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In this article, we talk about JasmyCoin digital currency. First, we will examine the answer to the question, what is physical coin (JASMY) and how does it work? What are the unique features of Jasmi and its Tokonomics and what are its goals? At the end, we will explain how to buy and the future of JasmyCoin (JASMY). Web 3 is the next stage of the Internet. Where the Internet of Things (IOT) is going to serve the Jasmi platform. Before entering the discussion, we remind you that you can get help from Persian Elite to receive digital currency signal.

What is JasmyCoin (JASMY)?

The Internet is based on data, and big tech companies are trying to get as much of it as possible. This comes with serious problems such as privacy, security and user control. There are several large cryptographic projects working on protocols that can provide better security and control over data. One of these big projects is Jasmy. In the rest of this article, after getting to know Jasmy and JasmyCoin, we will see how this digital currency tries to strengthen the security of data and their sharing.

Getting to know JASMY

Jasmy is a blockchain network that was first conceptualized in Tokyo in 2016 and launched on the Japanese exchange BITPoint on October 26, 2021. In this era of Internet of Things (IoT) and the world, Jasmi’s main goal is to provide data security and enable data sharing services. Jasmy’s technology enables Metaverse applications deployed on its network to have a direct data exchange bridge across their network. As a result, people can monetize and control their data. In addition, the program offers a decentralized storage solution optimized for a Metaverse ecosystem.

Getting to know JASMY operational team

With the advent of Web 3 and the increase in data transparency, Jasmi has a high probability of creating a main network in the metaverse. They have developed a strong Jasmi team and support its operations. The team includes a group of former Sony employees, including Kunitake Ando, ​​the seventh president of Sony Corporation, Kazumasa Sato, then head of Sony Style, and Tadashi Morita, a Sony employee since 1971. Also, this team has launched the Jasmy League decentralized initiative, whose main goal is to encourage and fully support innovation on the Jasmy platform. Jasmi is a social networking platform for the community that empowers networking for IoT devices. The primary source of use for this technology is in the payment network, which enables users to transfer this ERC-20 compatible token from one device to another. In the following, we will get to know the mechanism of Jasmi’s operation.

How does Jasmy work?

The platform provides the tools to create and manage the bridge users need to store, transfer data, and provide users with the capacity to fully control their data. This is done by leveraging the power of the latest blockchain network architecture for the Internet of Things. Jasmy Base module communicates effectively and securely with IoT devices. Jasmi also has a variety of applications that give customers the flexibility to manage their data as they wish.

The decentralized protocol of the Jasmi system has created a democratic and efficient environment. As a result, data can be collected from IoT devices and stored in data containers and protected by a strong security system. In addition, Jasmi categorizes data based on factors such as quality and quantity. Jasmi uses a scale that ranges from small data (a single data segment on a device) to “platinum” level data.

Jasmy’s unique features

In general, the Jasmi network is designed for the Internet of Things. This technology is accessible in various devices including cars, laptops, mobile phones and biochip transponders. This platform consists of various digital and mechanical components, each of which has a unique identifier and has the ability to transmit data to other terminals.

Many organizations use IoT system data to increase the efficiency of their platforms and increase their performance. Although the Internet of Things (IoT) system aims to improve consumer experience and expectations, it comes at a high cost. However, Jasmy has significantly reduced the possibility of privacy violations. This system provides a strong, secure and user-friendly environment for using data in various transactions based on the needs of data owners.

While the Jasmi platform may provide these excellent services, the system infrastructure can also facilitate consumer-centric information to enable private data between network users and their conditions. Jasmy aims to provide its users with an environment where their data can be converted into NFT-like assets while all transactions are decentralized.

Introduction to Jasmy coin (JASMY)

The Jasmy token (JASMY) is built on Ethereum and is used to strengthen the Jasmy ecosystem. Jasmi users can transfer tokens between devices and use them to pay for network services. Additionally, this token is designed as the primary payment method for all types of data exchanged between network members using IoT devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is working to unlock personal information, and Jasmi’s blockchain can help regain control of it. 

