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The best fast sites to earn bitcoins

The best fast sites to earn bitcoins

People who are new to few may come across sites and apps in internet searches that reward free bitcoins for doing something like watching a video. These sites are called “Fosset”. Due to the growing space of digital currencies and especially the value of several thousand dollars of Bitcoin, inexperienced people easily spend time on such sites; But most of the time they don’t get much profit.

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Fast sites were very prosperous especially in the first years of Bitcoin, but gradually lost their popularity. The reason for this is due to various issues, which we decide to talk about further and see if Fast Bitcoin is really profitable or not? What is the purpose of a site that gives users free bitcoins? Stay with us until the end to get answers to your questions.

What is Fast Site?

A “faucet” is a website (or program) that pays its visitors a small amount of digital currency for free. In fact, users are rewarded as much as a few satoshis (one hundred million bitcoins) every time they do something like viewing an ad or solving a Captcha.

Basically, these coins will gradually reach the necessary quorum after some time, and the user can request a “withdrawal” so that the coins are deposited into his wallet. Some fasts allow withdrawal every few hours and some only once a day. The shorter the withdrawals you make, the lower the amount you will earn per withdrawal.

Well, so far everything looks good. Now we have to see why a fast site gives users free bitcoins? Where does the profit of Fast site come from?

A fast site works on advertising. A site can operate in the field of advertising that has many visitors; So, first, it should attract users to its site, and what better idea than the promise of paying free bitcoins!

A fast site cooperates with all kinds of commercial companies and cloud mining sites and even betting sites and advertises for them and increases the users and income of those companies and receives a lot of money from them in exchange for these services.

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Fast site spends part of its income on free coin distribution. However, since the amount of coins that are paid to the user every time they view the ad (or solve captcha, etc.) is very small; Users have to be active for several months to earn a decent amount of coins.

It is possible that during these few months the price of the currency in question will fluctuate and their coins will not be as valuable as before. As a result, many users stop working after a while and without reaching the quorum to request money, and as a result, the profit of the site increases.

Working on fast sites can be so time-consuming and addictive that it disrupts the normal process of life. For example, imagine that a site rewards you with ten thousand satoshis for every viewing of a one-minute ad, but you can only see one ad every 15 minutes.

In such a situation, the user immediately calculates that in the best case, he can do this 4 times every hour and 96 times every day, and he multiplies this value by the week or month and reaches a specific value. It takes hours to achieve the desired result and this may interfere with daily work or normal life activities.

Up to this point in the article, you might think that fasts have no use and were a nuisance from the beginning, but we have to admit that fasts, especially in the past, have played an important role in the crypto space. In the early years of the emergence of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, the activity of fasts made many people familiar with this technology and learn to work with wallets and transfer digital currency.

Of course, there are those who, when the price of Bitcoin was below $1, obtained significant amounts of Bitcoin in this way, and after ten years, they are now considered among the rich.

Fasts are like a portal that newcomers can use to enter the crypto world, albeit with small amounts. A fast can easily make you own some bitcoins without risking your initial capital. It is interesting to know that many of the old people of this market made their first transaction by withdrawing from one of Fast sites.

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