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What are bonds? Everything about the Salaf contract

What are bonds? Everything about the Salaf contract

In this article, we are going to discuss the best trend detection indicators, which we will discuss a little before referring to this topic. To introduce it, it is better to know that suitable indicators for detecting the trend are actually tools that are formed by placing a series of specified mathematical relationships on the price or trading volume, by which traders have the ability to predict the future of their stocks. Be informed and buy or sell your shares at the time of more profit. Also, this tool helps analysts to carry out their analysis with more accuracy and speed, of course, the most important goal of which is to generate buy and sell signals. It is also better to know that you don’t need to use all the indicators, but by finding the best trend detection indicators, you can make better decisions in your trades.  We will introduce you the best trend detection indicators .

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Introducing the indicator

This type of trading tools includes technical analysis tools that traders use to receive signals for buying and selling or patterns in the market. Also, there are different methods to detect the trend, one of these methods is the trend detection indicators, and the biggest challenge that amateur traders face is the selection of the best trend detection indicators. You can also refer to this page for information about the best indicators for digital currency trading.

The price in the financial markets goes in a specific direction, which is called a trend with these specific directions, and it is better to know that these trends have three modes: up trend, down trend, and sideway, which mean upward, downward, and neutral, and there are two types of indicators in total. They are located in the indicators, which include: trends and oscillators, which we will explain about.


Some indicators show the direction of the price, so they determine whether the price of an asset is in an upward, downward, or neutral state, and the best indicators for trend detection or suitable indicators for trend detection are: moving average indicator and indicator Bollinger pointed out.


The purpose of oscillators is to understand and measure the emotions of buyers and sellers, which in simpler terms works like a thermometer that shows the emotions of buyers and sellers in the form of a graph. In general, oscillators swing around a central line or between certain levels. It is better to know that instead of being in the price chart, they are at the top and bottom of the chart, for example, we can also refer to MACD and RSI oscillators.

A suitable indicator for trend detection

In this article, we want to introduce you to the appropriate indicator for trend detection, and first, I will introduce you to the best trend detection indicator.

 Moving Average or Moving Average

In order to know what is the most useful trend detection indicator in technical analysis, we will introduce you the moving average, which is considered the best trend detection indicator that has shown its use in analysis. The moving average has two other types, which are called the simple moving average (SMA) and the exponential moving average (EMA), each of which can be used separately, and the only difference between them is their sensitivity to price changes.

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Simple moving average

In this style of moving average, the prices of several previous periods are added together and divided by the number.

Exponential moving average

To calculate an exponential moving average, the prices that are related to the most recent period have a greater influence in the calculation of the average; In other words, when the prices are averaged, the weight of the recent dates is more than the previous periods. In this type of indicator, price averages are used as data, which are shown as a line on the chart. Keep in mind that the moving average indicator is considered in a certain period of time, such as 10 days, 20 minutes, and… weeks. In long-term modes, you can use moving averages of 200 days, 100 days, 50 days, etc. Of course, this indicator can be used in other strategies, but because it has the title of the best applied trend detection indicator; Many traders use it to detect price trends in the market.

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Bollinger band

Another one of the best trend detection indicators is the Bollinger Band, which is formed by 3 trend lines, the line between them is the simple moving average, and the upper and lower lines are two upward and downward standard deviations from the moving average, and the whole price is in one They put a channel. By this process, you can find the fluctuations in the price.

Parabolic star

The Parabolic SAR indicator means a stop and a change of direction, with the expansion of the trend over time at the same time, the Parabolic SAR indicator follows the price, which is placed as a point above and below the price. In other words, if the price is increasing, it will be placed below it, or if the price is decreasing, it will be placed above it.

Alligator indicator

In this indicator, Aligator is created from moving averages, each of which has its own inputs, and it also has three simple moving averages, these lines are named Jaw, Teeth, and finally Lips. Are. If you are looking to fluctuate the market and thus earn more, read the digital currency fluctuation training article.


Trend detection indicators have been created so that traders can use them to receive signals to buy and sell the desired digital currency, which can predict the market trend using charts, and it is better to know that these are basically by applying a series of mathematical processes. Specified on the price or volume of transactions are formed. Also, in the continuation of that, I covered the best trend detection indicators, the moving average was the best trend detection indicator, which has two types of simple moving average and exponential moving average.

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