Three former Sony executives are using blockchain innovation to develop an international community that securely connects IoT devices while empowering consumers to control their personal data. Founded by Kunitake Ando, ​​Jasmi’s mission is to create possibilities for connected devices. Internet of Things at any time and any place (context aware IOT systems that have the power of the fourth commercial transformation.

Ando claimed: “While the Jasmi operating system protects the easy accessibility of the Internet and the value of people’s data, our concept is that everyone feels safe to use their data and protect the rights of users. This represents the development of a new era of customer-centric data, where data governance is in the hands of consumers and the data they provide becomes their personal assets.” 

Jasmi calls this the “democratization of data,” which is currently largely managed on centralized web servers by the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. A team that can see everything you do. Because they control what Jasmi calls platinum data. This access does not mean data sources of names, phone numbers and also card details but instead is important information that provides an understanding of day-to-day actions, as well as helps online marketers recognize the type of people as well as non-verification.

Details of Jasmi coin

official website
rank 136
Daily transactions     $35,505,200
Market size $142,675,071
Weekly changes  -11.8%
Number of coins available     4,754,930,780
Maximum number of coins available   50,000,000,000
Release date two years ago

JASMY blockchain security

Jasmi blockchain is used as a tool for people to regulate their information. Of course, data may be bought by advertising agencies, according to Ando, ​​but in the future users will be allowed to choose who they want to provide their data to.

Here is Jasmi’s first item Personal Data Lock (PDL) available, which gives you a kind of personal secret to retrieve data, meaning it only does it when you want and for who you want. Referring to AI speakers, Ando claims that Japanese people feel anxious about their personal privacy. A Jasmi AI audio speaker uses a PDL that no third party can access. Thus, it ensures privacy and also allows better use of information.

Ando has claimed that the core of this innovation is Jasmi’s license-pending Secure Knowledge Communicator as well as Smart Guardian, which are used to control secure equipment. The first important thing is Jasmi’s secure processor, which is a measure to increase the demand for information security. The innovation in this blockchain is to protect logs and information, which makes it possible for companies to create a remote protected space to ensure that they are not harmed.

Several major Japanese companies, such as VAIO Corp, Daiwabo Information Systems, as well as the largest driver of the national telephone facility, Transcosmos, share the same passion. One of Jasmi’s goals for the year’s progress is to market secure personal computers.

Economic token 

Jasmine Coin is an exchange approach for people who market their individual information on their PDL. In this way, it will be an energy token that companies must maintain in order to access people’s information. In addition, it is planned as a financial investment that can increase the need to use information and at the same time increase the democratization of information. 

The fifty billion pre-mined Jasmi tokens will never increase in number, while the amount of individual information that can be held in the system is essentially unlimited, suggesting that the intrinsic value of the coin will expand. It is natural that data users in the community need Jasmine Coin to access platinum information.

The future of Jasmy digital currency (JASMY) 

Jasmy Token or JasmyCoin is a promising cryptocurrency project whose digital currency is known by the symbol JASMY. According to experts’ predictions, this cryptocurrency will increase well until 2028, and its long-term holding is recommended. JASMY token can be extracted or mined. You can trade Jasmin for Tether to pay a fair fee. You can get help from Persian Elite to buy Tether. Currently, this cryptocurrency can be bought and sold on famous exchanges such as Binance, Kocoin, HobbyGlobal, Kraken.

last word

In this article, we got acquainted with JasmyCoin digital currency. We have seen that this cryptocurrency has a bright future in the long term and is associated with good profits until 2028. To know the price of Jasmi digital currency and other tokens, you can refer to Persian Elite. 

By joining the digital currency signal channel, you can achieve a good trading profit in a short period of time. These signals, which are obtained by the fundamental and technical analysis of the world’s most famous traders, have a very low risk and reduce your efforts in analysis. Of course, if you want to do your own technical analysis, you can get the latest and most up-to-date technical tools from the vip indicator sales section.

In addition, you can also get help from Persian Elite services for Binance authentication. Finally, the Persian Elite team wishes that its users can be successful in their crypto transactions and achieve satisfactory profits

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