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Management of environmental information by memories, associations and beliefs

Management of environmental information by memories, associations and beliefs
  • The quality of energy stored in our mind has two components: First, its polarity, which can be positive, negative, or neutral. Second, its intensity, which ranges from maximum positive to maximum negative.
  • Association is a natural feature in the way humans think. That is, our brain cells are connected in such a way that they automatically associate similar environmental information.
  • Association is an automatic process in which information is organized in our mental system.
  • Perception means recognizing something through the five senses in the external environment, which we have already learned about.
  • Our mental energy works with the five senses to isolate, categorize, and organize environmental information based on distinctions we already recognize.
  • Distinctions are agents of separation of environmental information, and without them, information is too general.
  • What we experience from the environment around us originates from within us, not from events and the external environment.
  • Beliefs create definitions and distinctions in our minds, and also manage our perception of the environment.
  • Fear is a lot of negatively charged energy that limits our information range. In other words, fear is a defense mechanism that aims to help us avoid things that we have learned to perceive as threats.

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Our experiences are stored as memories containing electrical energy

As we said about the trader’s mental environment and the need to know its nature and components, what we receive on the physical level and through our five powers, becomes energy or electrical messages and is sent to the brain through the nervous system connected to the receiving organ. is sent From the moment of birth, our existence as a force affects the environment around us

Our body occupies a space that cannot be occupied by another thing or person. On the other hand, the physical environment also affects our senses and as a result, a cause and effect relationship is established between us and our surroundings. The experiences created from our interaction with the environment are transformed into electrical energy messages that can be positive or negative.

Consider a child who cries. The cry of this child affects the environment as a force, or to be more precise, the child creates a sound that reaches the ears of all the people around and affects them. The way the people around him react creates an experience for the child that will determine the electrical charge and the quality of the energy associated with this memory in his mind. Energy quality means positive or negative, as well as the degree of intensity of energy that is recorded in the mind in relation to each experience.

Consider the same example of a child. If the environment responds to the child’s cry with a kind and loving hug, this experience will be stored in his mind with a positive charge, and its intensity depends on the intensity of the effect that the environment’s response has on the child’s senses. So, in general, the quality of energy stored in our mind has two components: First, its polarity, which can be positive, negative, or neutral.

Second, its intensity, which ranges from maximum positive to maximum negative. Energy quality is an important concept that should be well understood because it forms the type of beliefs we have about the nature of the surrounding environment and is very effective on our perception and how we react to the environment. Positive energy from pleasant experiences is constructive. By creating a sense of self-confidence, this energy promotes education and mental growth, and as a result, it becomes a factor for searching and discovering the unknown.

The meaning of the unknown is everything that exists as a possibility or opportunity in the physical environment, but has not yet been established in our minds. This energy creates a desire in us to interact more with the environment and create more experiences. The more we experience, the more we learn about the true nature of the environment and the better we can interact with it.

In fact, positive memories make us feel confident to take steps to gain new experiences and develop our minds. On the other hand, negative energy, which is caused by a painful reaction from the surrounding environment, is a limiting and inhibiting force, unlike positive energy.

The general result of a negative experience is to create a negatively charged memory in the mind, which in turn creates fear. Fear prevents the acquisition of new experiences and learning, which itself causes failure, unhappiness and dissatisfaction, and repetition of negative experiences. As a trader, you must be able to look at the market with an unbiased view. To do this, you need to learn how to identify the subtle fears that unconsciously destroy your ability to maintain neutrality.

How does our mind associate?

Association is a natural feature in the way humans think. That is, our brain cells are connected in such a way that they automatically associate similar environmental information. The mind does this in two ways: In the first way, there is a natural tendency in the human mind to label people and things according to their characteristics and classify them into similar groups.

For example, if a person with a certain characteristic knows the inhabitants of a particular city, he automatically wants to attribute that characteristic to other people from that city. In the second method, the mind relates an event to another unrelated event. In this method, we relate smells, tastes, sounds or images to an experience and quality of energy.

