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Learning how to bypass Binance sanctions

Learning how to bypass Binance sanctions

Bypassing Binance Sanctions

It is one of the concerns of sanctioned countries including Iran. Today, the discussion of digital currencies has become very hot. Many people want to use Binance exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.  In this article, we describe the best ways to enter this exchange and  learn how to bypass Binance sanctions . (What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?)

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Has the Binance exchange sanctioned Iran ?

Binance exchange is the largest and most reliable exchange in the world. It offers you very suitable facilities for activities in the field of digital currencies. But unfortunately, like many other foreign platforms in Binance,  Iran  is also on the banned list. And it is not possible to register and use this exchange using Iran. If this exchange recognizes you as an Iranian using its own security systems. It locks your capital and does not allow you to withdraw. And the user must receive permission to withdraw funds and leave the exchange by sending an email and communicating with Binance support. The lifting of the Binance embargo  for Iran will not be done anytime soon. So it is better   to find a way to solve Binance problems .

The reason for banning Iran by Binance

Binance exchange is subject to FATF rules. These laws were also issued from the United States. Recently, a list of bitcoin owners has been published, some of whom were Iranian. Binance exchange, which is against money laundering, considers the assets of Iranians as a form of money laundering and has blocked all Iranian accounts.

Solving the problem of banning Binance for Iranians

 In order to bypass Binance sanctions, Iranian users  have to use ways to bypass these sanctions and hide their identity and real location. This requires the use of VPNs or VPS. First, we need to know what VPN and VPS are and how they differ from each other.

What is the difference between  VPN  and  VPS  ?

As we said, to bypass Binance sanctions, you need to use VPNs or VPS. VPS works in such a way that a physical server that exists in a foreign country is divided into several parts virtually. and offers it to different people. But in VPNs, it connects you to the main network through a private and secure network. In this way, your information remains safe and hidden.

It is possible with these differences mentioned. VPS is not useful for every business. This is because VPS is more expensive than VPN and also does not give you the necessary and sufficient control over a dedicated server. Although it increases access for us.

VPNs consider that if your data contains valuable and important information. It encrypts them and secures them against hackers. This is an effective way to protect payment information as well as protect confidential customer information. In addition to the above, a VPN can also protect your data over Wi-Fi.

Using VPN or VPS to register and operate in the Binance exchange and enjoy its facilities, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. To earn fixed or even astronomical profits, you can become a member of Binance Bittorrent Signal Telegram channel and enjoy the profits.

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Using  VPNs  and  VPS  for Binance Exchange

In using VPNs, we choose a foreign country for a private and secure connection. And even in some VPNs, we have the ability to choose the city, but we must be careful to choose countries. and through them to have a secure and private connection, which are not in the banned list of Binance exchange. In addition to Iran, the Binance exchange has placed many countries in its banned list, both in the European continent and in other parts of the world. There are different reasons for choosing these countries. A number of these countries, such as Iran, have been restricted by the Binance exchange due to sanctions, and a number of these countries, such as England, are also restricted in the Binance exchange at the request of these countries.

Disadvantages of   free VPNs

One of the disadvantages of free VPNs is this. In most of them, after choosing the country and city you want, you will be connected to a different IP from this city and country every time. It has little risk to use in Binance exchange. Because by changing the IP every time you connect to these VPNs, it will cause the sensitivity of the Binance exchange on your user account. But one of the advantages of using VPNs is that most of them are free. But we can use fixed IP VPNs, most of which have to be paid for. But these types of VPNs give you a fixed IP every time you connect, so that the risk of Binance becoming sensitive is removed, as most professional traders also use this type of VPN.

You should either take the risk of using free VPNs and use them. Or by spending some money and buying fixed IP VPNs or VPSs, you have a lower risk of leaking information in the Binance exchange. (How to use CCI)

last word

As we said, in order to use the Binance exchange, you must choose one of the types of VPN or VPS for your activity. For this purpose, you can contact the professional team of Bitserver to receive advice in this field and to prepare suitable VPS for trading in Binance exchange. So that you can choose the best way and easily get the VPS you want. And besides, you can use our trade signals and earn dollars by becoming a member of Bitronet’s Signal Trade Telegram channel. Thank you for your cooperation (our offer to you: Global market intelligence course (forex))

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