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What are the best web 3 digital currencies?

What are the best web 3 digital currencies?

In the early days of the Internet, web pages consisted of only a few images and long texts with no dynamics.

With the advancement of technology, there was talk of another generation of the web, where images and videos were the first words and the user could easily interact with the internet sites they use. The generation that we are currently experiencing and is going to give way to Web 3 in the future.

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What is Web 3 and what are the differences between the next generation Internet and the current Internet, is an important topic that we intend to talk about in this article.

In addition, we are going to introduce you to the best digital currencies of the Web 3 domain, so that if you also consider the future to belong to the decentralized Internet, you should start thinking about investing in these cryptocurrencies. So please accompany us to the end.

What is web 3 or the next generation internet?

Web 3 means the next generation of the Internet, in which all programs and applications have a decentralized nature and the interests of the user will be the first priority.

Web 3 refers to the next generation of the Internet, in which there is no news of the dominance of centralized companies such as ” Google “, ” Meta “, ” Microsoft “, etc., and everything is completely decentralized at the disposal of content producers. and internet users.

To better understand the issue, let’s go back to the past and first have a closer look at the first generation web and the second generation web. The first generation web or “Web 1” refers to the early days of the Internet and web pages, where there was nothing but a few static web pages.

In this generation, users were the only consumers of the Internet, and the task of creating and producing web pages was the responsibility of some special companies. In addition, most of the web pages consisted of long texts and few small images.

A few years later, the Internet moved to a direction where most of the pages generated by users were created, and there were no more boring and text-filled web pages.

In the second generation web or ” Web 2 “, sites such as “FaceBook”, “Twitter” and “MySpace” assigned the task of content creation to Internet users, and the web space It became more dynamic. But this itself caused a serious problem.

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