To better understand this, consider a song that every couple listens to and takes back the mood of their wedding and engagement days, and in fact, this song evokes a lot of love and happy days for them. All the memories and feelings related to that period pass through their minds. In general, association is an automatic process in which information is organized in our mental system.

Most associations are unconscious; In fact, we are not aware of the formation of a link between environmental variables with the positive and negative energy of our mind. We may later see, hear, or smell things that make us feel a certain way, and we don’t remember when we connected this seemingly unrelated information to the initial events.

Distinctions are the separation factor of environmental information

Our senses do not give us the ability to get all the environmental information. Therefore, using a mechanism, we must choose those things that we want to be aware of and focus on. Everything we learn creates a loop of energy between our inner and outer environment that we call understanding.

So understanding means recognizing something through the 5 senses in the external environment, which we have already learned about. That is, our mental energy cooperates with these senses to separate, categorize, and organize environmental information based on distinctions we already know. In other words, to recognize something in the environment, it is necessary to already have information about it.

Otherwise, it will be labeled meaningless and we will not notice it. Therefore, in order to acquire the ability to recognize anything, including the recognition of opportunities in the market, we must create a suitable perceptual framework in ourselves. Distinctions are agents of separation of environmental information, and without them, information is too general.

For example, until a child is taught the difference between a spoon and a pencil, he does not distinguish between them and puts them both in his mouth. But after training, he can distinguish between the two. In this example, the spoon and the information that define it, establish an energy loop between the child’s internal and external environment, which is the factor that differentiates and identifies it in the environment, and until this distinction is made, the spoon and the pencil are both in the same category. More generally, they are, for example, things that can be put in the mouth.

Likewise, anything that exists in the external environment as a possibility or a possibility, but we do not yet recognize it, is because we have not yet learned to make the necessary distinction and therefore not fully understand it. we don’t Have you ever read a difficult text a second or third time? Do you notice something new every time? Why does this happen? Because with each reading, the frame of mind that makes you understand something in the text is developing.

At any moment, there is a fundamental difference between reality and what we perceive, and only some experienced people are able to understand these differences due to their different mental structure. The more we can clean up the information, the deeper we gain a deeper understanding of the cause and effect relationships between things.

How does experience lead to perception?

The first encounter with something always creates in our mind a memory, distinction or association that did not exist before. The meaning of this encounter is something completely unique, like learning a new word that we have not heard before. After we have learned something, our mental energy acts as a driving force on our senses to recognize it in the environment. In other words, we first experience a thing in the environment, then we will recognize it around us.

In order to better understand this issue, let’s take fear as an example. We feel fear when we identify something in the environment that we previously know as “painful”. In fact, this fear is caused by the same negative energy stored in our memories and mental associations. In simpler terms, if the situation is the same or similar to something we have already experienced, we can assign a meaning or label to it and thereby understand it.

Imagine that some people are present at an event. Each of them will later define that event differently. This means that everyone has experienced that event according to their mental structure. That is, he created his own special distinctions from that information and put his own special meaning on it.

In fact, each person’s version of a single event is unique because the way each human experiences the external environment depends on their understanding of the environment, and their understanding is also a function of what is in their mind now. So, contrary to what people think, most of what we experience from the environment originates from within us, not from the events themselves and the external environment.

The relationship between perception and emotion

The energy that determines our different feelings in different situations such as love or hate, anger, fear, etc. in many situations and conditions does not come from the environment, but these feelings are a part of our existence. Let me make it easier for you to understand this by mentioning a memory. In 1987, I was watching a TV show that often featured local actors doing comedy shows and hidden cameras.

In a part of this program, the producer placed a person with a placard in a busy street. On his placard it was written: “Free money – today only”. How many people do you think noticed the placard and came to collect money? Only 1 person. He also asked for 25 rials to board the bus. Except for him, not one person even came close until he had to shout: Does anyone want free money? I can’t spend that much money.

But again, everyone ignored him and passed in front of him. He even once pulled a passerby’s hand and asked him if he didn’t want free money. The passerby said to him: Let it be for later. Here, despite the fact that the environment has clearly and completely expressed its information, but only one person with his mental structure understood it, and that too in the amount of 25 rials. To be honest, people’s reaction was not that strange. Because we generally believe that free money is nowhere to be found.

