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What is Como Cloud? Como Cloud Strategy

What is Como Cloud? Como Cloud Strategy

Another one of the best trading strategies that many people use to calculate the market is the Como Cloud strategy. Its function is to provide quality signals to its users, and by using Como’s cloud strategy, you can minimize the risks and risks that you may face in trading. This type of mechanism is also used for technical analysis and charting, which is very effective and it is better to know how many charts or lines you have. In the following, we are going to answer the question of what is Aber Como, so stay with us.

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What is Como Cloud?

COMO cloud is another trading strategy through which you can see the price of digital currencies. This strategy is also used in technical analysis and works by using movement indicators. Another feature of this strategy is the detection of an upward or downward trend in the market, which gives the trader the ability to better recognize when to buy and sell digital assets. Kumo’s cloud strategy was developed by Goichi Hosada, a Japanese journalist in the late 1930s. Since then, this style of strategy has been able to help many traders and make them a good profit. What is Como Cloud? It is a trading strategy through which traders can learn about the future price of digital currencies and invest in them with a more open vision .

This strategy has 5 main lines that have the ability to display reliable trademarks; These lines are called Tenkan-Sen line, Kijun-Sen line, Chikou Span line, Senkou Span A or Senkou Span A, Senkou Span B or Senkou Span B. We will discuss each of them separately. You can also refer to the trading strategy training course site for dollar de-monetization with a high guarantee.

Como cloud lines

Up to this part of the article, you got to know what the Como cloud is; Now it is better to learn how to identify this strategy. You can easily check the future of digital currencies through candlestick readings through COMO Cloud Lines. If you plan to become a professional in the digital currency market and easily familiarize yourself with the concepts of this market, see the digital currency training course.

  • Tengasten line: Tengasten shows the middle point of the last 9 candles, which is also called the transformation line or the reversal line. The formula for obtaining the Tenkansen line is (9 high periods + 9 low periods divided by 2).
  • The Kijun Sen line is the next line of the Kijun Sen line or Base Line, whose formula is (26 high periods + 26 low periods divided by 2), which is used to show the middle point of the last 26 candles.
  • Chiquaspan line: If you want to do better, you can use this line to compare the current market price with the previous market price, which is very useful for traders, and it is also called the delay line; The reason it is known by this name is that the current price of the candlestick is always behind and hence it is called a lagging line.
  • Senquaspan A: This chart is used to show two cloud borders, which shows the middle point between the return line and the base line, and its calculation formula is (transformation line + base line divided by 2).
  • Senko Span B: This chart is obtained by the formula (52 high periods + 52 low periods divided by 2), which is placed to show the second border or the middle point of the last candle.

How Como cloud works in day trading

One of the best methods that can be used for day trading is the Ichimoku cloud strategy, in this type of strategy, the price tends to visit the other side of the Kumo cloud when the candlestick closes inside the Ichimoku cloud and also where sell signals are trying. Improve yourself by learning from your experiences. It is better to know that you can see buy signals when a candle is broken and closes above the opening of Lead A. Traders who buy and sell on a daily basis in the digital currency market can also use the Smart Money style in addition to Cloud Como to earn more dollars. Because there is zero risk and loss in Price Action Smart Money.

Methods of using Como’s cloud strategy

The first stage

Based on the Cuomo cloud, the price should close above the cloud; Therefore, traders should wait for this process to develop, which is considered as the initiator of the upward trend and also a strong signal, and with this purpose, clouds are created that highlight the support and resistance levels. These levels are not just one chart and line, but several levels, which are accompanied by a deep change with a break in the cloud and sub-cloud of the Ichimoku market.

The second stage

That is to wait for the crossover and that is how the crossover is created by the price and above the cloud after the cloud is broken and also the transformation line must break the base line from below. For you to be able to enter the trade, it is better if the two occur at the same time.

The third stage

After the crossover, it should be the next Kendel purchase. Whenever the price is above the cloud for trading, users can buy and sell their assets through Ichimoku, and users can also buy at the start of the next candle, of course, after the crossover.

The fourth stage

Placing the loss limit at the bottom of the cloud breakout candle means that traders should place the loss limit below the cloud breakout candle to avoid losses in their transactions and be present towards the transaction in the main direction.

The last stage

Or the fifth stage is that the profit limit should be placed at the place where the base and conversion lines cross again, and in order to get profit from the transaction, it should be exited when the conversion line crosses below the base line.

Last article

In this article, we have provided information about Goichi Hosada who invented this strategy by teaching Aber Comer along with explanations about the year and the person who created it. Also, for Kumo cloud training, you have five charts with the names of Tenkan-Sen line, Kijun-Sen line, Chikou Span line, Senkou Span A, Senkou Span B or Senkou Span B) We introduced each of them with formulas.

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