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What is ATH and ATL?

What is ATH and ATL?

You must have encountered many times in your news and Internet surfing with sentences like “Bitcoin registered a new ATH” or “Bitcoin is far from its ATH”. If so, we must say that this term is one of the most commonly used terms in digital currency literature, which many people use daily.

To get to know this widely used term as well as ATL, we want to talk about them in detail and see what ATH and ATL mean? More importantly, we want to answer the important question, can these two terms be used for better and more informed decisions in trading? Please be with us.

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What does peak price or ATH mean?


ATH stands for All Time High, which refers to the highest historical price of an asset such as Bitcoin.

The term ATH comes from putting together the first letters of the phrase All Time High, which literally means ” peak price ” or ” the highest historical price “.

As its name suggests, this term is used to refer to the highest price that an asset has recorded and reached throughout its history. Now, this asset can be a digital currency like Bitcoin or any other tradable instrument, although in this article our focus is on the digital currency market.

So when it is said in the news that the ATH of Bitcoin is something like 69 thousand dollars; That is, the highest price that this volatile cryptocurrency has achieved during its thirteen-year life is $69,000.

An important point that should be taken into account when calculating the peak price is that cryptocurrencies are bought and sold in different exchanges, and their peak price may be slightly different in one exchange than another.

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