Although that person presented his environment in a real way, that is, the writing on the placard was completely true and real, but he did not establish any connection with the mental environment of any of the passers-by. In other words, no one except that one person, believed that they could give free money to someone, and it caused them to look at that man as a madman. The conclusion we want to draw from this memory is that the environment did not play a role in determining and choosing the meaning taken by people from the phrase on the placard, and each person created their own personal experience of the existing conditions.


The role of beliefs in the mental system

Beliefs play many roles in our mental system. They create definitions in our minds and make distinctions, as well as manage our perception of the environment. But it should be known that what is understandable for a person is not necessarily all the things available and understandable in the environment. Remember the example of free money.

Any person can claim that his experience with money is the same as reality. What can prove otherwise? Instead of seeing their beliefs and experiences as beliefs about reality, people see them as pure reality, which is not too unnatural because beliefs establish a relationship with the environment that the best name that can be used to describe it is a closed loop. . Closed loop means that each part of the process by which we experience the environment supports other parts of the process, until everything seems obvious.

Beliefs tightly control information entering the brain so that only information that is consistent with them is allowed to enter. As a result, everything that enters the mind supports the experience resulting from previous beliefs. Until this loop is opened or a person does not know how to open it, he will not be exposed to new experiences and will be gaining experience every moment in the space of the previous closed loop.

In other words, we cannot experience what we do not believe unless we open our minds and expose ourselves to the possibility that what we believe may be only a small part of the whole reality that is presented in the environment. will be In fact, beliefs reduce our awareness of new data. but why? Because considering or accepting new information that contradicts previous data creates many choices that we normally don’t need to know.

Also, when there are too many choices in front of us, our mind will quickly become confused and confused due to the inability to process them. In fact, if beliefs did not exist, our mind would be like a television that wants to receive all the broadcasts and display them all at the same time. In other words, they have given us the possibility to tune our every moment into an information channel.

How does fear lead to the very event we avoid?

As we mentioned in the description of the importance of trading psychology, in the capital market everything starts from within ourselves. Fear, that is, a lot of negatively charged energy, has a tremendous ability to limit the range of information that can be considered. In other words, fear is a defense mechanism that aims to help us avoid things that we have learned to perceive as threats.

Consider a child who is bitten by a dog on his first encounter. He naturally considers all dogs as a threat to him and every time he encounters a dog, he feels panic and insecurity. But the reality he created in his mind about dogs is not the whole reality about them. This does not mean that all dogs are dangerous. On the contrary, only a small part of dogs are dangerous and the rest try to establish friendly relations with humans.

One way to avoid fear is to easily deny threatening news. Another way to create blind spots in our perception is to deliberately focus all of our attention on non-threatening information. These blind spots lead to very unpleasant results, especially in the trading environment. Suppose a trader enters into a trade with the fear of loss.

The type of information he will then focus on will depend on the direction of the price movement. If prices are hurting him as he thinks they are, he will focus on neutral information to avoid pain. Now, if the prices return to his favor, for his peace of mind, he exits the transaction with the first small profit and breathes a sigh of relief. Now imagine that this trader makes a profit in the very first trade. Then it focuses on completely different information.

This time, his fear is not of loss, but of the market going back and losing his profits. This time, unlike before, he focuses entirely on the information that confirms that the market is going to move against him, and again, regardless of what positions he will lose, he exits the trade with a small profit. This example proves why most traders, against advice, stop taking profits and allow losses to grow.

Fear makes us avoid possible choices without having any evidence, because when we are afraid of facing a certain category of information and block them, we actually eliminate some of the choices in front of us. In short, our choices are shaped by our minds, not the market environment. To avoid these blind spots, we must learn to trade without fear.

To succeed in the market, we must believe that without fear, we can win better. Because in this case you can better evaluate the situation and understand more choices. What we need to do is to free our minds from anything that might limit our focus and prevent a certain category of information from entering our minds.

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