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Learning to hack digital currency and ways to prevent it

Learning to hack digital currency and ways to prevent it

The assets in the digital currency market, which are usually held in exchanges and digital wallets, are very valuable. Hence, if a person can access these assets, he becomes a billionaire overnight. Therefore, the digital currency market is always threatened and attacked by hackers. For example, the Pancake Swap exchange, which is one of the largest exchanges in the world, was attacked by hackers some time ago. Following this attack, many people lost their assets that they kept in the wallet of the exchange. Therefore, in this article, we intend to teach you how to hack digital currency and how to prevent it. We will also introduce you to the methods that hackers use to drain people’s accounts.

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Learning to hack digital currency

The digital currency market can be considered as the most active and current financial market. The trading volume of digital exchanges is over billions of dollars, which indicates that this market is active. On the other hand, most people are also engaged in trading in addition to their main job, and you may find people who leave their main job to focus more on this market. In the rest of the article, we are going to introduce you to 8 methods that hackers use to steal your assets. We will also teach you how to prevent this from happening. The digital currency training course will also help you to make these mistakes less and buy and sell digital currencies better than others.


One of the easiest ways that we brought to you in the tutorial article on hacking digital currency is the Copy/Paste method. You intend to send some digital currency that you have in your wallet to another address. But you don’t know if this address given to you by the recipient is safe or not. The recipient who gives you this address can change the address with the help of a hacker such as Crypto Shuffler. Therefore, you unknowingly enter this address in your wallet and your account will be completely empty. In the continuation of the digital currency hacking tutorial article, we will introduce you to other hacking methods. Now the solutions for this case are as follows:

  • Checking the sent address letter by letter
  • Using QRCode recognition programs
  • Do not install any software on your system.

This happens mostly to novice investors, as they prefer people to cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, it is better for these people to first read the article on how to enter the digital currency market so that they do not face these problems.

Fake programs

We all know that digital currency exchanges each have their own application. Therefore, some hackers try and produce similar programs and you install them on your phone or system instead of the original program. Hence, after you transfer your digital currencies to that app, your assets are stolen. Solutions for this method of theft for you dear ones are included in the digital currency hacking training article, which you can see below.

  • Be sure to download the exchange program from reference sites.
  • Enable two-step login for wallet and exchange apps
  • Do not install it on your device until you are sure of the desired program.

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Fake websites

There are many fake websites on Google that may be ranked first on the first page of Google. Therefore, you unknowingly enter these fake websites and buy or sell digital currency. It may seem right at first and your balance on the said site will increase, but it won’t be long before your account balance will be zero. There are solutions for this situation, which we will teach you in the following article on hacking digital currency with your phone.

  • Always make sure the word squire is at the beginning.
  • There should also be a lock icon before the address.

For example, Hotbit exchange is one of the exchanges that has recently started to operate. Therefore, it is possible to create fake websites for it, so it is better to be careful when entering it. You can also learn more about this exchange by reading the Hotbit exchange training article.

Fake Google ads

Until this part of the digital currency hacking tutorial article, you are familiar with some hacking methods, in the following we will introduce you to the most destructive ones. Some hackers place their website on the main page and in the first place by using advertisements. So that when you search the desired term, the first site will be displayed for you. Usually, the word “ad” is next to the main address of the website, which indicates that it is advertised by Google. By entering these websites, you unknowingly enter your information and your assets are stolen. To prevent this from happening, it is better not to click on advertising websites so that you don’t have to worry about losing your assets.

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Phishing digital currencies

This type of asset theft that we have brought to you in the digital currency hacking training article is much more common than other methods. Cryptocurrencies are sometimes listed on exchanges that have no backing and are only used to steal people’s assets. Such digital currencies have a high value at first, but after some people buy it, its price drops to zero. To prevent this from happening, follow the steps below.

  • Check digital currency on CoinMarketCap website
  • Reading the website of digital currency

If you don’t want this to happen to you, choose reputable exchanges such as Kocoin. Therefore, in order to trade easily in this exchange, read the article on how to trade in Kocoin.

Phishing emails

This is similar to phishing currencies, except that an email similar to the one you may receive from your exchange or wallet is sent to you. This email asks you to click on the link in the email. After clicking on this link, you will usually be taken to a page or asked to install a program on your system. Its solutions are given below for you dear ones, so that you don’t fall victim to this method of digital currency hacking.

  • Do not open an email you do not recognize.
  • Do not click on any link.
  • Check the intended email using the Redirect-Checker website to make sure where it is being redirected.

Hacking the wallet

Physical wallets can be stolen or destroyed, but software wallets cannot. Because digital wallets consist of two public and private keys and accessing them is a bit difficult. However, using private methods, hackers take people’s assets out of their wallets and, in other words, steal them. The public key is used to receive digital currencies and the private key is used to withdraw digital currencies. The loss or disclosure of your private key means the loss of all your assets. Because a hacker using your private key can easily empty your entire account within a few minutes. Therefore, what solutions are there to prevent this digital currency hacking method?

  • Do not store your private key on your computer or phone. Because if hackers get access to your system, they can easily use it to empty your account.
  • Writing down your password in a prominent place such as hot wallets such as Wirex, Crypterium and BlockChain.


There are extensions in the internet world that will help you improve in the digital currency market and make you more profitable. Some of these plugins are distributed and spread in the internet for hacking digital currency, and you should be careful with this category of plugins. These plugins may save your information when you are connecting to your wallet. Well, what are the solutions to prevent this digital currency hacking method?

  • Avoid installing any additional plugins on your system.
  • Use a very secure browser that uses web 3 or blockchain technology such as Brave browser.


Digital currencies are traded in high volumes and the number of transactions in this market is millions per second. Therefore, this market is more interested in hackers than any other financial market. The strategies that hackers use to steal people’s assets are very sophisticated and without having enough information, you may lose your assets. Therefore, in this article, we tried to teach you how to hack digital currency and how to prevent it, so that you can keep your assets away from the eyes of hackers.

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