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What is a pivot? What are the types of peyote?

What is a pivot? What are the types of peyote?

In technical analysis, one of the most basic goals in pivot detection is that you can predict the market movement and earn money by using it. It is also better to know that pivot points in technical analysis are known as one of the most effective trading strategies and provide you with useful information about the current state of the stock and its past price. What is peyote? Pivot means turning point, which is very useful in technical analysis and can be used to determine the direction of the market at different times. This strategy is so important in trading that it causes irreparable losses without considering it. So; To learn more about this trading method, read the rest of the article to reduce your possible losses.

What are pivot points?

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To answer the question, what is a pivot? PIVOT is one of the indicators of technical analysis and as we said, traders can use it in different time frames to determine the market trend. This strategy shows you the maximum and minimum average price as well as the closing price of the trades, which can be used to determine the market price trend the next day by considering the value of this indicator in daily trades.

You can also predict support and resistance levels using price pivot points. Professional traders use pivots to get price information on support and resistance levels; Basically, by calculating these lines, traders can predict the downward trend or the upward trend of the stock price at the stopping point, which is possible by using pivot in technical analysis.

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The performance of the price turning point in technical analysis

As you have learned so far in this article, traders will use pivot points to understand when to sell their stocks to get more profit and it is also important to know when to sell correctly. so as not to harm you. If the movement is below the pivot point, it will be a downward trend, and if it is above the pivot point, it will bring an upward trend.

Of course, know that each person has their own specific strategy, for example: someone may have prioritized 100 stocks when the resistance level is broken, while another trader uses a stop-loss strategy at the support level. . In the next section, we will introduce you to the features of the pivot point.

What are the characteristics of a pivot point?

If you can correctly guess the turning point of the price, you can easily get a lot of profit with a very low risk. By using the pivot or turning point and knowing the points of this strategy, you will suffer less loss.

High accuracy

Why high accuracy! Because the pivot point on the chart considers the top and bottom of the stock; This makes you to be very careful in your performance in the market.

Short time frame

There are many other indicators whose frames are one day, but in Pivot you will have the ability to do it in less time, for example 15 minutes. Also, note that the information provided is for a trading session, as a result of which more specific and accurate information will be provided to you.

What are the types of peyote?

Basically, pivot types can be considered as price direction change points, which are formed by the supremacy of the supply force over the demander. The type of peyote is divided into 4 general categories, which are:

  • major
  • minor
  • a price
  • Computational

Pivot major

In the price chart, this word is used when the price floor and ceiling are involved in creating strong movements in the opposite direction. It is better to know that these types of pivots are mainly created near the level of support and resistance, and with the occurrence of large price reversals at these points, which causes the upward trend to become downward or opposite. Also, Pivot Major is known as a widely used tool in technical analysis in determining trend levels and price patterns.

peyote minor

The role of minor pivot in the price chart is that it is used in very small price changes or fluctuations in a short time. Minor is not widely used for determining chart patterns, therefore, it has little credibility among analysts, and no special law has been established for their creation.

Price peyote

The price pivot conveys the concept of the same return points, that is, basically, these types of pivots are related to creating a stable trend in the direction of the market movement or against it, and the feature of the price pivot is in the price movements of the trading market. Identifying a valid price pivot is characterized by price action with three candles. You can also refer to this page for information on Smart Money’s price action style.

Computational pivot

As its name suggests, the function of this type of pivots is calculations that are performed using price data and mathematical formulas, and it is considered very important in that period of time. Note that the validity of the calculations made according to the time frames and price data used is up to a certain time. Also, the most important types of calculation pivots can be introduced as Woody pivot, Camarilla and Fibonacci lines.

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