; But players can use sILV right away in the game.

Keep in mind that the tokens of this game are very few and limited; So that there are currently only 3 million ILV and sILV tokens. Many users of this game have staked their tokens and this has caused the supply in circulation to decrease.

Main functions of ILV and sILV token

  • Rewarding players with ILV tokens for performing certain activities.
  • ILV token holders can stake their assets in the ILVium Vault. Stickers are also rewarded.
  • Holders of Illuvium tokens can also participate in the governance of the game and upcoming changes through the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

ILV and sILV tokens operate on the ERC-20 platform of the Ethereum blockchain, which means that users must pay Ethereum gas to transfer their assets. These fees are expensive due to blockchain scalability issues. Of course, it is better to know that in the article on the launch of Ethereum 2 in the middle of 2022, it was said that one of the reasons for creating the second version of Ethereum is to solve the problem of scalability and the high cost of fees like Cardano digital currency. To learn about the concept of Cardano digital currency, read this article.

How to buy Illuvium digital currency

As mentioned, Illuvium has not been released to the public yet. Therefore, currently, the only way to use Illuvium game and its token is to buy from reputable exchanges such as Kocoin, Okex, Binance, etc. Currently, Binance exchange is known as the best and most reliable exchange in the world. To learn more about the reliable Binance exchange, read the article about the Binance exchange and review its benefits.

Of course, it is better to know that the Binance exchange has announced that it does not provide services to areas under sanctions; Therefore, if you want to buy and sell ILV tokens on this exchange, it is better to learn how to bypass Binance sanctions first.

last word

In this article, we tried to provide you with the introduction of Illuvium game, training and how to play it. Undoubtedly, what is the release of the Illuvium game next to other topics such as Web 3? And Ethereum 2 will be one of the most important titles of 2022. Keep in mind that the tokens offered in this game are very limited. If you are also one of those interested in this game, it is better to act sooner. If you want to become a professional trader in the new year and be aware of the latest news in the world of digital currencies, read Mohammad Famurian’s digital currency training.

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