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The best NFT tokens

En iyi NFT belirteçleri

NFT and video games are some of the most popular topics that most people are talking about today. The NFT market is considered one of the most prosperous markets and many people are active in this market. NFTs have a high value, for example crypto-punks are traded with a value of more than millions of dollars. Video games likewise, you will find few business people who are not interested in video games. Now imagine that these two industries are combined. People can easily earn money and increase their monthly income by playing games. But how? In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best NFT tokens so that you can easily earn money while playing. So accompany us until the end of this article.

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What is an NFT Token?

Before going into the interesting discussion of the best NFT tokens for investment, it is better to have a background about NFT tokens. What is an NFT? NFTs are another type of digital asset that people can buy and sell. Anyone can easily create their own NFT token and earn money by selling it. But how is NFT made? To learn how to do it, we suggest you read the NFT training article. You can easily convert anything you have around you into NFT, for example you can even sell your manuscripts as NFT. There are different platforms for making NFt, and Rarable and OpenC are considered the best platforms for making NFT.

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Names of NFT tokens

There are various tokens in the cryptocurrency market that can be used in video games. These tokens allow gamers to purchase the items they need in the game. In addition to the fact that these tokens are used in the game, they can also be bought and sold as a digital currency. In the following, we will provide you with a list of the best NFT tokens.

MANA token

Another best NFT token is the Mana token.  This digital asset was released to the market after the release of the  Decentraland project. At the time of its release, this project also launched two other digital currencies named LAND and Estate. This digital asset has a value equal to $0.4619 on May 20, 1402 and is ranked 52nd on the Coin Market Cap site. This token can be    used in the Decentraland Metaverse project. People can buy this token from reputable exchanges. Among the exchanges where it is possible to buy Mana tokens are:

  • Coin exchange
  • Bybit Exchange
  • Binance exchange
  • Okex Exchange
  • Exchange conversion

People can use the Mana token to buy items in the  Decentraland Metaverse project  or receive this token instead of selling items.

Flow token

Most NFT tokens are built on the Ethereum network. Flow token is the digital currency of the Flow blockchain network, which has been able to solve the problem of high volume of transactions by using optimal algorithms. This digital asset has a value of $0.741 on May 20, 1402 and is ranked 58th on the Coin Market Cap site. A specific amount of the final supply of this digital asset has not yet been determined; But more than 1,036,200,000 tokens of this asset are in circulation. The scalability of Flow blockchain network has been fixed by using 4 different nodes. This digital asset can be staked and thus earn more profit. To learn about the best digital currencies for staking and how to staking, read the article. If you are familiar with the game Crypto Kitties, you will definitely be familiar with this Nair token; Because the Flow network was created because of this game.

  • Cocoin
  • Quinx
  • Binance
  • bye bit
  • okex
  • Inanes

Sand token

Another best NFT token to invest in is the Sandbox token. The Sandbox token was created on the Ethereum network and its final supply is 3 billion units. Currently, this digital asset is being bought and sold and nearly 1,250,000,000 units are available. Sandbox itself is a platform that has an exclusive digital currency document token. The sandbox platform has been integrated with the Metaverse project and has created a suitable environment for earning money for gamers. To learn about the sandbox platform, read the article What is a sandbox to learn how to make money on it. This digital asset has the ability to stick like the Flow digital currency. In this platform, gamers can use the document token to create the items they want and sell them to get document tokens. The document token can be purchased from various exchanges. It is possible to buy Sandbox tokens through the following exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Cocoin
  • bye bit
  • Wallex
  • conversion
  • Uni swap

Axie infinity token

Another best NFT token is Oxy Infinity Token. This digital asset is the exclusive token of Axie Infinity game, which players need to earn money in this game. This blockchain game is integrated with NFT technology, which allows gamers to earn while playing. AXS token is the original name of this game’s token, whose value at the time of writing this article is equal to $6.67. Maybe in your opinion Oxy Token is the best NFT Token for investment and it may be the best NFT Token as well. The final supply of this digital asset is 270 million units, of which more than 82 million units are in circulation. Oxy’s in-game rewards are made through this digital asset and you must have this digital asset in your wallet to purchase game items. You can buy this digital asset from various exchanges, the following is the list of these exchanges:

  • Cocoin
  • bye bit
  • Hotbit
  • Coinbase
  • Quinx


NFT market is another digital market from which you can make money. NFT tokens are the best way to generate income from this market; Because by using these tokens, you can buy the required NFTs or even create the NFT you want. The best NFT token for investment is different for each person, so it is not possible to introduce the best NFT token. Game companies have integrated their products into NFT technology to generate revenue and attract more gamers. In this type of games, it is possible to generate income while playing. In this article, we discussed the best NFT tokens and introduced you to them. From now on, you can invest in one of these digital assets and earn while playing.

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