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Is Craig Wright the creator of bitcoin + everything about him

Is Craig Wright the creator of bitcoin + everything about him

As you read in the article Advantages of Bitcoin, Bitcoin was designed by an unknown person with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. But who created Bitcoin? Who is behind the cryptocurrency giants of the Cryptonaise world? In 2019, a person named Craig Steven Wright claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin. Of course, this claim was not accepted publicly, but it created a lot of noise in the world of digital currencies. In this article, we are going to examine the question, is Craig Wright the creator of Bitcoin? Let’s pay and introduce you to his life

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Today, Bitcoin is known as the oldest and best digital currency, and every news about this cryptocurrency is in the headlines of the world news. For example, on 13 Azar 1400, the fall of Bitcoin made so much noise in the digital currency market that every news site investigated this issue. It was a priority. It is better to know that due to the great popularity of this cryptocurrency, investing in Bitcoin is one of the best ways to earn money from digital currencies.

But the important thing that may make many people curious is the origin of the creator of Bitcoin.

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The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

Finding out the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the most interesting topics that many users became interested in after the price growth and popularity of Bitcoin. Because this matter was very mysterious and strange. Satoshi Nakamoto is a computer programmer and the creator of Bitcoin digital currency, who in 2008, after designing the first digital currency, introduced Bitcoin to users in the white paper of this project.

He disappeared in 2011, just when the Bitcoin project was gaining real efficiency and gaining popularity among various people. He gradually stopped posting and sharing emails on the forums, and in his last conversation with a Bitcoin developer, he announced that he was busy with other things.

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Who is Craig Wright?

Craig Steven Wright, born in October 1970, is an Australian computer scientist who claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin. He graduated from Padua High School in Brisbane in 1987. Wright was an academic researcher and lecturer at Charles Sturt University and was working on his Ph.D. titled “Risk Levels of Information Systems”. Wright also claimed to have received his doctorate in medicine from Charles Sturt University in 2015, but the university said he was awarded only two master’s degrees and Wright did not receive a doctorate from the university. But in February 2017, he finally received his doctorate from CSU.

Is Craig Wright the creator of Bitcoin?

This question was first raised in the minds of users in 2015; Because this year, two active newspapers in the technology area, Wired Magazine and Gizmodo, published an article about whether Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin? It made many users curious about this issue. While confirming this, Craig Wright announced that he was heavily involved in the design and development of the world’s first digital currency with his long-lost friend Dave Kleiman.

Shortly after, Wired Magazine published Craig White’s deleted posts, cached documents, e-mails, writings by authors and users who discussed the matter to prove the question of whether Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin. But still this issue was not believable for many people and it still did not prove Craig Wright’s claim.

Craig Wright and proving his claim

After the war and controversy of active users and newspapers about whether Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin?, Wright was forced to release new documents, such as screenshots of his terminal software and public key, which was associated with the first blocks of the Bitcoin network. But these documents were not enough, and after Mr. Wright’s documents were reviewed by a security researcher named Don Kaminsky, this claim was rejected again. He said Mr. Wright’s claim was just a hoax. Also, the developer of Bitcoin, Mr. Jeff Garzik, also agreed with this opinion; He declared that Mr. Wright’s evidence does not prove anything.

So there were only two ways Wright could have staked his claim: First, Wright could make a transaction using his (Nakamoto’s) private key. Second, he could publish a signed message encrypted using the same keys. But Craig Wright answered this in a different way; In response to this request, he wrote on his website:

I believed that I could do this and leave behind many years of anonymity and hiding. But after recent events, I stopped publishing my primary keys to prove this. I’m not interested in doing this anymore. I can not.

After the publication of this article, some people believed that Wright could not prove his claim due to his false claim about private keys and lack of access to these keys, and Wright’s resignation is just another lie in addition to his false claims.

Craig Wright summoned to court on fraud charges

Craig Wright has been subpoenaed for fraud after his Bitcoin claims. After refusing to disclose his Bitcoin holdings, he was subpoenaed to the Southern District Court of Florida for an explanation. Some time ago, Wright requested that the court session be postponed and also be allowed to appear via video conference; But the request was denied by Judge Beth Bloom.

After the trial, the judge sentenced Craig Wright for fraud, which could result in a minimum of 5 years in prison and a fine. After Wright was accused of stealing $11 billion worth of bitcoins, he filed a false statement based on statements and documents he had previously submitted to an Australian court.

last word

As said, finding out the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is a very interesting subject because of the mystery and disappearance of Nakamoto. Many different people claimed this issue, but each of them could somehow not prove their claim, and Nakamoto’s identity is still unclear. It is also better to know that the answer to the question is Craig Wright the creator of Bitcoin? It doesn’t matter much; Because the fact that Bitcoin is not controlled by a specific person is one of the reasons why people trust this cryptocurrency, and because of the powerful Bitcoin developer team, it no longer needs a manager.

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