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The word Moon means moon. If a certain currency grows a lot, this situation is described with the term reaching the moon, also if people’s excitement about the growth of the currencies they bought is too much, terms like To The Moon or Mooning mean to the moon and Or they use it like the moon. This type of expression and expression expresses taste, enthusiasm, optimism and hope for future conditions.


There are many slang terms and colloquialisms about cryptocurrencies. For example, it is common for investors of this currency to use the term like the month. This term describes a cryptocurrency that will have an upward trend due to bullish market conditions.

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To The Moon

This term means that you believe that there is a high probability that your cryptocurrency will have a big price increase soon. This term seems a bit exaggerated and may not correspond to reality. Because sometimes this term is used in social networks to encourage and influence investors towards a certain cryptocurrency. For example, these networks announce that a certain cryptocurrency is about to go to the moon. These people are trying to influence the cryptocurrency market for their own benefit and their assets and to gain profit through this. A real example of this term was related to the bear market of 2017, when not only investors but also the media were hoping and cheering for the price increase of basic cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

When Moon

This term also describes when the digital currency price increases at a high speed. This price increase is so high that it seems to reach the moon. The Persian equivalent of this term is skyrocketing prices at a specific time. Usually, people use this term when they hope that the prices will grow and they can sell their digital currencies and make a profit.

Getting to know Moon digital currency extension (MOON)  

The new possibility of online shopping from Amazon site, using digital currencies, has caused Google to think for sites that do not support Bitcoin and other digital currencies for online payment. On the other hand, many users are interested in making their payments through digital currencies for the following reasons:

  • Less fees
  • No need to convert local currency to dollars 
  • No need to use credit cards 
  • Use of modern technology

Therefore, a plugin called Mon has been introduced so that users can purchase from online stores using Bitcoin. You may ask what is the plugin and how can we make our online payment using the Mon plugin. Stay with us for more information in this article.

Working with Google Chrome extensions 

Google Chrome extensions have been created for reasons such as simplifying the use of programs and protecting the privacy of users. These extensions are in the form of plugins. Maybe you have worked with some of these plugins like Alexa, translation, weather, digital currencies, digital marketing, search and many more and these plugins are customized on your default Google page. 

Moon plugin is one of these plugins that you can install on your browser. This plugin helps more in cryptocurrency payments and providing cryptocurrency payment gateways. The presence of Moon on the Chrome browser allows you to shop online using your Bitcoin wallet, which supports the Lightning network. So, to buy from the Amazon store with Bitcoin, you only need to do two basic steps. Have a lightning wallet for your bitcoins. Install my plugin on your browser.

How to install Mon extension on Chrome browser

  • Follow the steps below to install Mon plugin:
  • Select the first option, Chrome Web Store, from the programs section of the Chrome browser. The program icon is located on the left side of the browser in the form of colored squares.
  • Now you need to find Mon among the available plugins. Click on the Add option. A message asking for your permission to install this plugin will appear in a dialog. Proceed to install it.
  • To delete the extension, it is enough to find the Mon extension icon from the top of your Chrome browser, click on this icon and select delete.
  • If you are unable to find the Mon icon, select Extensions from the tools section. Then find and delete Mon plugin.
  • To manage the Mon extension, you can also turn off or on the features you want from the Extensions section. For example, the permission to access the site remains on, but the anonymous component is turned off.

Getting to know the Lightning network in payment 

This network was created as a solution to the limitations and problems caused by the scalability of Bitcoin. This network is used as an additional layer in the blockchain to improve the transaction speed and eliminate the problems related to payment gateways with Bitcoin. The existence of the Moon plugin alongside this network makes it possible to buy from online stores that do not support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can think of Mon’s role as an intermediary between the customers who are buying with Bitcoin and the shopping sites. So, in practice, this addition has helped to increase the power of Bitcoin and its credibility.

The functionality of this plugin is that it first receives customers’ Lightning payments and then converts them into fiat currencies. In fact, the user is paying for his purchase with Bitcoin, but the site takes this payment in the form of fiat currency such as dollars and converts it using the exchange system within his company. This is while you are using only one automated plugin. It doesn’t even matter what site you buy from. You can easily shop online in Iran from famous stores such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.

last word

In this article, we got acquainted with terms like Mooning, To The Moon, and When Moon, and at the end, we gave explanations about the Moon digital currency add-on, and also expressed some issues with the use of this add-on and the Lightning network in online digital currency purchases

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