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Web training 3 Everything you need to know about Web3!!

Web training 3 Everything you need to know about Web3!!

One of the goals of the third generation Internet or Web 3, which has recently created a revolution in the world, is to create a decentralized Internet. Undoubtedly, the Internet has had a great impact on human interactions. These interactions and communication are mostly done through web pages. In the first generation of the web, there was no news of interactions until the second generation came and the emergence of social networks such as Facebook, there was a revolution in human communication. It didn’t take a few years for cyberspace users to realize that a new gateway called the third generation Internet has been opened. With  Web 3 training  , you can increase your knowledge in this field and find out which direction the world is moving.

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 The history of the evolution of the first and second generation of the Internet

If you remember, during the past decades, the appearance of websites and applications were coded simply and statically. But today they are strangely transformed, in that they are built on evolved data so that users can interact with it and even change it. If you are interested in learning the 3D world and Metaverse, you should study Web 3 training.

The first site that was built in the world was in 1990, which we know as the first generation internet. The specifications of this website were based on static pages that could not be changed and only displayed some information. But at the end of 1990, everything changed and the second generation Internet was launched so that users can better interact and communicate with each other. In fact, this migration of the Internet, from the first generation (static) to the second generation (dynamic) that you know, was invented by the web designer and author, Mr. Darcy Dionchi. You can check Digital Web 3 currencies and estimate their price trends in the future through the Digital Currency Trading View site.

A short film from the world of Metaverse (Web 3)

The future of the third generation Internet (Web3)

As we explained earlier, it shows that the internet is getting smarter. One of the best applications of the third generation Internet is the use of peer-to-peer technologies such as blockchain technology, virtual reality, open source software, and the Internet of Things. Internet Web 3 has come to turn the Internet space into a large database. How does web3 training change our lives? This is a question that most people interested in the Internet world ask themselves, we will answer this question in the rest of the article.

Advantages and training of the web 3

Number Advantages Description
1 It does not need a central controlling body By removing the controlling institutions, the possibility of censorship or control of users is eliminated.
2 It runs on all devices Currently, not all programs run on the same operating system. Web 3 has come to solve this problem.
3 Reducing theft and hacking of users’ information Because Web 3 is decentralized, information is not stored in one place and there will be no possibility of hacking and stealing user information.
4 It solves the needs of users as soon as possible By feeding data to intelligent algorithms, it provides users with exactly what they are looking for.
5 Saves user information Due to the data encryption system, there will be no possibility of misuse of users’ information by marketers and advertisers.

Disadvantages of Web 3

Decentralization on the web has its own legal and even regulatory risks. In fact, the internet, which cannot be monitored on its content, causes cyber crimes, spreading rumors against personalities, and spreading false news and information against countries, or even causes dirty businesses such as drug trade, etc. So by learning Web 3, you probably realized that with the advent of advanced technologies, it also brings with it a series of challenges.

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The relationship between digital currencies and web education 3

Web 3 technology and network, as explained earlier, is implemented through decentralized blockchain protocols and cryptographic technology. Web 3 technology actually provides convergence and interactive coexistence with other disciplines and is connected with each other by means of smart contracts. A peer-to-peer network like Ethereum is used to create decentralized Web3 applications known as DApps. The way these networks work is that, instead of being controlled and managed by a person or an institution, they are managed and controlled by the users using these networks. If you want to keep up with the world of metaverse, definitely consider web3 training. You can even purchase digital currencies available on this platform by learning how to buy web3 digital currency.

Cryptocurrencies are a clear and practical example of Web 3, anyone who wants to build and promote a token or a digital currency, must include Web 3 training in their work plan, because they have stepped into the domain of Web 3. After buying digital currency, you need to learn how to transfer digital currency to wallet.

Ethereum to Tether ETHUSDT digital currency chart

Web features and training 3

Absence of intermediaries

With the introduction of more middlemen in each transaction, the scope for high cost and corruption will increase. Currently, Google is the biggest mediator in the web and internet space. Usually, communication giants and search engines exploit their users in some way. The least abuse that search engines and social networks can do to their users is to sell their users’ information and interests, in different periods of time, to advertising platforms.

Internet media space

The 3rd generation internet is much smarter than its 1st and 2nd generations due to the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain networks. For example, by sending an image of a shoe with a specific brand to Google, you can receive other images of the same shoe brand in different colors and even buy it if you like it.

Internet 3D space

Creating a virtual world with 3D space is one of the best and most profitable advantages of the 3rd generation internet. In fact, the world of Metaverse and the games made in this field is the best example that can be mentioned. Suppose, without seeing the city of Dubai or Las Vegas in America, walk in the 3D space in these cities and even visit a few clothing stores and choose a suit or a stylish skirt and buy it.

Failure to obtain permission

Since web3 technology is exactly the same as decentralized digital currencies, everyone can get involved with free web3 training.

Internet with more meaning

In the new generation of the Internet, all computers are aware of your life patterns according to your daily searches and know what time of the day you usually search for what on the Internet. It will show you exactly the content you are searching for randomly. If you are thinking of making money from the world of Blockchain and Metaverse, you can make your dreams come true with Web 3 training.

More inclusiveness with web education 3

In the century we live in, the Internet is almost everywhere in the world and it covers all aspects of our lives, including education, travel, and doctor’s appointments. How can we first learn web3 registration and increase our knowledge in this field? We will answer this question in the FAQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Web3 registration training?

You can participate and improve your knowledge by reading books in the field of Metaverse world and the third generation Internet or enrolling in Web 3 training courses.

Where can I find the tutorial on buying Web3 digital currency?

You can find the tutorial on buying Web3 digital currency from this website of Mohammad Famurian. Buying web3 digital currency is the same as other digital currencies and only you have to determine whether this digital currency is Web3 or not. Also, the third generation internet is actually the beautiful world of digital currencies that by learning this you can identify the best tokens in the market and hold them in the long term. For this purpose, make sure to protect your assets by making your own wallet.

Can we become a web 3 professional with free web 3 training?

No, the world of Web3 is a very challenging and ups and downs world that requires participation in specialized courses.


Web3 is the third generation Internet of the future. Applications and websites that are built on the basis of Web 3 have an extraordinary ability to read circulating information and analyze it in a more intelligent way. It is a special feature of Web 3 to process the ledger in a decentralized manner through technologies such as machine learning. With Web 3 training, you must have realized what great and creative things can be done with the third generation Internet. Because the third generation Internet is not yet complete, there are different theories about it, and in the near future it will be completely clear what other features Web 3 will have.

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