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What is a sandbox? + How to make money from sandbox

What is a sandbox? + How to make money from sandbox

Today, the world of digital currencies has gained many fans all over the world. Over time, various projects were released to the market and each one presented a new way to earn money; But as you read in the article “Top Metaverse Digital Currencies”, one of these projects was making money from Sandbox, which was able to attract the interest of many users of digital currencies. The combination of gaming industry and NFTs revolutionized the monetization industry. Currently, many new and emerging projects are operating in this basin. Star Atlas game, sandbox, etc. are among the projects of earning money through playing. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the methods of making money from sandbox.

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What does the term sandbox mean?

The word Sandbox is composed of two words, Sand and Box, which mean sand and box, respectively, and the combination of these two words together in the English language means an environment for children to play, which is full of sand. In fact, the sandbox is a protected and safe environment where children can play with sand. Sandbox in the field of digital currencies is also inspired by the same concept, which is trying to provide users with a safe and protected platform for communication between cryptocurrencies and the gaming industry.

Sandbox platform

In 2011, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Broguet co-founded Pixowl. Many projects in the field of game development were created by Pixowl, and the sandbox platform is one of the subcategory projects of this company. The sandbox platform, which was launched on the Ethereum blockchain platform, allows users to play games under this network and receive some NFT tokens after completing the required activities and passing the game stages. Users and holders of this token can sell the collected assets or buy better features in the game.

You need to know that the items you bought in the game are considered part of your property and you can exchange these items if needed. The cooperation between Metaverse and the gaming industry made it possible for users to enter the earning area with a different and attractive view.

Document digital currency

The Sand token, which was launched on the Ethereum blockchain platform, is considered the main token of the Sandbox platform. Holders of this token will be able to participate in various games on the sandbox platform and exchange their assets. Users who own the document token have the right to vote in the governance of the platform, and this is the basis for the collaborative management of the community and sandbox network games.

History of sandbox value

Currently, more than 0.2% of the total trading volume and liquidity of the market belongs to Sandbox digital currency. When this digital currency was released to the market, its price was approximately $0.044; Since then we have seen fluctuations from it. Sandbox experienced a significant growth in April 1400 and its price value reached 0.91 dollars, but then it began a downward trend and reached the price of 0.2 dollars. Meanwhile, NFTs started a bullish trend, and this trend had a direct impact on many currencies under the Ethereum blockchain network.

Cryptopunks and sandbox are among the cryptocurrencies that increased in value with the growth of NFTs. After the rise of NFTs, the price of the sandbox reached almost $1.18, and this was the highest ceiling of the sandbox so far. But it started a downward trend again and in October, its price value reached 0.6 dollars.

How the game works and earn money from the sandbox

Combining the use of NFT tokens and blockchain technology allows sandbox users and gamers to have complete freedom to monetize the sandbox. As it was said that the sandbox platform was implemented on the platform of the Ethereum blockchain network, the security, sufficient power of this blockchain and the use of NFT tokens are among the most important advantages of the sandbox. The sandbox game has created an opportunity for users around the world to play collectively and independently without any centralized control and earn money in this way.

The sandbox platform uses three important products to create its games, which we are going to introduce you to in the following. If you are interested in making money from sandbox, it is recommended to learn more about these three products.

sandbox game maker tool

Game Maker allows anyone to create 3D games for free. You don’t need to be a professional coder to make a game in this area. Today, many programmers and game makers use powerful visual scripting tools to create games.

Voxedit tool for creating non-sexual tokens

The Voxedit tool is used to create non-traditional tokens (NFT) and 3D voxel models. This tool, like Game Maker, is a free and powerful tool designed for Windows and Mac operating systems. This tool is used to create and animate 3D objects and items such as humans, animals, trees, vehicles, etc.

Sandbox Market

The Marketplace allows users to upload, publish, and sell custom-made items created by Voxedit. These items will first be uploaded to the IPFS network to create a decentralized storage platform, then recorded on the blockchain to prove their ownership.

How to register and earn money from Sandbox

If you are looking to make money from sandbox, you need to know that you don’t need to download a game or program to play sandbox games; Just log in to and create a user account. As we explained in the article about getting to know the concept of cryptopunk, if you use cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum blockchain, be sure to get a Metamask wallet.

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