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Metamask wallet recovery tutorial

Metamask wallet recovery tutorial

Today, to buy and sell coins in the digital currency market, it is necessary to have a secure wallet. Metamask wallet is the best and most popular DEFI raw wallet because it provides its customers with everything a user expects from a wallet. The Metamask wallet is implemented on the Ethereum platform and supports most of the cryptocurrencies in the Ethereum network. Recently, the ability to add the Binance Smart China network has also been added to this wallet, so that there is no need to create a new wallet to buy tokens of this network. Recovering the wallet is an important issue that you will see in the  Metamask wallet recovery tutorial,  which you can easily recover by just following some steps. In this article, we are going to  teach Metamask wallet recovery  and also the advantages and disadvantages of this popular and safe wallet.

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What is Metamask wallet?

Metamask is a digital wallet that uses the Ethereum blockchain network and supports most of the digital currencies implemented on the Ethereum platform. In addition to being a place to store cryptocurrency, Metamsk wallet gives its customers the ability to convert any currency into another currency due to its connection to two major exchanges, Coinbase and Shipshift. At first, this wallet was only available as an extension in Chrome and Firefox browsers. After the increase in the number of users of this wallet, its manufacturer ConsenSys decided to make a mobile version of this wallet in 2019. In this wallet, you can create a private key for your account, and you can buy and sell digital currencies just by adding its extension to your desired browser.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Metamask wallet


  • High speed in transactions
  • Beginners can easily use it
  • Support for Ethereum and Binance Smart China networks
  • The possibility of buying and selling currencies in the Binance Smart China and Ethereum networks
  • Converting (Exchange) the tokens of these two networks to each other
  • Having mobile and desktop operating systems
  • Ability to communicate with most DApps
  • high security


  • The possibility of buying digital currencies is limited in some countries.
  • Infura has been used in its implementation, which makes the cost of storing information on the Ethereum platform more expensive.
  • Bitcoin is not natively supported.

As you can see, using a wallet ends up being in favor of users because its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. These reasons, which you can see in the above section, have all made this wallet more popular than other wallets. The convenience and ease of use of this wallet can be considered the best advantage of the Metamask wallet. If you haven’t bought digital currency yet and you don’t know where to start, read the digital currency training article.

Metamask wallet recovery tutorial

Metamask wallet recovery training for both mobile and desktop operating systems is given below for you dear ones, by following the steps you can recover the information in your wallet. If you don’t have this wallet on your browser, you can read the Metamask wallet article and learn how to add this wallet extension to one of Chrome or Firefox browsers.

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The first method

Metamask wallet recovery tutorial for desktop version is given for you dears first, because it is believed that most users use this extension.

  1.  First, open the browser on which you have installed the Metamask wallet extension.
  2. In the Metamsk wallet recovery training, it is assumed that you have lost or forgotten the password needed to enter your wallet.
  3.  Click on Import Using Secret Recovery Phrase as shown in the picture below.
  4.  On the new page, you must enter the recovery words that are provided to you when you create your Metamask wallet in the first block. In the next blocks, you adopt a new password for your account and repeat the same password again in the next block.
  5. Your account recovery is complete. Note that if you have multiple accounts, you can restore them all in the same way.

The second method

The recovery of the digital wallet for Android and IOS version is done in one way, the complete steps of which are given below for your loved ones along with its images.

  1. Open Metamask digital wallet application on your phone.
  2. Go to the menu section of the program and click on Lock so that the program enters the next section.
  3. Click on the Reset Wallet button.
  4.  After clicking, a message stating that it is possible to delete your account only with Recovery Phrase. Since you forgot or lost your wallet password, you need to do this.
  5. In the next section, it asks you to enter the word Delete.
  6.  After doing this, click on Import Using Secret Recovery Phrase option.
  7. Enter the recovery words that were provided to you during the creation of the digital wallet in the same order. In the next block, enter a new password for your account and repeat the same password again in the next block.
  8.  Your Metamask wallet recovery ends here.

Note that when making any kind of wallet, write down the recovery words somewhere. If you somehow forget or lose these words, you won’t be able to recover your wallet.


Metamask wallet has a very good and easy user interface so that beginners can easily buy and sell currency with this wallet. Due to the fact that this wallet is based on two networks, Ethereum and Binance Smart China, it allows its customers to buy and sell and exchange many digital currencies. Metamask wallet recovery procedures are very easy and convenient and you will be able to recover your wallet in minutes, although this process is long and difficult in some wallets. In this article, we have explained the steps of Metamask wallet recovery training on both desktop and mobile platforms, as well as the benefits of using this wallet for you dear ones.

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