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Types of fraud in the digital currency market

Types of fraud in the digital currency market

Cryptocurrencies are actually digital money that allow us to buy and sell just like conventional money such as dollars and rials or to exchange them with each other for profit. Just as we see fraud and theft of conventional money in the real world, these thefts also exist in the world of digital currencies.

Even since such currencies are completely digital in nature, the variety of scams that are carried out using them is also greater. If you are one of those who don’t have much experience in this field, but on the other hand, you don’t want to be left behind in this lucrative market, be sure to stay with us in the rest of the article to review the most frequent scams in the digital currency market.

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In the end, you will believe that if you come across a tempting offer that seems very good to you, it is very likely to be a scam.

Pyramid scams and Ponzi schemes

“Ponzi Scheme” is a method of fraud in which a company promises extraordinary profits to those who provide their capital to these companies. Such a company uses pyramid methods to attract users to itself; In this way, he wants his investors to encourage some of their friends and acquaintances to invest in this company so that they get more profit for each one.

The trick that causes many people to be deceived by such a plan is that this company, from the capital of new people who joined, pays the interest of people who were members before. Of course, in many cases these payments are not made practically and the investor can only see the amount of his assets in his user panel. In reality, these assets are just numbers displayed without any financial backing.

In this way, the people who receive the offer to join such plans are deceived by receiving the benefits of current users and think that the activity of this company is legal and all the benefits are real; But after a while, when the operators of such sites collect enough money and their current users can’t add a new subcategory to the system, they run away and rob all the capital of unsuspecting people from everywhere.

Of course, we should not neglect the fact that such schemes do not exist only in the field of digital currencies and we have seen such scams many times in other fields as well.

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