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Six popular currencies for forex trading

Six popular currencies for forex trading

In this article, we are going to introduce six popular currencies for forex trading. Before introducing these currencies, we should know that forex is the largest and most liquid market, where trillions of dollars are traded daily between millions of people around the world. Here’s a look at the six main currencies, as well as the key features of each.

The first currency in the list of six popular currencies for forex trading is the US dollar, which we will discuss further.

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U.S. dollar

The U.S. dollar, sometimes referred to as the dollar, is foremost in the world of forex trading, as it is easily the most traded on the planet. The US dollar can be found in a currency pair with all available currencies.

other major currencies and often acts as an intermediary in triangular currency transactions. This is because the dollar acts as an unofficial global reserve currency, held by almost every central bank and institutional investment entity in the world. Additionally, due to the global acceptance of the US dollar, some countries use it as their currency. official instead of the local currency, a practice known as dollarization. It serves as an alternative unofficial method of payment, while these countries retain their local official currency.

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Key points of six popular currencies for Forex trading

  1. Forex trading is the largest and most liquid market in the world
  2. The dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar and British pound are actively traded currencies.
  3. The US dollar is a counterparty to many popular currency pairs. And it is also a reserve currency that primarily places currency in the trading world.
  4. Economic trends in the UK are often captured by the movement of the British pound, while the euro is the regional currency.
  5. The Japanese yen is the most active Asian currency, partly due to the popularity of the freight trade.
  6. The US dollar is also an important factor in the exchange rate market for other currencies, where it may serve as a benchmark or target rate for countries that peg or peg their currencies to the value of the dollar. For example, China has long pegged its currency, the yuan, or renminbi, to the dollar, which many economists and central bankers oppose. Most countries stabilize their currencies with the US dollar to stabilize their exchanges. Rates drive the relative value of a currency rather than letting free markets (forex).

Another feature of the dollar is that it is used as the standard currency for most commodities such as crude oil and precious metals. Therefore, these commodities are not only subject to fluctuations in value due to the basic economic principles of supply and demand, but are also affected by the relative value of the dollar, with prices highly sensitive to inflation and US interest rates, which can affect the value of the dollar. put

The second currency in the list of six popular currencies for forex trading is the euro, which we will discuss further.


The euro has become the second most traded currency after the US dollar. The official currency of most countries in the European region is the euro. The euro was introduced to the world markets on January 1, 1999, and three years later, banknotes and coins were put into circulation. Many European and African countries peg their currencies to the euro for much the same reason that currencies are pegged to the US dollar – to stabilize the exchange rate. As a result, the euro is also the world’s second largest reserve currency.

As the Euro is a widely used and reliable currency, it is common in the forex market and adds liquidity to any currency pair it trades with. The euro is usually traded by speculators as a play on the general health of the European Union and its member states. Political events in the European Union can also lead to large trading volumes in the euro, particularly in relation to countries that saw their local interest rates fall sharply when the euro was launched, notably Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. The Euro may be the most “political” currency actively traded in the forex market.

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The third currency in the list of six popular currencies for forex trading is the Japanese yen, which we will discuss further.


The Japanese yen is easily the most traded of all Asian currencies and is seen by many as a proxy for the underlying strength of Japan’s manufacturing and export-oriented economy. As the Japanese economy progresses, so does the yen (in some ways). Forex traders also watch the yen to assess the overall health of the pan-Pacific region, taking into account economies such as South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, as these currencies are much less traded in global forex markets.

The yen is also known in forex circles for its role in carry trading (seeking to profit from interest rate differentials between two currencies). This strategy involves borrowing yen at no cost (due to low interest rates) and using the borrowed money to invest in other higher-yielding currencies around the world, pocketing the rate difference in the process.

Since the shipping business is a big part of the yen’s presence on the international scene. Japan’s constant borrowing of currency has made appreciation a difficult task. Although the yen still trades on the same fundamentals as any other currency, its relationship to international interest rates, especially to highly traded currencies such as the US dollar and the euro, is a large determinant of the yen’s value.

The fourth currency in the list of six popular currencies for forex trading is the British pound, which we will discuss further.

 British pound

The British pound, also known as the pound sterling, is the fourth most traded currency in the forex market. Although the UK was an official member of the European Union, it never adopted the euro as its official currency. For a number of reasons, namely historical pride in the pound and maintaining control of domestic interest rates.

Forex traders often estimate the value of the British pound based on the overall strength of the UK economy and the political stability of its government. Due to its high value relative to its peers, the pound is an important currency benchmark for many countries and represents a very fluid component in the forex market. The British pound also serves as a major reserve currency due to its historically high relative value compared to other world currencies.

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The fifth currency in the list of six popular currencies for forex trading is the Canadian dollar, which we will discuss further.

 The Canadian dollar is the fifth currency in the list of six popular currencies for forex trading

The Canadian dollar, also known as the loonie, is probably the most important commodity currency in the world. This means that it often moves in sync with commodity markets – especially crude oil, precious metals and minerals. Considering that Canada is a big exporter of such goods. The loonie often reacts to changes in commodity prices, especially crude oil prices.

Being located near the world’s largest consumer base – the United States – the Canadian economy and the Canadian dollar are strongly linked to the US economy and the movement of the US dollar.

The sixth and last currency in the list of six popular currencies for forex trading is the Swiss franc, which we will discuss further.

Swiss Franc is the last currency in the list of six popular currencies for trading in Forex

Like Switzerland, it is considered by many as a “neutral” currency. More specifically, the Swiss Franc is considered a safe haven in the forex market. Primarily because the franc tends to move differently than more volatile commodity currencies, such as the Canadian and Australian dollars. Swiss National Bank. It is actually known. which is quite active in the forex market to ensure that the franc is traded within a fairly limited range. It reduces volatility and controls interest rates.

last word

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