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NFT collection training

NFT collection training

NFT is one of the many assets that are traded in the cryptocurrency market. You can buy or sell this asset from special NFT platforms. Some people are very interested in these types of digital assets and usually buy and sell a lot of them. Making money from NFTs is one of the most profitable ways to get out of the cryptocurrency market. People can turn their sets or NFTs into collections and get more income from NFTs. Artists can earn millions by designing tens of thousands of collections and placing them in NFT collections. People who work in the NFT market must have come across the concept of NFT collection. But what is NFT collection? In this article, we are going to introduce you to the training of making NFT collection so that you have more complete information about it.

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What is NFT collection?

A collection is a set of identical works of art collected or produced by a particular person. NFTs are computer generated and represent a specific product. Cryptopunks, Castle Monkeys, and Cool Cats are among the most famous NFT collections. If you are familiar with the world of NFTs, you must have heard of cryptopunks and their incredible prices. This in itself shows how high the value of NFTs is. NFTs are implemented or minted on the blockchain so that each becomes a unique asset. After being minted on the blockchain, a unique code is also assigned to them. This code indicates the owner or creator of the NFT work.

The blockchain networks on which these works are implemented or minted are Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, or others. Making NFT is not that difficult and it is like uploading a photo in a website. Of course, this is a little different from uploading photos to websites. In order to upload NFTs to NFT selling sites or platforms, people must pay the network fee and have a wallet compatible with that network. The fees that individuals have to pay while loading NFTs are as follows.

  • Network gas cost:  When you intend to make a transaction on a blockchain network, you have to pay the cost of doing your work or the same technical cost.
  • Listing Fee:  Each NFT trading platform charges a fee for listing NFTs. In some platforms, such as Rariable platform and OpenC platform, the NFT fee is charged to users after its sale; But other platforms charge fees right from the start.
  • Market place fee:  Each of the NFTs is bought and sold in a specific market, and the fee of each market is different from the other.

The cost of placing NFTs on different platforms ranges from $1 to $500 or even more. Today, NFTs are minted on the Polygon or Ethereum networks, which has become simpler than before. By learning how to make a NFT collection, you can easily sell your NFTs at a low cost in various marketplaces. The fees for making NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon networks are collected from sellers after selling NFTs; But in Solana network, you have to pay the NFT creation fee yourself. The fee for creating NFT on the Polygan network is lower than other networks, so we are going to  teach you how to create a NFT collection on this network.

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How is NFT collection made?

Training to create NFT COLLECTION is the topic that we intend to address in this section of the article. When you are fully familiar with the NFT collection creation tutorial, proceed to create your collection in one of the market polices. Note that anything can be converted to NFT. For example, you can convert your handwriting into NFT. To learn how to do this, read the article How to NFT your posts. In the following, we will introduce you to how to create an NFT collection on the OpenC platform. In order to be able to buy and sell on this platform, it is better to be familiar with its parts. To learn more about this platform, read the article What is the OpenC platform? First of all, you should know that to access the Opensea platform, you must have IP change software.

Creating a collection in OpenC Marketplace is a very simple operation. You can create a collection in the OpenC platform with just a few clicks and then add your NFTs in that collection. Next, as you know, we will first teach you how to create a collection and then we will go to add NFT in the created collection, stay with us. After entering this site, keep your mouse pointer on the dummy icon on the right side of the screen. After a few seconds, a page will be displayed for you, click on the My Collections option. Then choose one of the wallets below. Note that you must have an account in that wallet.

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NFT collection training – Part II

After you connect your wallet to the OpenC platform, an image like the one below will be displayed to you. If you have already created a collection, you can view, change or delete it in this section. To create a new collection, click on the Create a Collection option.

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