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The growth rate of the digital currency of Celer in 2021

The growth rate of the digital currency of Celer in 2021

In this article, we are going to examine the growth rate of the digital currency Seller. But it is better to first familiarize yourself with the concept of Celer and the structure of this digital currency. Today, the Celer digital currency project has become an attractive discussion in the field of cryptocurrency markets, which has been able to create many changes. Celer digital currency or abbreviated CELR is a layer 2 scalability platform that was introduced in 2019 after the launch of the previous ICOs of the Binance exchange with the aim of enabling fast, safe and convenient transactions outside the blockchain chain for smart contracts.

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What is the Cellar Network?

CELER is the third project of Binance Launchpad, which is trying to achieve scalability on the Internet using off-chain methods and process all transactions in the shortest possible time and with the highest security. This American company was formed with the aim of attracting 34 million dollars of capital, of which 30 million dollars was obtained by attracting initial capital and private sales. The Cellar network allows users to build and use decentralized applications through off-chain scaling technology and economic cryptographic mechanism designs.

Celer, like Shiba and Akita, is an ERC-20 network token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of Cellar tokens is about 10 billion, and only about 6% of it has been put up for sale. You should also know that Cellar tokens are only available through BNB and the maximum allowed investment amount for each person is set at $1500.

History of Celer digital currency

The growth rate of Cellar’s digital currency has been relatively good since its inception and there is still room for growth. This digital currency was introduced in late 2019 and early 2021, at which time its price value was $0.018. The price of this digital currency did not grow significantly until the end of 2021, but at the beginning of 2021, conditions for Seller improved a little and its price value increased and reached $0.095.

At this time, the growth of the price of celery stopped and a downward trend occurred, and the price reached approximately 0.02 dollars, but this price value did not remain stable and returned to its upward state. Currently, it has reached the price value of $0.124616, equivalent to 3.628 Tomans. In the photo below, you can see the technical analysis chart of Seller Network.

Advantages and disadvantages of Celer

One of the things that directly affects the growth rate of Seller digital currency is the advantages and disadvantages of this network, which has brought good results so far.


The rate of growth of short-term projects

Undoubtedly, the release on the Bayance Launchpad platform has had a direct impact on the growth rate of Seller’s digital currency as a big advantage. As we mentioned, Celer is the third project of the Binance platform, and the two previous projects, namely BitTorrent and, are proof of this feature.

Used items

One of the most important factors that affected the growth rate of the Cellar digital currency was the emergence of off-chain solutions such as the Lightning network, Plasma and Raiden. These solutions caused the problems of distributed ledger technologies or scalability to be prioritized, but the processing of only 4 to 7 Bitcoin transactions per second is an important obstacle for this technology, which if the Cellar network can overcome the existing solutions, it will see great effects in this field. we will be

Strategic partners

Celer’s success in establishing important collaborations with large and influential organizations in the digital currency market has undoubtedly influenced the growth rate of Celer’s digital currency. For example, Pantera, DHVC, FBG Capital, Fenbushi Capital, 500 Startups, NGC, Waves are among the influential companies to cooperate with Celer.


Strong competitors

Solving scalability problems is not a new issue and many organizations have already taken steps to solve these problems. Therefore, it will be difficult for the Cellar network to overtake them. Lighting network can be considered as the most important competitor of Cellar. Currently, this network has about 4,000 ninety 32,300 channels and the volume of daily transactions of this network is more than 3.1 million dollars. This network works to solve Bitcoin off-chain problems. Therefore, it is very difficult for Celer to overtake the lighting network.

Seller’s rating

The designers and developers of Celer Network have been able to score 8.5 points by providing services and features, which will help you to check the growth rate of Celer digital currency.

Cellar Network team members

With 17 members including designers, developers, scientists, and market specialists, each of these people has a doctorate degree from the world’s top universities, Celer has managed to score 8.7.

Current conditions of the project

According to Celer Network, a test network called CelerX has been launched, its private GitHub accounts have more than 1000 codes and it is very active, which has managed to get a score of 8.4.

Project growth rate

As mentioned, this network was released on Binance Launchpad. The short-term growth rate of this project looks great, but the long-term future of this project will be very interesting due to the good applications and capabilities of this company. The score assigned to this part is 9.1.

Community attention

The release of this project on Binance Launchpad has attracted the attention of many people. Also, with more than 30,000 members on Telegram and more than 8,000 followers on Twitter, it has a score of 9.25.

Tokenseller applications

Token Seller does not have many features and facilities, and for this reason, the rating of this part of Seller Network is 7.8.

Seller token sale rules

As it was said, 30 million dollars of the 34 million dollars of the capital of this project have been returned, and 27% of the tokens were sold in private sales and initial fundraising. Celer Network was able to get 7.6 points in this area.

Technology and project codes

Most of the Celer network codes are located in private accounts and GitHub of this project, which according to Celer company, a lot of activity (more than 1000 codes) can be seen in it, which has a score of 8.9.

White paper

The white paper of this company was written carefully and with full details at the very beginning, which got a score of 8.3.


The Cellar network has attracted the attention of many people by providing services and focusing on solving problems in the blockchain area or scalability. Also, Celer is the third project of Binance Launchpad, which has made Binance fans on its side. Considering all these things, you can expect a good future from this project. But only time will tell if it can really solve the mentioned problems or, like many other projects, end its activity after some time.

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