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Introducing the top 4 price action ICT training books

Introducing the top 4 price action ICT training books

There are various methods of analysis and trading in financial markets that help investors to make appropriate trading decisions at the right time by understanding the price movement and predicting its trend. Among these methods, we can mention the types of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Price action is a branch of technical analysis that helps investors to make trading decisions by examining the price trend of an asset. One of the most famous and best price action styles is the ICT price action style. Therefore, in the continuation of this article, we are going to introduce you the top 4 ICT price action training books so that by practicing and repeating, you can earn significant profits from this highly fluctuating market.

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ICT-style price action

ICT style stands for Inner Circle Trader and was introduced to the market by Michael Huddleston. This style is a type of trading strategy in the price action method, which is widely used in all financial markets, especially forex.

Price Action ICT is a trading style that is used to trade in the markets and has the simplest and most practical views of the financial markets. In fact, the ICT style is one of the trading methods that uses the inefficiencies and weaknesses of the market in order to gain profit. In fact, this style looks for areas of the market where traders are less active and there is also low liquidity.

In other words, it can be said that the ICT method in the price charts finds the levels and prices at which Smart Money has entered the market and in this way predicts the behavior and future movement of the price.


The best price action ICT training books

So far, countless comprehensive books have been published about trading in the financial markets, and their number is increasing daily. But considering that ICT price action style is a new topic in the market, the number of ICT style price action training books is still not high. Below is a list of the top 4 price action ICT training books, reading each of them can change the way you trade.

Advanced ICT style trading book by Richard Cohen

“Richard Cohen” in the book “Advanced ICT Institutional Trading” fully taught all the concepts related to “Smart Money Concept” and ICT style from beginner to advanced level. As a result, you can become a full-time professional trader by reading this book.

This book is a versatile tool for all traders. In this book, Richard Cohen has tried to explain concepts such as smart money, market structure (MSS and BOS), order block, order flow, price imbalance, sell side or buy side, pool in an understandable language. Clearly explain liquidity, ICT kill zone, liquidity gap, price action trading method, top-down analysis and many more.

ICT Forex Trading Strategy Book by James Jackol King

“James Jecool King” in the book (ICT Forex Trading Strategy) “ICT Forex Trading Strategy” has examined the method of trading with block orders in ICT price action and some common terms in ICT style such as “points It has fully explained the optimal entry, distribution and order block.

As you know, Order Block (OB) refers to the areas where all buying and selling activities of institutions took place and is used for hunting trades in ICT style.

By studying and implementing the strategy mentioned in this book, traders will fully understand the purpose of trading as well as the reasons for using block orders. Also, this book will completely change your perspective on financial markets.

ICT style trading book by Taylor Aaron

The ICT TRADING book is a comprehensive guide for forex traders introduced by Tyler Aaron to increase the knowledge and skills of investors for successful trading in the financial markets.

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