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Michael’s Style Trading Book (ICT)

Michael's Style Trading Book (ICT)

All of us these days are facing challenges to make a living and meet our financial needs, and an important part of our time is spent investigating and creating solutions for financial challenges.

In fact, it should be said that in today’s world, getting to know the correct and principled methods of investment is one of the topics that has a large audience and is one of the most popular and widely used ways to earn more money and maintain the value of assets against inflation. We recommend that you use reputable educational resources to manage your property.

Many people operate in the financial markets, and a limited number of these people benefit, and unfortunately, a large part of them lose their capital. According to statistics and data, 90% of people lose their capital in the market and only 10% of investments are successful. Now the question is, what should we do to be among this 10%?

Investing and trading in the financial markets, like any other work, requires a lot of knowledge and effort. People who intend to work professionally in these markets must devote time to learning; Because they know that those who succeed in this path know the market and can make calculated and informed decisions in specific conditions.

But this is not always the point. Sometimes we come across resources that make our learning path shorter and more effective.

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The book “ICT-Style Transactions”, which is taken from the teachings of the creator of this style, Michael Huddleston, and compiled and compiled by Professor Mohammad Hosseini, is one of these resources that can make your learning path very short and fruitful.

What effect does ICT style have on transactions?

The ICT price action strategy  is one of the successful methods for investing in various types of financial markets, which is very efficient to use. Unlike older methods, in this method you do not need to use a large number of indicators and technical tools, and you only need to be a little familiar with the Fibonacci indicator.

Maybe the traditional methods of market analysis will help you to predict the future of the price, but the only method that will inform you about the happenings of the market and help you to monitor the performance of smart money in the market is this ICT method.

The ICT method helps you to align with the transactions of large institutions and institutions such as central banks and make safer transactions by following the liquidity and the input and output of large capitals.

In this book, all the important and practical points of ICT strategy are examined and important information about risk and capital management is also provided for those interested in a simple language that can be your guide in the way of trading.

Maybe so far, your experience of reading investment and trading books has not been very favorable and you think they have difficult expressions or complicated terms; In this case, we suggest you to read this book to find a different perspective on investment books with its simple expression and complete explanations.

This book is the result of research and review of the best sources and international courses, which was prepared along with the experience and evaluations of Professor Mohammad Hosseini on trading and investing in this style. The purpose of compiling this book is to increase the level of awareness of students who intend to invest and enter the financial markets.

Brief introduction to the creator of ICT style

“Michael Huddleston” (Michael Huddleston), the founder and instructor of the Price Action ICT style, has had a profitable trading experience in the financial markets for more than 30 years and has trained many successful students in this field. After years of working with banks, he realized that market makers or market leaders adjust their orders in such a way that they adjust the liquidity of their orders from trapping small capitals. Huddleston developed and introduced this style of price action after examining the financial trends of banks and large financial institutions so that traders can avoid large losses in the market.

If you want to get acquainted with the ICT style and start trading based on this strategy, we recommend you to read this practical book.

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